"That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past."
(Ecclesiastes 3:15)

Already Been

Dear Friends,

      Greetings! The book of Ecclesiastes also states, "There is no new thing under the sun." (Ecclesiastes 1:9) The first article and video below, by Jon Zens, brings out some very important points concerning the "church" and the place of a Christian in the "church".

      Some of the comments you will read concerning this book are: "Those oppressed by vested interests will feel the liberty." "Jon Zens has written one of the most important books of the 21st century "The Pastor Has No Clothes!". If you thought 'Pagan Christianity' was controversial, think again." "In this book Jon Zens has taken dead aim at the most sacred cow of all within institutional Christianity."

      One of the reasons this book is so important is not actually brought out in the article, and that point is that a great number of Christians are in no way ready or prepared to face the times of trouble we have entered. As Jon Zens points out: "popular conceptions of 'church' are dangerously limited to coming to a building, singing, putting some money in a plate, hearing a sermon, and going home."

     With the false doctrine of "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" being so embraced by so many members of the "church" over recent years, there is a great feeling that there is no need to prepare either spiritually of even physically since Jesus is going to come and whisk the "church" away before they are faced with any real persecution.

      As John Benjamin brought out in his book "Earthshaker", which is available on this site: "For God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Many Christians have confused these two time periods (the Tribulation and Wrath of God) as being one and the same, and think that almost the entire Book of Revelation falls under "the wrath of God". Therefore they think that they won't even be here during most of the events spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

      I have heard it said, "If we are not going to be here during the tribulation period, God sure wasted a lot of time, money, and paper having that book written, copied, and printed over the centuries!" Why are there so many specific time prophecies and important end time events discussed in Revelation if it is not even meant to apply to any of us?

      So all this is a gross misinterpretation of the Scriptures, and may cause a lot of people to lose faith especially when things do not turn out the way that they have been taught by the vast majority of modern theologians and teachers in the Christian world.

      Despite 2,000 years of church history, in which millions of Christians have suffered terribly for their faith, and been persecuted; some even facing martyrdom for the Lord, these modern preachers are almost all putting everyone to sleep spiritually, by telling them that they will be raptured out before anything bad happens, or any "tribulation".

      This is why you very rarely hear anything mentioned about Christian history, during the last 2,000 years, in the teachings of most modern churches; because what has happened to many Christians down through time flies in the face of these modern "comfortable" teachings. Sometimes there is a great price to be paid for following Christ, and standing up boldly for Him and the truth."

      In an editorial we published two weeks ago titled, "End Of The Age" there was an article from "The Christian Post" entitled "The Early Church Fathers Belief about the Antichrist." In the article are mentioned six basic beliefs concerning the antichrist. The last three state:

     "4. The Antichrist will achieve his objectives in the middle of the final 7-year period of this age. At that time he will be proclaimed the messianic king of the Jews and will take his seat as God in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. He will reign for three and one-half years.

     5. The Antichrist, during his reign, will deceive the majority of people living on the Earth at the time into believing he is God. However, he will persecute those who refuse to worship him because they are able to see through his delusion.

     6. Jesus Christ will return to Earth at the end of the three and one-half year reign of the Antichrist, (The Great Tribulation) destroying Satan's kingdom. The resurrection of the just will occur at that time."

      The idea of "pre-tribulation" rapture occurred nowhere in the early church Father's writings and beliefs and is a relatively new doctrine beginning in the 1800's and promoted widely by the Scofield Bible.

     As Jon Zens is first to point out, his is not a new idea but an idea that was put into practice two thousand years ago.

     Following the article are some quotes from David Berg who helped found the 'Jesus People' movement in California in the late 1960's and early 1970's. The quotes are taken from that time period.


WND Exclusive

Your minister defrocked?

New book: Modern churches 'way too dependent' on pastor

Posted: August 13, 2011

The early church did not have it. None of the apostles ever held the job. In fact, it appears nowhere in the New Testament.

Now, author Jon Zens states what undoubtedly has occurred to many Christians: The role of the "pastor" needs to be reconsidered.

In his new book, "The Pastor Has No Clothes! Moving from Clergy-Centered Church to Christ Centered Ekklesia, Zens asserts that the unbiblical office of pastor has grown via tradition into a hindrance both to church congregations and the pastors themselves.

It surely is not what our Lord had in mind, he contends.

Most church-goers are well aware that only a minority of members are active beyond attending weekly services. Almost universally, the modern institution is a "spectator church."

But when Jesus said he would build his "church" he used the secular word ekklesia to refer to the body of believers, which Zens explains was similar to our concept of a town meeting.

"Ekklesia was used about 100 times in the Greek translation of the New Testament to translate the Hebrew word qualal, which referred to the Israelite 'assembly.'"

The body of Christ, he says, "is to be a Spirit-led setting where kingdom business can be acted upon."

"In light of what ekklesia really entails, popular conceptions of 'church' are dangerously limited to coming to a building, singing, putting some money in a plate, hearing a sermon, and going home."

Listen to Jon Zens explain why "The Pastor Has No Clothes!" (especially the second half of the video) and how most churches have developed a different focus than early Christian practice:

Too often, the pastor-centric model results in a feckless flock characterized by laity malaise, Zens says, a flaccid community of believers waiting for a person to "feed" them and goad them into religious activities.

Zens' book is a call to return to the biblical design "where Christ is the head and everyone has a role to work as a part of the body, both leaders and developing believers. The early church didn't have useless functions like usher, special music and Sunday school attendance; which have nothing to do with the maturing of the saints ... The early church was more like a basic training camp where people were all functional and/or training towards it."

While his vision of a participatory Christian community replacing the spectator church could change what "church" is all about - especially in the minds of young people uninspired by the traditional model - Zens also has a prescription for re-imagining the role of clergy.

Indeed, the modern office of pastor can be none too healthy for the pastors themselves. Christ never instituted an individual position to bear the burden of His flock's corporate salvation. When Paul chastised the church at Corinth, he never mentioned their "leaders" as having failed in their responsibilities.

Some troubling facts from a 2010 survey:

Some 1,500 pastors leave the ministry each month in the U.S. because of unique pressures associated with the job.

About 80 percent of seminary and Bible school graduates entering the ministry will leave the ministry within the first five years. -

Seventy percent felt God called them to pastoral ministry, but after three years of ministry only 50 percent still felt called.

About 80 percent of pastors and 84 percent of their spouses feel unqualified and discouraged in their roles.

Eighty percent of pastors' spouses wish the pastor would choose another profession.

The majority of pastors' spouses said the most destructive event in their marriage and family was the day the pastor entered the ministry.

"The Pastor Has No Clothes!" takes a major step toward removing the segregation of pulpit and pew. It is a valuable, timely book that should be considered must reading for both preachers and congregations, and both regular church-goers and those not quite in sync with the modern church concept.

What others are saying about "The Pastor Has No Clothes":

"Make no mistake. Though irenic in spirit, the truth Jon presents does what truth is supposed to do: It cuts. Vested interests will feel the sting. Those oppressed by vested interests will feel the liberty." - - Stephen Crosby, author of "Praise, Worship and the Presence of God," North Carolina -

"As a pastor of the largest evangelical congregation in northwestern Oklahoma, one might think I could possibly be threatened by Jon's premise in this book. How can I be? "The Pastor Has No Clothes" is thoroughly biblical and a wake up call to all of us pastors who have forgotten that every believer in Christ is a priest unto Him and that the only authority within the church is Christ's." - - Wade Burleson, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, Okla. -

"Jon Zens has written one of the most important books of the 21st century. If you thought 'Pagan Christianity' was controversial, think again. Jon's book demonstrates beyond dispute that the clergy-system (in the form of the modern pastorate) is not only unbiblical but also contrary to the headship of Jesus Christ. I hope that every Christian reads this volume with an open heart and mind, especially those who deem themselves "leaders" in the body of Christ. I applaud Jon for his courage in adding another Scripture-based book to help foment the growing revolution that God has begun today - a revolution designed to give His church back to His beloved Son." - - Frank Viola, author of "Revise Us Again," "From Eternity to Here," "Jesus Manifesto," "Pagan Christianity" -

"Jon describes how the current structure of the institutional church has created over time an unhealthy balance in the body of Christ. He challenges us to look at the pastoral system in light of the way the New Testament early church functioned. A must-read and insightful book! - - Joseph Hunter, former pastor, Tennessee -

"This book addresses the fine points of the pastor-centric paradigm, uncovering numerous ways the headship of Jesus Christ is inadvertently usurped amid a Christian culture of hero-worship of religious celebrity. For those who have ears to hear, Jon Zens' words have the ability to breathe new hope and fire into the lives of those dedicated souls who love the church, but have far too long been carrying the weight of it on their shoulders. - - Dr. Stephanie Bennett, associate professor of communication and media studies, Palm Beach Atlantic University, W. Palm Beach, Fla. -

"In this book Jon Zens has taken dead aim at the most sacred cow of all within institutional Christianity - the Pastorate. He does this with a precise biblical scholarship, and with a keen eye for details. No stone is left unturned in this study of this most unscriptural yet most popular role and practice. ... Never before have I read such a biblically and experientially accurate treatment of the subject." - - Milt Rodriguez, author of "The Priesthood of All Believers, The Temple Within and the Butterfly in You"

(I believe church buildings are a distraction from the main job Christians have, which is to get out and be missionaries and evangelise the world! God never once said to build church buildings! He never once said to establish big fancy Bible Colleges and Seminaries! He never once said to build great and costly cathedrals! He simply said to "go ye into all the World and preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mark 16:15)

Sitting around in church buildings once a week singing hymnal lullabies and litanies to lull themselves to sleep is not Christianity.

They think they're serving God, when by not obeying the Lord and getting out into the whole World and preaching the Gospel and witnessing and winning souls,

True Christianity is being born-again and filled with the Spirit and going out into the whole World to preach the Gospel.

The church system has given lazy Christians an excuse to ignore Christ's call to service, His admonition to love God with all their hearts and to love their neighbours as themselves, because they are satisfied with just sitting in their pews a few hours or a few minutes a week on Sunday morning: "Let the preacher do the job!--Let the missionaries do the job!--That's what we pay them for! We'll live our own lives as we please all the rest of the week.

A large percentage off the Christians in the world go home after sunday morning service and pat themselves on the back and say, "I've done my little duty for God! I made a real sacrifice today coming here for an hour, or an hour and a half.

The church didn't start out that way, by inviting the sinners into fancy buildings to have a meeting! It started out with twelve motley-looking beggars hoofing it on the dusty roads with their dirty feet out amongst the sinners where they were taking them the Word in person, and they had no place to take them to but Jesus! Jesus said, "Go out into the highways and the byways and compel them to come in!" (Luke 14:23)--And He wasn't talking about coming into a building, He was talking about coming into the Kingdom of God, into the Love of God!

I'm not saying the churches have never done anything good.--They've at least kept alive the memory of Christ and gotten some people to think about God once a week for a few minutes, and sometimes they give to some worthwhile cause, welfare or charity. Some have even promoted and supported a few missionaries to do the job that all Christians are supposed to do, and that is to preach the Gospel to the lost! (Mk.16:15)

The churches have become more like nurseries or hospitals for spiritual invalids, instead of the army camps for the Lord that they should be!

Do you really believe and teach and do what Jesus and the Apostles did! David Berg)



'We're not like normal teenagers': Meet the exorcist schoolgirls who spend their time casting out DEMONS around the world

Brynne Larson, 16, is one of many newly-qualified teenage demon slayers

Reverend Bob Larson of Spiritual Freedom Churches runs exorcist school

No set protocol for exorcisms but girls carry a Bible, holy water and a cross

By Jeff Maysh

11th August 2011

The five teenage girls might look like they're in a normal class, eagerly reading their textbooks and answering their teacher's questions diligently.

But the textbooks are Bibles and the girls all have crosses instead of protractors, as they train to become exorcists - real exorcists who fight demons, curses and evil spells.

'People do look a bit surprised when I arrive,' admits graduate exorcist Brynne Larson. 'When people call for an exorcist, they don't picture a 16-year-old high school girl.'

Bible and cross: Savannah Shurkenback, 19, left, and Brynne Larson, 16, are two teenage exorcists who fight demons, curses and evil spells

But Brynne, from Phoenix, Arizona, is one of a new breed of qualified teenage demon slayers, who answered a call when the Church made the admission of there being a worldwide exorcist shortage.

But despite drastic efforts, supply has still not met demand for the controversial ceremony.

The Vatican's chief exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth, 85, has revealed that he alone has dealt with 70,000 cases of demonic possession.

So if the forces of darkness start getting the upper hand, who should you call? Evangelist Reverend Bob Larson of Spiritual Freedom Churches International - and his remarkable school for exorcists.

'Think of it more of an exorcist franchise,' Rev Larson tells MailOnline exclusively.

'The Church just can't keep up with demand. But I have 100 teams of trained exorcists working all over the world, and outbreaks of demonic possession are getting out of control.

'Our phone lines are ringing constantly - we receive up to 1,000 individual requests monthly, and we travel to countries like Africa, Ukraine, England and even Australia.'

But while his teams include exorcists aged up to 70, one group of his protégées are causing waves in the religious community. They are teenage girls.

Savannah Scherkenback, 19, and her sister Tess, 16, are Rev Larson's latest graduates from his school for exorcists.

'We have found that our female, teenage exorcists are particularly effective at curing the possessed,' says Rev Larson, whose daughter Brynne is a supernaturally talented exorcist.

Teenage exorcists: Savannah Schurkenback, Jess Shurkenback, Christina Massih, Melanie Massih and Brynne Larson stand brandishing their Bibles and silver crosses

Highly experienced in casting out demons, saving souls, and banishing evil spirits to hell, she is also a student who enjoys styling her hair, shopping and meeting her friends at Starbucks.


Feeling suicidal/ self harming - 'Many of the demons we encounter encourage people to hurt themselves,' says Rev Larson. 'They can drive you to suicide if they're not dealt with. -

Becoming sensitive to religious material - 'The possessed will vomit vomit if they go to a church. They will scream if they come into contact with holy water,' says Rev Larson. The possessed will reportedly not be able to look at statues of Christ. -

Harbouring feelings of murder - Have you suddenly started to feel intense hatred towards colleagues or even family members? It may be a demon inside of you, says Rev Larson. 'One of the most common demons is called "murder".' -

Sickness/ Tiredness - Having a demon within you is a tiring game. Sleeplessness, anxiety and headaches are common complaints, along with less subtle symptoms like levitation and a 360-degree spinning head. -

Speaking in a foreign tongue - The possessed have been known to suddenly start speaking in Latin, Spanish, or even Italian, explains Rev Larson. Watch out for a deepening voice too, he says. 'I've heard that voice all too often. It's deep and growling.'

Those friends include trainee undergraduate exorcists, Melanie Massih, 16, her sister Christina, 15, also students at Rev Larson's exorcist school.

They may love hanging out like normal teenagers, but they don't watch TV like the rest of us.

'I think Harry Potter and Twilight are instigators of evil,' Savannah says. 'They nullify morality and just serve to hook people in with evil.

'I don't watch any television at all. I'm much too busy praying and fighting the devil.'

And so on a hot Sunday afternoon, inside a modest three-star hotel in the middle of arid Scottsdale, Arizona, the blinds are mysteriously drawn around a small conference hall, and Rev Larson begins today's class.

Our trainee exorcists may look to casual observers more like X Factor contestants than exorcists, but this is a serious matter.

The topic is exorcism - the use of prayer to remove the devil or demonic spirits - which has its roots in early Christianity, and is described by the church as 'the act of driving out, or warding off, demons who infest a person or place'.

Rev Larson is quick to remind his pupils of the tell-tale signs of demonic possession.

'Speaking a language that the person has never learned,' he preaches, 'having a supernatural strength, having a violent aversion to God, the cross and a hatred of holy water.'

While exorcisms have been taught and carried out since the start of the Catholic Church, there has never been a greater demand than today, and for the teenage trainees of the Exorcist school, today's class is a matter of life and death.

This afternoon, a handwritten sign outside the conference hall reads: 'Pre-Deliverance Class 4:00pm. Personal ministry by appointment.'

The Pre-deliverance classes are a beginner's lesson, promising everything you need to know about demons and exorcism.

Cross: Evangelist Reverend Bob Larson of Spiritual Freedom Churches International has an exorcist school

The words 'Satan,' 'Beelzebub', and 'Lucifer' hang in the electrically conditioned air, while the temperature is set to 'spine-chilling'.

'There are two parts to an exorcism,' explains graduate Tess, who clutches an attractive, red leather-bound Bible.

'Firstly, you must deal with inner healing, to get rid of traumatic experiences from your childhood and beyond, and secondly, deliverance from demons.'

To do this, the girls are taught 'curse-breaking': The more experienced exorcists Savannah and Brynne will teach Christina and Melanie how to read from a list of demons, designed to provoke the 'demon within', when chanted aloud to possessed folk.

Tess practices reading from the list of curses. 'Death,' she says, ominously, raising an eyebrow to the room. 'Cancer.' She pauses, dramatically. 'Murder.'

It is normally after she says 'murder', that all hell breaks loose, she says. 'Many belch on hearing the words, or start weeping,' she whispers.

'One woman collapsed and started convulsing, while another man started choking once. I remember I felt excited the first time. "This is it," I thought to myself.'

She regains her composure, tosses her beautiful bangs from her face and finishes the reading: 'I break off that curse of murder. Be gone.'

Armed: Jess Shurkenback, 16, left, and Melanie Massih, 16, want to relieve a worldwide shortage of exorcists

While there is no set protocol for each exorcism, the girls carry with them a basic exorcism tool kit: a Bible, holy water and a cross.


Below is a selection of genuine calls for help sent to Reverend Bob Larson:

'My life is a living hell. I practice the occult every night with Lucifer. I signed a pact in my blood and buried it with real human bones. My fingers make the shape of claws. I wake up at night growling. I throw up if I go to church. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!' - ('Lori')

'I grew up in Satanism. I have a multitude of physical and sexual abuse. I want to die. Can you help me?' (Name withheld)

'I have suicidal thoughts and dreams of hurting others. I am fighting something deep within me. Your show forced me to look at the possibility of having a demon inside me.' - ('Adam')

'I have tried to kill myself and have homicidal thoughts. I even made a list of people I want to kill. I really need some answers.' - ('Laura')

Once they reach their possessed person, they will sit them down in a chair, while two strong males hold them down. 'It can be dangerous,' admits Brynne.

'I have performed exorcisms on 300lbs, 6'5" men - and they can get violent,' she says.

Next the girl will begin reading from the Bible. Once they have raised the devil, they will instruct it to leave, and often the spirit won't go quietly.

The eyes bulge, the voice becomes a monstrous growl, and then the snarling begins. 'It's not unusual to be sworn at, spat at, I've even seen projectile vomit,' says Savannah, firmly.

Rev Larson has had his fair share of evil demons, he says.

'Last week, I worked with a Uruguayan man, who had grown up being abused by his evil mother. He had the word "cerdo" tattooed on his forearm, meaning "swine", and he was possessed by a violent demon of murder.'

'The man's mother begged Rev Larson for help. She said: "Please help him, before he kills someone". It was a dramatic battle, but we got rid of the pig demon within him.'

In the last month Rev Larson and his team has rid a wife of an evil curse, after she was cursed by a Nigerian witchdoctor over the Internet that 'dark demons would attack her in sleep'.

They also cured a young woman who had been raised in a satanic cult, freeing her of demons who instructed her to commit suicide.

And it's no surprise Rev Larson's daughter Brynne got into the business. 'Every day I'd come home from work and she'd ask: "What demons did you find today, Daddy?"'

Brynne began to travel the world with her exorcist father when she just a child, but after years of watching dad performing exorcisms to large crowds at seminars around the world, it wouldn't be long before it was her turn.

'I performed my first exorcism aged 13, in Africa, on a man possessed by terrible demons,' she tells MailOnline.

Rev Bob Larson had arrived in deepest Africa to perform an exorcism seminar to a small town rocked with demonic possessions and witchcraft.

In a hot, squalid community hall, with a standing room only crowd of 3,000 locals, a volunteer from the village who claimed he was possessed came to the stage.

'He was possessed with the demon of murder,' says Rev Larson. 'He screamed the house down when we touched the Bible on his head.'

It was then that Rev Larson called forward his petite, red-headed daughter from the back of the hall. There was an audible gasp. The man lurched back in his seat at the very sight of Brynne.

She took out her Bible, and he screamed and convulsed in agony, like a scene from a horror movie.

'I shouted: "Go to the pits of hell!" and the man screamed even louder,' she recalls. 'Then I said: "Out! In the name of God!" and I cast the demon asunder.'

As the demon left him, the man burst into grateful tears, and the crowd erupted into cheers. Brynne had finally become an exorcist - and she remembers how she felt: 'Exhilarated!'

Shortage solution: Rev Larson teaches exorcism to teenagers and holds classes at his church

Since then, the schoolgirl has performed many more successful exorcisms, but today admits the most important exorcism she ever performed was on her best friend, when they were both 15.

'She was complaining of terrible headaches, and had all the symptoms of having demons.'

Like Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body, Brynne's friend was putting up with high school while possessed by evil demons.


Choon Kim attended one of Reverend Bob Larson's seminars for an exorcism.

The 33-year-old, who says she was sexually abused by a family friend as a child, explains that demons had tormented her for years.

'Rage would come out of my being,' she says. 'I hated myself, I was really angry inside me.'

During her exorcism, she cried in pain, as Rev Larson pressed the Bible onto her forehead.

'Who are you? Your name?' he demanded.

'Murder,' they say the demon answered.

'Get up, "murder"!' Rev Larson shouted, before renounced the demon - and Choon was cured.'

So Tess and I took her privately, and performed an exorcism. We confronted her demons, and chanted: "She is a child of God", before instructing her demons, "go to the pit of hell".'

But there's no script, insists Tess. 'With my friend, she was getting a reaction from the curse-breaking. "You have to leave," I said to the demon, and weirdly, she nodded. It was the demon moving her body.'

Afterwards, Brynne's friend started crying, claiming she had been relieved of her evil problem.  Savannah herself had been exorcised before joining the school.

'When I was about 18, I was incredibly troubled,' says the perfect student, who says she suffered from extreme depression, sickness, and was crippled by bad knees.

'There was something moving around inside of me - I had an awful headache and I felt feel sick to my stomach,' she says.

But after baffling doctors who could find nothing medically wrong with her, Savannah's Christian parents took her to the local ministry.

There, home-schooled Savannah was given a deliverance session, where she claims an evil spirit was cast from her. 'I was relieved I knew the answer,' she says, with certainty. 'I was possessed.'

Protégées: Rev Larson's teams include exorcists aged up to 70 - but it's the teenage girls who are causing waves in the religious community

'My exorcist called out the names of various curses, and whenever certain curses were mentioned, I felt a tingling around my ankles, and a pain in my head. Suddenly I got pains in my eyes, then boom! My demon was gone.'

Savannah claims she was so grateful and amazed at the process that she signed up to become a trainee exorcist herself, along with her sister, Tess.

Together, they are home- schooled, and live far removed from the corrupt teenage scene of downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

'A lot of girls my age are into drinking and other pursuits,' she admits. 'That's just not my path.'

During a classroom break, Tess reveals, 'My proudest moment was when I was 14, and I led my own curse-breaking seminar.

'As I walked around the room with a Bible and oil to anoint the sufferers, I was really nervous as I was only 14, and because this is a really important rite of passage for an exorcist.'

But not everyone is suitable to become an exorcist. Rev Larson says that to join the class, 'you must have had a calling from God.

'It doesn't matter if you're male or female, but we do find that young women are incredibly good at exorcisms.'

Once you have proved that becoming an exorcist is your God-given path, intensive training can take weeks and possibly months, says Rev Larson.

'There is a graduation ceremony, when you pass,' he explains. 'Graduating exorcists get a special cross, which is specially engraved with words from the Bible we use in the exorcism.

Cross team: Rev Larson stands with (left-right) Savannah Schurkenback, Jess Shurkenback, Christina Massih, Melanie Massih and Brynne Larson

'They also get a good Bible, then they are officially what we call "in commission".'

Due to the worldwide shortage, Brynne and her young colleagues have become part of a network of full-time, professional exorcists who assist Rev Larson on private and public assignments worldwide.

But the girls aren't just sent out on their own, knocking on the doors of the possessed. They are, after all, teenage girls. 'I don't do house calls yet,' says Savannah.

'I have a lot to learn, and it's very dangerous performing exorcisms. The Bible says that a person who is possessed by the devil can have strength seven times more powerful than one man.'


Savannah Scherkenback, 19, is one of Rev Larson's latest graduates from his school for exorcists. Here is how her week pans out...

'I'm 19 years old and I live for the ministry. I'm in college and that's hard because I'm devoted to the church.

'On Sunday I go to church 9am to 1pm, then I go home for lunch. Then I'm back at the church again at 9pm.

'Monday I'm at college, but I work with three girls at my college who I help with their demons.

'Tuesday it's homework and maybe coffee with my friends.

'Then Thursday I'm at school, and I work with a youth group of teenagers, teaching them the ways of the ministry.

'Friday and Saturday I spend all my time at the church, and doing exorcisms where needed.'

The girls, however sweet looking, have witnessed more horrors than should ever be asked of teenage girls. 'I've seen people ripping up chairs before,' says Savannah.

Her sister joins in, wide-eyed. 'I've seen people crawl like snakes on the floor, I've seen people hover off the ground.'

Rev Larson explains it's a team of people who attend private exorcisms.

'My parents don't worry,' says Savannah. 'They're Christians and members of the ministry themselves. They are very proud of us.'

However, the girls all agree real exorcisms are nothing like what you've seen in movies like The Exorcist, or The Real Exorcism of Emily Rose. 'Hollywood sensationalises things,' says Savannah.

'But the scenes where the people convulse - that's real. When you have demonic possession, the demon has what we call a legal right to possess your body. You must break the curse.

'When we read aloud the words "murder" or "death", they will yawn. Or maybe belch disgustingly. The demon shows itself.  

'It's quite easy to tell the difference between genuine cases of possession, and simple cases of schizophrenia or learning difficulties,' she explains.

'Although the devil can work in mysterious ways to disguise itself,' she adds, ominously.

Before Rev Larson and his team can go to work, a 12-page psychological profile must be completed, just to make sure the subject is not 'just mental'.

Unreal: The girls all agree real exorcisms are nothing like what you may have seen in films such as The Exorcist, pictured, as they are 'sensationalised' by Hollywood

'The answers vary but common responses to questions are "I see dark shadows" or "I have scratches all over my body",' says Rev Larson. 'Exorcism is not easy and only the trained can do it properly.'

He also explains there is no charge for the service, but says that people do bring 'an offering' to seminars held by his exorcists.

'If it's an emergency and my team has to travel across the country, or even across the world, we can run up expenses of perhaps $3,000 or $4,000. And we always require an advance appointment.'

'I don't do house calls yet. I have a lot to learn, and it's very dangerous performing exorcisms. The Bible says that a person who is possessed by the devil can have strength seven times more powerful than one man'

Savannah Scherkenback, 19, graduate of Rev Larson's exorcist school

But for his team of teenage exorcists, dedication to the job is paramount. 'We have about 100 teams, working in teams of five to ten people,' Rev Larson explains.

'Sometimes we will have someone complain that their home is haunted, or worse, that there is a demonic possession in the family.

'But most often we take appointments at churches, apartments or even offices. We do private exorcisms or we do seminars where we can work en masse.

'Last month I did nine in total, casting out demons,' says Brynne. 'I'm not like normal teenagers.'

But for Brynne, who like all of the Reverend's young exorcists, is a home-schooled, teetotal teenager, her life, she insists is nothing but exciting.

'We have travelled all over the world performing exorcisms. I have been to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and even the Bahamas, saving souls along the way.'

And Brynne is defiantly single, admitting: 'I have never had a boyfriend, but I consider myself lucky - I don't have many of the demons that can be associated with obsession, or desire.'

'I want to one day get married and have children, for God says in the Bible that we should marry. But while there are people that need exorcisms, people who need help - that is all I'm interested in.'

("When he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out." Matthew 10:1 "These signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils." Mark 16:17 "It shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy." Acts 2:17)



'Netanyahu should prepare himself for the cage!'

Iran warns Israelis they should flee or face annihilation

Posted: August 15, 2011

Ayatollah Khamenei

Iran is warning Israel that its citizens should flee the Middle East or face annihilation.

The chief commander of Iran's Basiji forces, Brig. Gen. Mohammad-Reza Naghdi, recently stated that Iran has no option but to destroy Israel. Ratcheting up the war of words, Naghdi is now threatening Israelis in the "occupied lands" that they are surrounded by mujahedeen of Islam bent on their destruction.

"I quote our supreme leader, Imam Khamenei, who clearly stated during the recent gathering of the leadership's elite that Zionists are now encircled by those who are willing to wage jihad for Islam, and that those concerned for their safety and well-being should quickly go back to the countries they left behind," Naghdi told the Fars News agency, the media outlet for the Revolutionary Guards.

When asked by the Fars News reporter about what he called empty threats by the Zionist government against Muslims, Naghdi responded: "(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu and the Zionists don't even have the capability to keep the Hamas mujahedeen in check, let alone take it upon themselves to devise plans and plots for Muslims elsewhere. Our response to all the threats is that the heads of the Zionist government and Mr. Netanyahu should prepare themselves for the cage (prison)."

Referring to the imprisonment and ultimate indictment of Islamic mujahedeen in the prisons of the former Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarack, Naghdi added: "The time for jailing Islamic mujahedeen has come to an end, and the time of caging kings and obstinate rulers is upon us."

Citing the Quran, Naghdi emphasized that the payback awaiting "these kings and other cruel tyrants around the world" will be much worse than what they did to the Islamic mujahedeen.

Ayatollah Khamenei met with high Iranian officials last week during which he analyzed the events of the region and the world, emphasizing that the time for the glorification of Islam is at hand.

Many religious authorities in Iran credit the supreme leader for predicting the unrest in Europe, specifically the riots in England. They believe that Khamenei is the representative of Allah on earth and the deputy of the last Islamic messiah, Imam Mahdi, and that Iran's supreme leader is in direct contact with him, preparing the grounds for his reappearance.

Shia Muslims believe that Imam Mahdi, who was born in 869, is still alive but has been "awaiting the time that God has decreed for his return." It is this return that will usher in the day of judgment, and the mullahs ruling Iran believe it will mark the destruction of Israel.

Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, secretary-general of Hezbollah, in a recent meeting in Lebanon with clerics from Iranian seminaries, said that certain qualities of Iran's supreme leader and aspects of his wisdom, prudence and spirituality are secret and sealed and unfortunately cannot be talked about in public.

Last week, the Iranian state-controlled TV for the first time publicly announced that Khamenei is really the mythical figure Seyed Khorasani who, a centuries-old hadith (saying) states, will create the circumstance for the end of the world and the reappearance of the last Islamic messiah, the Shiites' 12th Imam Mahdi, who will conquer the world under the banner of Islam.

A recent video, "The Coming Is Upon Us - Israel Shall Be Destroyed!," reveals the radicals ruling Iran warn the end of the world is at hand and they need to destroy Israel to fulfill the prophecy called for by the prophet Mohammad and his descendants to trigger the coming of Imam Mahdi.

The Western world, meanwhile, continues to experience growing alarm as Iran apparently continues it push for nuclear weapons. Some analysts estimate that the radicals ruling the Iranian people could have enough highly enriched uranium for its first nuclear weapon within months.



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