And The World Was Changed
(Enoch 8:1)

Dear Friends,


In Genesis, chapter six, the Bible tells us that during the time of Noah, that giants came into existence because of fallen angels who cohabited with the daughters of men. Today this is now a much more widely understood and accepted subject than in past years. Below is where we find the account of these happenings in the book of Genesis.

“And it came to pass when men began to be numerous upon the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God having seen the daughters of men that they were beautiful, took to themselves wives of all whom they chose. And the Lord God said, My Spirit shall certainly not remain among these men for ever, because they are flesh, but their days shall be an hundred and twenty years. Now the giants were upon the earth in those days; and after that when the sons of God were wont to go in to the daughters of men, they bore children to them, those were the giants of old, the men of renown.” Genesis 6:2-5

There is a fuller account of this event described in the book of Enoch, even naming the names of many of the fallen angels.

“And it came to pass, when the sons of men had increased, that in those days there were born to them fair and beautiful daughters. And the Angels, the sons of Heaven, saw them and desired them. And they said to one another: "Come, let us choose for ourselves wives, from the children of men, and let us beget, for ourselves, children."

And Semyaza, who was their leader, said to them: "I fear that you may not wish this deed to be done and that I alone will pay for this great sin."

And they all answered him, and said: "Let us all swear an oath, and bind one- another with curses, so not to alter this plan, but to carry out this plan effectively."

Then they all swore together and all bound one another with curses to it. And they were, in all, two hundred and they came down on Ardis, which is the summit of Mount Hermon. And they called the mountain Hermon because on it they swore and bound one another with curses.” Enoch 6:1-6 (Emphasis added)

In 1869 Charles Warren made an interesting discovery on the top of Mount Hermon.



There is a sacred building made of hewn blocks of stone on the summit of Mount Hermon. Known as Qasr Antar, it was the highest temple of the ancient world, sitting at 2,814 feet (858 m) above sea level. It was documented by Sir Charles Warren in 1869. Warren described the temple as a rectangular building, sitting on an oval, stone plateau without roof. He removed a limestone stele from the northwest of the oval, broke it into two pieces and carried it down the mountain and back to the British Museum, where it currently resides. An inscription on the stele was translated by George Nickelsburg to read

According to the command of the greatest a(nd) Holy God, those who take an oath (proceed) from here.

Nickelsburg connected the inscription with oath taken by the angels under Semjaza who took an oath together, bound by a curse in order to take wives in the Book of Enoch (1 Enoch 6:6). Hermon was said to have become known as the mountain of oath” by Charles Simon Clermont-Ganneau. The name of God was supposed to be a Hellenized version of Baʿal or Hadad and Nickelsburg connected it with the place name of Baal-Hermon (Lord of Hermon) and the deity given by Enoch as “The Great Holy One”.[ Eusebius recognized the religious importance of Hermon in his work “Onomasticon”, saying “Until today, the mount in front of Panias and Lebanon is known as Hermon and it is respected by nations as a sanctuary” (Emphasis added)

It has been pretty much established that the fallen angels, or Watchers as they are also known, entered our world from the spiritual realm, another dimension on the summit of Mount Herman. It could be said that at the summit of mount Herman there was or is a portal or star-gate to another world. Nimrod was aware of this type of phenomenon when he commissioned the building of the Tower of Babel which was to reach onto heaven.

This is also what projects like CERN are hoping to achieve. They want to open a portal to another dimension. We have dealt with this in past entries.

Besides producing giants, which are often referred to as Nephilim, there were other unpleasant consequences that took place on earth because of the fallen Watchers. One particular Watcher named Azazel really did some major damage.

“And Azazel taught men to make swords, and daggers, and shields, and breastplates. And he showed them the things after these, and the art of making them; bracelets, and ornaments, and the art of making up the eyes, and of beautifying the eyelids, and the most precious stones, and all kinds of coloured dyes. And the world was changed.

See then what Azazel has done; how he has taught all iniquity on the earth and revealed

the eternal secrets that are made in Heaven.

And the whole Earth has been ruined by the teaching of the works of Azazel; and against him write: ALL SIN." Enoch 8:1, 9:6, 10:8 (Emphasis added)

In an interesting aside note is that Azazel is the name of the scapegoat in the Torah which was used to take away the sins of the nation of Israel.

“The scapegoat was a goat that was designated (Hebrew לַעֲזָאזֵֽל ) la-aza'zeyl; either "for absolute removal" (Brown-Driver-Briggs Lexicon) or possibly "for Azazel" (some modern versions taking the term as a name) an outcast in the desert as part of the ceremonies of the Day of Atonement, that began during the Exodus with the original Tabernacle and continued through the times of the temples in Jerusalem.

Throughout the year, the sins of the ancient Israelites were daily transferred to the regular sin offerings as outlined in the Torah in Leviticus, Ch 16. Once a year, on the tenth day of the seventh month in the Jewish calendar, the Day of Atonement, the High Priest of Israel sacrificed a bull for a sin offering for his own sins. Subsequently he took two goats and presented them at the door of the tabernacle with a view to dealing with the corporate sins of God's people — the nation of Israel.

Two goats were chosen by lot: one to be "The Lord's Goat", which was offered as a blood sacrifice, and the other to be the "Azazel" scapegoat to be sent away into the wilderness. The blood of the slain goat was taken into the Holy of Holies behind the sacred veil and sprinkled on the mercy seat, the lid of the ark of the covenant. Later in the ceremonies of the day, the High Priest confessed the sins of the Israelites to Yahweh placing them figuratively on the head of the other goat, the Azazel scapegoat, who "took them away" never to be seen again. The sin of the nation was thus "atoned for" (paid for) by the "The Lord's Goat" and "The Azazel Goat". Wikipedia

Going back to the point that it would seem that the summit of Mount Hermon was a portal into another world, we would like to speculate on a possibility of a verse out of Revelation.

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Revelation 12:9

The question that we wanted to think about was where would the Devil be cast out onto the earth? What geographical location? He is not omnipotent, so it has to be a single place.

Could it be the summit of Mount Hermon, as there has already been a precedent of that mountain being the location of a door way of the fallen angels, Watchers? “

Another interesting observation is:

“In 1666, Louis XIV of France, authorized the building of an observatory in Paris to measure longitude. This was the beginning of the Paris Zero Meridian. Believe it or not, according to the “Paris Zero Meridian” Mount Hermon (and the ancient territory of Dan) is located at 33 degrees east of the Paris Zero Meridian (longitude), and 33 degrees north of the Equator (latitude)! The 33rd degree became an important part of Freemasonry, probably due to a history that dates back to the Knights Templar, the French Merovingian Dynasty, and their family ties to the Danites” Wikipedia

What does the ancient tribe of Dan have to do with any of this? The tribe of Dan bordered Mount Hermon and according to Judges 17, were completely given over to idolatry and the worship of Baal.

In Genesis, chapter 49, Jacob prophesied over all of his sons and their role in the last days.

“And Jacob called his sons, and said to them,

Assemble yourselves, that I may tell you what shall happen to you in the last days.

And let Dan be a serpent in the way, besetting the path, biting the heel of the horse (and the rider shall fall backward)” Genesis 49:1, 17

There are many Bible prophecy teachers who have speculated that the anti-christ would come out of Israel, specifically the tribe of Dan. Even Winston Churchill made this observation.

“In an article written by Winston Churchill and published in the Sunday Herald Newspaper on February 8th, 1920 titled “A struggle for the soul of the Jewish people,” Churchill said the following:

“And it may well be that this same astounding people may at the present moment be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible.

“It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Anti-Christ were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious people had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical...” Watchman Willie Martin Archive

We want to go now to some other verses and their possible relation to a word we highlighted above, Panias.

“And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And they had a king over them, [which is] the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue [is] Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath [his] name Apollyon.” Revelation 9:1-2,11“And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit. He opened the shaft of the bottomless pit, and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft.” Revelation 9:1-2 ESV

“The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss.”Revelation 9:1 NIV

There are others versions of the Bible that also use the term shaft and Abyss.

It has been proven that Abaddon or Apollyon is the Devil. So what does Panias have to do with any of this?

Josephus writes in "Wars of the Jews" 1.21.3

"And when Caesar had further bestowed upon him another additional country, he built there also a temple of white marble, hard by the fountains of Jordan: the place is called Panium (Panias, Caesarea Philippi), where is a top of a mountain that is raised to an immense height, and at its side, beneath, or at its bottom, a dark cave opens itself; within which there is a horrible precipice, that decends abruptly to a vast depth: it contains a mighty quantity of water, which is immovable; and when anybody lets down anything to measure the depth of the earth beneath the water, no length of cord is sufficient to reach it.”

It is interesting to note that the cave at Panias has never been fully excavated and explored.What Josephus described was corroborated by the discovery of such a chasm outside the entrance, in the excavated area (although the grotto (cave) has not been excavated yet). Here, the partial collapse of a Roman vaulted substructure revealed a chasm . . . the chasm reaches all the way to the underground water level. It is likely, therefore, that a similar hollow once existed inside the cave and formed a 'sacred well' to the Paneion. The Hellenistic arrangement of the grotto awaits the clearing of the cave floor, presently covered by the collapse of the cave's roof in the 1837 earthquake. Few Hellenistic remains were uncovered in the excavation outside the cave, and it seems that in this period the cult place was confined to the natural cave." (NOTE: This means there is much more evidence buried in the remains. Ancient descriptions and archaeology indicate a passage way into the earth. The descriptions of a passage to the underworld may be confirmed by an inscription that says "Gates of Hades" to match Jesus' description of this place.

"The facade wall (front wall) of the temple has not yet been located. However, coins of Phililpus depicting the Augusteum show that it stood on a high podium and had four Ionic columns carrying an unbroken pediment. Three sculptured geison blocks . . . were found at the entrance to the grotto, among the fallen rock debris. These may have framed a passage of sorts from the temple to the grotto. It seems that the temple did not have a regular back wall; its adyton (a restricted area within a temple usually a small area at the farthest end that housed an image; similar to the Most Holy Place in the Jewish temple) was the grotto (cave) itself." from Galyn's Israel Photos. (Emphasis added)

In the Book of Matthew, chapter 16, Jesus said something very interesting while visiting Caesarea Philippi which is Panias.

“When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? And they said, Some [say that thou art] John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets. He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed [it] unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:13-16

If the dragon of Revelation 12 were cast out onto the earth at the summit of Mount Hermon and given the key to the bottomless which he opens, could that pit be at the bottom of Mount Hermon at Panias at the “Gates of Hades”?

Of course the dragon and especially his angels would not just be confined to this area as Revelation 12:9 makes clear.

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

One last point; the present war in Syria.

Israel today controls the base of Mount Hermon where Panias is located, but Syria controls the summit where the watchers entered earth's realm. Another interesting point to note is that the highest United Nations outpost in the world is located on the summit of Mt. Hermon.

These types of locations are very important to the world's most important elites who are also some of the worlds top occultists.

When the United States invaded Iraq it was widely under reported that one very important mission they conducted was what was believed to be a visit to the tomb of Gilgamesh – Nimrod to retrieve a sample of his DNA.


Gilgamesh tomb believed found

Archaeologists in Iraq believe they may have found the lost tomb of King Gilgamesh - the subject of the oldest "book" in history.Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 April, 2003, 07:57 GMT 08:57 UK

The Epic Of Gilgamesh - written by a Middle Eastern scholar 2,500 years before the birth of Christ - commemorated the life of the ruler of the city of Uruk, from which Iraq gets its name.

Now, a German-led expedition has discovered what is thought to be the entire city of Uruk - including, where the Euphrates once flowed, the last resting place of its famous King.

"I don't want to say definitely it was the grave of King Gilgamesh, but it looks very similar to that described in the epic," Jorg Fassbinder, of the Bavarian department of Historical Monuments in Munich, told the BBC World Service's Science in Action programme.

In the book - actually a set of inscribed clay tablets - Gilgamesh was described as having been buried under the Euphrates, in a tomb apparently constructed when the waters of the ancient river parted following his death.

"We found just outside the city an area in the middle of the former Euphrates river¿ the remains of such a building which could be interpreted as a burial," Mr Fassbinder said.

He said the amazing discovery of the ancient city under the Iraqi desert had been made possible by modern technology.

"By differences in magnetisation in the soil, you can look into the ground," Mr Fassbinder added.

"The difference between mudbricks and sediments in the Euphrates river gives a very detailed structure."

This creates a magnetogram, which is then digitally mapped, effectively giving a town plan of Uruk.

'Venice in the desert'

"The most surprising thing was that we found structures already described by Gilgamesh," Mr Fassbinder stated.

"We covered more than 100 hectares. We have found garden structures and field structures as described in the epic, and we found Babylonian houses."

But he said the most astonishing find was an incredibly sophisticated system of canals.

"Very clearly, we can see in the canals some structures showing that flooding destroyed some houses, which means it was a highly developed system.

"[It was] like Venice in the desert."

It has been reported quite recently in major main stream news sources about the possible partition of Syria and to call for the nullification of the Sykes – Picot Agreement of boundaries drawn up after WW1.

The attempt to sell the war in Syria as the need to remove a tyrant who has been oppressing his people has largely failed. Look at Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan to view the effect of ridding the world of tyrants.

Those who have looked closer at the war in Syria have found a more valid and believable reason for the war. Syria will not allow the west to build an important oil pipeline through its country. This could be a valid reason.

Take Libya and Iraq for examples. The first reason for the invasion of these countries was because of the Tyrants who ran them. Then came the “oil” reason, which again was valid.

But, the third and underlying reason was that both Libya and Iraq were planning on implementing a gold backed dinar and drop the dependence on the US dollar.

Before the fighting was even over in Benghazi a central bank was set up by western interests.

Could one of the underlying reasons for the war in Syria be that certain elitists people and groups want control of the summit of Mt. Hermon as they believe their god Lucifer is about to become king of this world?

When the Watchers descended to earth, God and the Archangels looked upon what Azazel taught man as a very negative situation. At the same time there were entire civilizations who looked upon this as a very positive thing for man, “ye shall be as gods”.

And the world was changed.


End Of The American Dream

The Era Of Human-Animal Hybrid Chimeras Has Begun

By Michael Snyder, on February 14th, 2017

Human-animal mutant creatures make for great material for science fiction writers, but we aren’t supposed to be creating them in the real world. In so many ways, the technological advancements that we have made as a society are outpacing our ability to handle those advancements, and this field is certainly a glaring example of that reality. Just because we can create human-animal hybrid chimeras does not mean that we should. Genetic modification is a particularly dangerous science, because we are literally tinkering with the future of our planet. And when it comes to humans and animals, those are two things that definitely should not mix. Unfortunately, they are being mixed, and this could have enormous implications as our society plunges into a very uncertain future.

During all of the chaos surrounding the 2016 presidential election, a stunning announcement by the National Institutes of Health went unnoticed by almost everyone. The following comes from a Huffington Post article entitled “The Island of Dr. Moreau For Real“…

In August 2016, the National Institutes of Health announced that it was lifting its ban on research that introduces stem cells from humans into animal embryos. Stem cells have the ability to evolve into any human cell and can grow into any human tissue. The goal of this type of research is to grow human tissues and eventually human replacement organs in animals. What an innovative way to improve upon transplantation medicine! But to realize this potential, we would create an organism that is part animal and part human! These hybrids are the stuff of ancient mythology. These mixtures of different animals are called chimeras after the mythical ancient Greek creature that was part lion, snake and goat. One goal of today’s research is to produce tissues and organs for experimentation that will improve our understanding of human disease. An alternative and longer term goal would be to produce organs directly for human transplantation. Imagine an infinite source of human organs – one wears out and you produce a new one as a replacement.

When human stem cells are introduced into an animal embryo, that creature becomes part human.

So does a part-human creature have rights?

If so, how do those rights differ from those of a full human?

These are the kinds of questions that ethicists are starting to wrestle with.

The thought of creating human-animal hybrids just for the purpose of growing organs which will be used for medical transplants is beyond disturbing. But this is what our scientists actually intend to do.

And just this week, the National Academies of Sciences and Medicine has released a brand new report that endorses the genetic modification of humans. The following comes from a Gizmodo article…

Today, the National Academies of Sciences and Medicine released a major new report and recommendations to ensure any such research done stateside in the future is performed responsibly and ethically.

The implicit message is that whether we like it or not, a future of gene-edited humans is on its way.

Messing around with the genetic material of humans means that you are literally messing around with the future of the human race.

And once this genetic material starts being passed from generation to generation, it will literally be impossible to put the genie back into the bottle ever again.

Fortunately, there are some experts that are extremely alarmed by this new report…

“The recommendations and conclusions of this report are unsettling and disappointing,” said Marcy Darnovsky, PhD, Executive Director of the Center for Genetics and Society. “Although they’re couched in apparently cautionary language, they actually constitute a green light for proceeding with efforts to modify the human germline — that is, to engineer the genes and traits that are passed on to future children and generations.”

Hopefully the scientific community will listen to people like Dr. Darnovsky before things get wildly out of control.

There are some scientists out there that actually want to “enhance” humans by introducing genetic material from animals. The theory is that introducing genetic material from animals could give us “super sight” or “super strength” or other extraordinary powers. This is the kind of thing that researchers such as Steve Quayle and Tom Horn have been warning about for years. In the future we could literally have a creature that is 60 percent human and 40 percent bear for example. How would we treat such a creature?

And as such creatures became more numerous, how would they treat us?

If you think that such a thing could never happen, just consider ten examples of creatures that are already being created by science…

#1 Genetically modified cattle with human DNA

#2 Rats with human kidneys

#3 Human-mouse hybrids with freakishly large brains

#4 Humanized milk-producing goats

#5 Mice with human anal sphincters

#6 Rabbit Eggs with Human Cells

#7 Pigs with Human Blood

#8 Sheep with Human Livers

#9 Cow Eggs with Human Cells

#10 Cat-Human Hybrid Proteins

How human does a creature have to be before it has a human soul?

Somebody better start asking questions like this, because we are “playing god” and we are tinkering with things that we do not fully understand.

We have already gone way too far, but scientists all over the globe continue to press on even farther. Even if we were to completely ban this kind of “research” in the United States, it would still progress in other industrialized nations all over the planet.

The genetic modification of humans and animals is part of a larger trend that we are currently witnessing. In the scientific community, there is a tremendous amount of excitement about the fact that humans can finally “take control of their own evolution”. There are many scientists that believe that we can use various forms of technology to give ourselves superhuman powers and radically extend our lifespans. And as technology continues to increase at an exponential rate, these scientists believe that we will be able to ultimately create a “post-human society” where all sickness, disease, poverty and war are eradicated.

So they aren’t concerned about the potential dangers of these new technologies because they believe that we are right on the verge of achieving immortality and transforming this planet into a technological utopia that will be perfect in every way.

In other words, they believe that humanity will no longer need “god” because we will be our own gods.

Unfortunately for all the rest of us, in their relentless pursuit of this very foolish dream they are racing toward genetic Armageddon, and they are opening up a Pandora’s box of horrors that they simply do not understand.

The Common Sense Show

The Future of Humanity

The mission of The Common Sense Show is to (1) expose government and corporate corruption; (2) champion those who go above and beyond in exposing and fighting corruption; and, (3) Make America Great Again (MAGA) which means returning to our traditional Christian roots.

Up to this time, 99% of my work has centered on these areas. However, developing events dictate that I pay attention to another issue, the ET issue. Personally, I believe that these beings are not truly ET’s but merely pretending to be. I have come to believe that these entities will be the source of The Great Deception.

The Common Sense Show is not abandoning its original mission. However, that mission now demands that I pay attention to this topic and truly listen to the many prominent people who are clearly speaking to us on this topic. My purpose is to not let the deception engulf humanity and pull “Believers in Christ” away from the faith and this is a real danger.

If mankind is not fully awake and aware, we will be denied our collective future.

Brief Background

From 1985 to 2011, I was forced to be silent about what I learned about the Nazis and their exotic technology as manifested in various types of flying devices. In 1984-1985, when my father was suffering from a terminal illness, he told me of his classified work with Nazi scientists and the reverse engineering of their advances achieved at the end of World War II. He further revealed that the Nazi’s, to a person, believed that this technology was bestowed upon them by ET forces.

In the late 1950’s my father was “early retired” from the Navy, six months early with full retirement benefits (unheard of), to move to Denver and work with captured German scientists in an attempt to reverse engineer their developments and also to develop their “drawing board” advancements with regard to potential space travel. The government could not have my father do this work as a military man because he could not invoke the 5th Amendment should Congress ever launch an investigation and interview the program’s participants. As a civilian contract, my father could hide behind the veil of the 5th Amendment.

In a very revealing set of articles, I disclosed the nature of my father’s work which I had to keep relatively secret until my mother’s passing in 2011. She was the beneficiary of his two retirements, both which would have been stripped away had it been discovered that my father revealed information that some did not want made public.

Bill Pawelec and Vance Davis

In 1993, the very first time I ever listened to Art Bell, I heard Art interview the former NSA agent, Vance Davis, and his description of what sounded just like my father’s work. I reached out to Vance and he sent Bill Pawelec to me. It turned out that Bill and my father briefly worked out together at Sunstrand Electric which was secretly working on killer satellite technology.

Formerly, Bill Pawelec provided security services, mostly electronic surveillance, to some of the most sensitive defense installations in the country. Bill also did contract work various intelligence agencies at the same time. As a result of my association with Bill Pawelec, I also became friends with Vance Davis.

From these associations, I was introduced to the fact that key figures in NASA are fully aware of the ET connection and some were in the astronaut corps and I was introduced to two of them.

Privately, I disclosed to Bill and Vance some of the nature of my father’s work with the admonition that it could not go public. Bill Pawelec convinced me to sit down with Jim Marrs and share notes because of Marrs connections to this topic through his book The Fourth Reich. I agreed and Bill flew Jim Marrs to Phoenix to meet with me.

Jim Marrs

Many years ago, I used to interview Jim Marrs. He possessed knowledge unlike most researchers with regard to the secret societies that rule the planet. At one time, I considered Marrs to be the foremost authority on the JFK assassination. Popular movie producer, Oliver Stone, who is fully awake, used Marrs’ book, Crossfire, the story of the JFK assassination, as the screenplay for Stone’s hit movie, JFK.

Marrs and I did over 20 interviews spanning 6 years. His information was concise and much of It was verifiable. During one of the final interviews I did with Marrs, he dropped a bombshell on my audience. He stated “one cannot understand the New World Order without fully examining the ET connection”. Marrs was fairly nonspecific with regard to the origins of any ET race except to say, “they have been here for a very long time and they obviously have great influence over our government and every other government”.

There was a time when Jim Marrs was producing incredible and original research on the New World Order and he was steadfast in the ET connection. Before I ever met Jim Marrs, I was a fan of his work and I was just another person with no media involvement on my part.

Mike Adams

Recently, Mike Adams wrote an article on the dangers of first contact with an ET race. Mike is a great researcher and reporter. His work on exposing the dangers of vaccines is stellar. This article was so out of character for Mike, it is noteworthy in its implications. His ET revelations are noteworthy.

Steve Quayle

Recently, I was fortunate to interview Steve Quayle. His book Empire Beneath the Ice is popular, but I think undervalued for the revelations it brings to this topic. In his book, Steve establishes that Antarctica is the command and control of the New World Order and humans are not in charge. His work bridges the gap between what my father did as well as tying together the activities of the aforementioned people. Have you wondered why such notables, as John Kerry, have been summoned to the South Pole? This is all part of Steve’s revelations.

Natural News

REAL or HOAX? UFO experts warn of “cosmic false flag” event, claiming deep state will fake alien invasion to achieve totalitarian control over humanity

Sunday, February 12, 2017 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Now for something completely different…

As our world become ever more strange by the day, numerous UFO experts are warning about what might be the most bizarre event in human history: A “cosmic false flag” where, they claim, desperate governments of the world stage a massive fake alien invasion to finally complete their goal of ensuring total human obedience under a never-ending “the aliens are coming” false hysteria. It may sound crazy to the uninitiated, but listen to the experts below before making up your mind, and check out the Washington Post’s coverage of some of the technology that can help make this happen.

Such an event, the experts say, could be pulled off by a combination of advanced human-made exotic aircraft, advanced holographic technology and a complicit global media already practiced in the art of engineering elaborate fake news (CNN, Washington Post, etc.) to propagandize gullible viewers. Truth be told, most humans believe whatever they’re told to believe, even it’s based on no supportable evidence whatsoever (case in point: the global climate change hoax).

(Note from Adams: Based on what I’ve seen from humanity so far, people don’t even need holograms to fall for a false flag. Most people will literally hallucinate whatever images the mainstream media is trying to put into their heads, literally fabricating false visual memories to fit the narrative they’ve been exposed to in the controlled media.)

Dr. Stephen Greer of Sirius Disclosure

One of the best known researchers who speaks publicly about a “cosmic false flag” event is Dr. Stephen Greer of Sirius Disclosure, an organization dedicated to unveiling the truth about real extraterrestrials as well as organized human hoaxes intended to trick the masses.According to Dr. Greer, many (but not all) of the so-called “UFO” events being witnessed around the world involve craft that are manufactured by humans. He furthermore asserts that the “military industrial complex” consists of a power structure far beyond the reach of even the U.S. President, and that such interests are planning a “cosmic false flag” event to trick humanity into thinking an alien invasion is taking place.


Expert: “Potential Global Catastrophe” from Fukushima Unit 2 highly radioactive fuel… Reactor could be destroyed, “making Tokyo area uninhabitable”… This is “most dreaded” scenario — Already “partially liquefying” below reactors


Akio Matsumura, Japanese Diplomat, Feb 11, 2017 (emphasis added): The Potential Catastrophe of Reactor 2 at Fukushima Daiichi: What Effect for the Pacific and the US?… It is clear to us now that the radiation level in the containment vessel of the crippled Reactor 2 is much higher than experts had believed… The danger of Reactor 2 begs us to ask many new questions…

Dr. Shuzo Takemoto, professor of the Department of Geophysics, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University — responded to Mr. Matsumura concerns: Potential Global Catastrophe of the Reactor No.2 at Fukushima Daiichi, by Professor Shuzo Takemoto — On July 28, 2016, the [Tepco] published the images of the F1 Unit 2 reactor screened by muon particles… They showed the shadow of materials equivalent to 180 – 210 tons at the lower part of the pressure vessel… It can hardly be said that the Fukushima accident is heading toward a solution. The problem of Unit 2, where a large volume of nuclear fuels remain, is particularly crucial. Reactor Unit 2 started its commercial operation in July 1974. It held out severe circumstances of high temperature and high pressure emanating [after 3/11]… years long use of the pressure vessel must have brought about its weakening due to irradiation. If it should encounter a big earth tremor, it will be destroyed and scatter the remaining nuclear fuel and its debris, making the Tokyo metropolitan area uninhabitable. The Tokyo Olympics in 2020 will then be utterly out of the question… [Fukushima is] situated in the aftershock area of the 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku. In this area, we must foresee a number of magnitude 7 class earthquakes. Consequently, we cannot exclude the possibility of intensity 6 and intensity 7 earthquakes befalling the Fukushima Daiichi. What is most dreaded is what could happen to the Unit 2 whose pressure vessel contain a large volume of nuclear fuel debris. This pressure vessel has endured the sudden change of temperature and pressure in the accident of March 2011, but in light of its possible weakening due to irradiation, it could be seriously damaged if a new big earth tremor occurs nearby.

Dr. Helen Caldicott, Feb 13, 2017: What the photos taken by the robot did reveal was that some of the structural supports of unit 2 have been damaged… all four buildings were structurally damaged by the original earthquake… and by the subsequent hydrogen explosions, so, should there be an earthquake greater than seven on the Richter scale, it is very possible that one or more of these structures could collapse leading to a massive release of radiation as the building fell on the molten core beneath… The reactor complex was built adjacent to a mountain range and millions of gallons of water emanate from the mountains daily beneath the reactor complex, causing some of the earth below the reactor buildings to partially liquefy…



'That's, of course, a picture that is a horrible picture'

Published: February 13, 2017


A Dutch doctor carrying out a lethal injection on an elderly woman ordered her family to restrain her when she resisted, creating what even euthanasia advocates called a “horrible picture.”

The case has been documented by a regional review board in the Netherlands, reported the National Catholic Register, which noted the church “has always considered euthanasia, like suicide, a ‘gravely evil choice,’ while allowing that grave fear of hardship, suffering or torture can lessen the responsibility of persons who take their own life.”

The church’s catechism bluntly states, “All those who knowingly and willingly perform or assist in carrying out the act of terminating the patient’s life have committed murder.”

The case in Amsterdam, the report said, is one of several similar instances of resistance, including “a sex-abuse victim in her 20s, a 41-year-old alcoholic, a woman with ringing in her ears and now an Alzheimer’s patient.”

The woman in Amsterdam, whose name was not released, was in her 70s.

Suffering from Alzheimer’s and in a care home, she previously had indicated a desire for euthanasia, the report said. She wrote a living will, “saying she did not want to go into a care home and that she wished to die when she considered the ‘time was right,'” the report said.

When she was admitted to the home, she told the staff she wished to die, “but not now.”

Her condition was typical of Alzheimer’s patients, the report said, sometimes fearful and angry and other times content and peaceful.

Although she never verbally requested to die, her husband and doctor made the decision for her, and the doctor ordered a sleeping drug, Dormicum, concealed in her coffee, “which she was not told about because she would have objected,” the report said.

The drug failed to put her to sleep.

“Instead, she was excited and made plans to spend the afternoon with [her family] going out to eat,” the report said.

The doctor then gave her an injection of another sedative.

According to the Register: “When the doctor went to inject the [lethal] drug, thiopental, the woman woke from her semi-slumber, got a fearful look in her eyes and kicked the doctor. The report says that the family helped to hold her down while the doctor gave the drug and that the doctor did not think it was ‘appropriate to halt termination of life’ since it had been considered for a long time and [the doctor] did not want her to ‘get cold feet.'”

The review board even noted that the doctor testified, “Even if the patient had said, ‘I don’t want to die,’ the doctor would have continued the termination.”

Jacob Kohnstamm of the review board admitted to the Register the actions were troubling.

“You can’t expect an answer to the question, ‘Are you aware that there will be a little Dormicum in your coffee?’ So it is at least questionable whether it is fair to say that the sedative was administered secretly,” he told Register correspondent Celeste McGovern, who writes from Scotland.

Kohnstamm compared the woman’s reaction to flinching when getting a flu shot.

And he said, “The family and the doctor, they restrained her – they just held her for a second.

“That’s, of course, a picture that is a horrible picture. But there is a dilemma: What to do if a person was really decisive, had written down her request asking the doctor to help her die if she would be in deep dementia?”

The review board ultimately ruled that the doctor “crossed a boundary” by giving a secret dose of sedatives in the coffee and failing to halt the “execution of the termination of life” but exonerated the doctor.

Kohnstamm told the Register the guidelines need to be much more clear, especially since 250,000 people in the country already have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

In nearby Belgium, euthanasia already has broadened to include children, a person whose sexual “transition surgery” left behind a gender-identity disorder and twin brothers, only in their 40s, both suffering from a condition that would cost their eyesight.

Alistair Thompson of Care Not Killing told the Register it’s a typical slippery-slope scenario.

“The problem is that the law always evolves. It’s always pushed on, a little bit, and a little bit. Once you’ve crossed the Rubicon, it becomes people who are not mentally competent, people who are frail or weary of life.

“It says: We care so little for people that we allow it. ‘You’re old; your life must be over.’ ‘You’re disabled; your life must not be worth living’ … This is another good example of why the law has to be clear: that we do not kill people who are ill or disabled.”

The original review of the case, translated from Dutch, confirmed the woman had discussed euthanasia but had said she would have it carried out by making a specific request.





Iran Could Allow Russia Use its Airspace to Support Operation in Syria

13:43 11.02.2017(updated 13:44 11.02.2017)

Tehran and Moscow have been cooperating on a number of issues related to the Syrian conflict and it is possible that Iran will allow Russia use its airspace to support the anti-terrorist operation in Syria, the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council said Saturday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russian jets used Iranian airspace several times for their anti-terrorist campaign in Syria.

"Iran and Russia cooperate in Syria not in single case, but the coordination is comprehensive, embracing different aspects; accordingly, Iran’s airspace welcomes Russian fighter jets in case they seek hitting terrorists’ targets in Syria," Ali Shamkhani said, as quoted by the Mehr news agency.

He added that, at the same time, issuing permissions to allow Russian aircraft to use Iranian airspace would require a lot of procedures and approvals made by different Iranian institutions.

Earlier, the Russian upper house of parliament's defense committee chair said that Russia could use Iran's Hamadan airbase in case the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier used for anti-terror strikes in Syria moves away from Syria for a new mission.

Earlier this week, Russian Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft-carrying cruiser returned home from Syria.

Iran allowed the Russian strike force to operate from the base in the Hamadan province in mid-August. The jets returned to Russia a week later, after completing their anti-terror mission, which targeted jihadists in Syria.



Orban: Hungary Will Welcome ‘European Refugees’ Fleeing Multicultural West


Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban says his country will open its arms to west Europeans fleeing mass immigration and “the lords of globalist politics”.

“We shall let in true refugees”, Mr Orban told a cheering audience: “Germans, Dutch, French and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists who here in Hungary want to find the Europe they have lost in their homelands.”

The populist leader has served as the de facto leader of the central and eastern European countries which have resisted the open borders policies of the European Union (EU) and leading member-states in the west of the continent.

Globalist politicians, Mr Orban contended, are seeking to “sweep away a democracy of debate and replace it with a democracy of [political] correctness”, where “true power, decisions and influence [are] not held by elected governments, but [by] unelected global networks, media gurus and international organisations.”

He cited Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s election in the United States as episodes in a wider popular revolt against the “arrogance and condescension” of global elites by ordinary people whose “mouths had been gagged” for too long.

He claimed that history’s departure from “the course marked out for it” in 2016 “mocked the prophets of liberal politics”, who have responded as though “the people are a danger to democracy”.

“This is how the world’s most bizarre coalition of people smugglers, human rights activists and elite European politicians came into existence, specifically to deliberately bring millions of migrants into Europe,” he said.

The Fidesz leader predicted that 2017 would be another year of conflict with the EU, as “Brussels [attempts] to seize further powers” over migration and taxation, among other things.

He also warned against the activities of non-governmental organisations funded from abroad and seeking to exert influence on local politics: “Here there are large predators swimming in the water, and this is the transnational empire of George Soros.”


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