"Choose happiness by calling on the power of the keys to change your perception of things, and you will have a new outlook on life."

Be So Happy!

First Published April 1972

We all need a good sense of humour. "A merry heart doeth good like medicine!" God created us with a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at things that are funny. I'm sure He himself has a sense of humour, especially when I look at some of the things and people He has created, and the funny situations He lets them get into. Someone has said that a sense of humour is the ability to see the funny side of a serious situation, and to laugh at things when they are not the way they ought to be.

There is such a thing as being too serious and sober about some things and taking some things too seriously, especially yourself! The ability to laugh at yourself and your own silly mistakes is a good asset and helps keep you humble. He who can't laugh at his own mistakes or take the mistakes of others with a sense of humour either has too much pride or too severe a sense of life. God intended for us to enjoy living, and He has given us the ability, the senses, and the environment to enjoy it, including Himself. Our main purpose in life, as Martin Luther said, is "to love God and enjoy Him forever!" I might also add, to help others enjoy life by helping them to do the same by telling them of God's love and the happy life they can enjoy.

God created you to enjoy the life He has given you, and to love and enjoy Him forever, and to try to help others to do the same. Even the martyrs didn't die sadly or sorrowfully, but singing and shouting and praising God! If there's anything in this world Christians are supposed to be, it is happy people, because we have more to be happy about than anybody else in the world! We have the happy love of Jesus who takes all our burdens, carries all our cares, even lightens our sorrows; and even of our service for Him He says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. It is the way of the transgressor that is hard. If you are finding His yoke too hard or the burden of His service too heavy to bear, then maybe you are transgressing by not obeying Him, not casting all your cares upon Jesus, for he careth for you. "Cast thy burden on the Lord and He shall sustain thee." Psa.55:22 . You are trying to carry too much and pull too hard. Let go and let God. Let Jesus do it. Just let the Lord do it through you. Maybe you're trying too hard instead of letting God do it by His power, His love, His grace and His strength! We are not the Christian Endeavour Union. We are not "Christian triers," but "Lord letters!" For without Him we are nothing and can of our own selves do nothing.

Quit trying so hard. Let go and let God. Take it easy. Quit working so hard in your own strength. Quit taking yourself so seriously! Stop and have a good laugh at your own weaknesses and ridiculous inabilities to do anything or accomplish anything for the Lord, knowing that if anything is going to get done, it is the Lord that has to do it through you.

Relax, quit trying so hard in your own strength. God wants you to be happy. Cheer up! Things could be a lot worse, and they probably will be, but why worry about it now. "Fret not thyself for tomorrow, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof!" I heartily agree with the young man who wrote me that we need to have more of a sense of humour, to be able to laugh at something funny and mostly ourselves, instead of, as he put it, practicing with balls and chains and thumbscrews today so we'll be able to bear them tomorrow! That is not the way God does things! He doesn't make you try to practice suffering today what you are going to have to suffer tomorrow. He says, "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof!" You're not to add more to it in preparation for tomorrow or to try to toughen yourself up for more evil tomorrow! You are to enjoy today and take things as they come and let tomorrow take care of itself. "As thy day, so shall thy strength be!" God gives you power for the hour, grace for the trial--at the hour and when it comes--not before. Don't worry about it. When you are weak, then you are strong, and His strength is made perfect in your weakness. His grace is sufficient for you, and He takes the weak things to confound the mighty and the foolish things to confound the wisdom of the wise. He has not revealed these things unto the wise and prudent, but unto babes.

You ought to absolutely crack up laughing at yourself and how ridiculous you are instead of trying to be too sober and taking yourself too seriously. He even use Balaam's ass.(Numbers 22) He could even cause the stones to cry out, and raise up of stones children unto Abraham. (Luke 19:40 and Matthew 3:9)

For God's sake, His work's sake, your own sake, especially for the sake of those around you, don't try so hard and take yourself so seriously! It has be God or we'll never make it.

Have a good laugh at yourself and admit that it is God that is doing it all through you. I once knew a dear old missionary who had evangelised the forbidden country of Tibet for twenty-five years. I marveled at his humility, his grace and blithely cheerful spirit. I thought what a great man he was and what a great work he had done and how famous he should have been, and yet here he was doing dishes with me for the rest of the kids. I asked him a question which I considered he of all people ought to know and since I was planning to be a missionary myself. I asked him: "What do you think a missionary needs the most?" Expecting some solemn and profound answer from his greatly superior wisdom and vast wealth of years of experience you can imagine how shocked I was when he said simply, pausing with his hands in the sink and looking at me with a sly smile: "a sense of humour, to be able to laugh when you feel like crying!" He said that, often, under the almost unbearable tension of the most frightening circumstances, a good laugh nearly saved their lives and their nerves. After all, if you know the Lord's going to take care of it somehow, you can afford to smile and to laugh at how impossible the situation is, how ridiculous the circumstances, and you know God has do a miracle.

God likes to do things differently and in many ways that to us are downright ridiculous, seemingly impossible and outright laughable, just to show His power, that He is not bound by conventions, traditions, customs, the system or any kind of impossibilities. It's really funny the way God runs things, especially us.

We do have other things to do besides laugh. But for God's sake, laugh while you're doing them. Most of all be able to laugh at yourself and have a good joke on yourself, because you're the funniest thing God ever made and you couldn't be any more ridiculous.

Humour certainly does help to keep you humble. There is nothing like a good joke on yourself to help keep us from getting so self-righteous and so super-sober so that we can't see how funny we are and what a joke we are and what a good laugh God must get out of us.

For God's sake, why don't you break down that stupid self-righteous pride of yours and laugh at yourself--at how ridiculous and foolish you are to think you can save the world, when it's only God that's doing it through you, showing that even the foolishness of God is greater than the wisdom of men. Have a good laugh at all your troubles. It will do you good and it will do God good, because it will show Him you're not worried but that you are still trusting Him.

We all need a good laugh. Have a sense of humour. Keep humble with good humour. Laugh at yourself, just don't overdo it, as there is a time for everything. There is a time to laugh and a time to weep--a time for everything. But let's always be able to smile through our tears--a ray of sunshine is even more beautiful in the midst of rain. Let's have a little more sunshine and laughter and not so much gloom and doom. "Laugh and the world will laugh with you,cry, and you'll cry alone!"

"Love and laughter and peace ever after", and that today you can be free. Maybe you'd rather be stubborn and contrary like old Jenny the mule: after a Sunday of "no's" and "don'ts" at his long-faced, church-bound, super-strict grandfather's where he wasn't allowed to play on Sunday, poor little Johnny wandered wistfully out to the barnyard and stroked Jenny's long nose, saying, "Dear Jenny, you must be awfully religious, you have such a long face, just like grandfather's!"--that is many a churches' idea of religion!--please don't let it be yours!

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions