"Put on the glasses of faith through calling on the keys of prevision and you will see the heavenly vision."

Bigger Jobs

First Published August 1978

Every day is a battle, let's face it! Every day is a battle of some kind, and hard work. Most of us have hard work to do, we have struggles with all kinds of things, with our own personality and with other personalities, struggles with problems and struggles with besetting sins and struggles with this and struggles with that--every day is a battle.

The whole theme of that letter, "Greater Victories", (See Letter Archives on this website) is that when you have won today's battles and proved you are a good fighter and able to handle these little ones, tomorrow, God, will probably give you bigger ones. God is getting you prepared for the front lines, the real tough battles. Isn't that encouraging?

In some ways, life gets easier!---I don't have to fight the same battles that I used to have to fight when I was young. I think most young people go through half their lives wondering, "What am I going to be? What am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to do?" That's one of the biggest problems! You worry about it half your life, until you finally wind up being nothing!--Ha!--So you might as well not have worried about it! You'll be whatever God wants you to be--if you're willing! Don't worry about it! And don't think you've made the grade because you arrived at one place, you're just getting started!

If you are faithful in a few things, the Lord says he will make you ruler over many things. "His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord." (Matthew 25:21) This is only the beginning of probably much greater things and greater responsibilities, depending on how faithful you are, how well you do your work, how willing-spirited you are, how loyal you are, how obedient you are. because once you've found out a person is faithful, loyal, diligent, willing-spirited, hard-working, capable and really loves the Lord, you can trust them with almost anything! You can promote them from the rat and roach man to a top position and it doesn't make a bit of difference, it's just another job. It doesn't go to their head.

If Jesus finds you're good at this, He will give you something more to do. If you're good at little things, He'll give you bigger things to do. If you're good at easy jobs, He'll give you harder jobs to do, and He keeps giving you greater victories all the time. If you win this battle, He'll give you a bigger battle tomorrow!

He's training you for much bigger jobs that you will have to do, until the time will come one of these days that you will rule and reign with him over all the earth! The Lord was not kidding when He said He would make you ruler over so many cities and so many places. And you're not going to be much different from the way you are now, except you'll have a supernatural miraculous body and a lot more power to do the job, and a lot more wisdom that you have learned! But your learning is not just going to be handed to you on a silver platter after you die or after the resurrection.

Believe it or not, what you are learning now is going to be of help to you in the future when you are running whole countries! One man or woman of God, inspired by the spirit of God, can have better wisdom to run a whole country than any of those politicians! God is going to take the talent that He has already given you which you have developed and used and profited by! He's going to take the knowledge you have already learned and the experiences you have already been through and the languages you know. Don't think that this life is going to be just all thrown away when you get to heaven. First of all, God is going to use you to try to establish Heaven on earth in the millennium.

Don't think that all this is going to be a waste of time and you've lived your whole life and learned all these things for nothing! God intends to use your talents, your experience, your abilities, your languages, your arts, your skill and everything you know about! If we're as important as God has said we are, and as important as the Bible says we are, we're pretty important, and the jobs you're doing now are pretty important!

We're not talking about fairy tales or legends, it is not our imagination, I am talking about reality! What is in the Bible and what God has shown me, what I have experienced, what you've experienced and what you know is the truth! God is training you now to run the whole world! God will give you more to do as soon as He thinks you're ready to do it, and if you're willing to do it, because He has a lot of work to be done and a lot of big jobs to be done.

It is going to mean more work, more responsibility, more jobs, bigger victories and bigger battles in the future, because if He learns that He can trust you this far, then He's going to trust you further and with more. If you prove yourself here, He's going to give you a chance at it there.

I am serious, this is no game we're playing! We are in a war for the Lord and His family and His world, and once you have done your job here and done a good job and learned how to serve the Lord faithfully and loyally and obediently and willing-spiritedly and cheerfully and faithfully and well, He is going to give you something more and bigger to do!

So there are bigger jobs and harder things to come, even more important than this one, and when the Lord gets sick and fed-up with all the bigshots who are now running the world, He's going to toss them all in the ash can and use you to run it and you'll teach them all how to do it! There are so many jobs to be done, you'll probably have even a better job to do one of these days--a bigger and greater job! You'd be amazed at your capacity! Amen!

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions