"While on public transport, through the keys of safekeeping I provide extra protection from accidents, immunity to diseases, and angels to encamp round about you."

Death to the Cities!

First Published November 1975

All forms of God's creation are reproductive, regenerative. It is continually beings reborn and repaired, repairing itself and its own wounds and injuries. Man has yet to create any kind of machine that repairs itself. God created a machine that repairs itself; God's created life is creative, productive, reproductive, regenerative and multiplies.

What man makes is total waste and total death. God hates cities. Cities are the glory of man--man's greatest achievements are his cities. that's what he brags about more than anything else, his big buildings and his big cities.

The things man builds are pure death. There is nothing alive about them. They are death and dead to begin with, and can only continue to die unless man keeps patching them up and patching them up. Eventually they get past the point of repair to where he can't even patch it up anymore. It totally rots and wears away and collapses, as you can see by all the big buildings of the past glorious history of past civilisations. Where are they today?

When man starts building these things which were not of God in the first place, he is headed on a crash course to destruction. All of the various means of rapid transportation that are faster than a horse are not of God. Anything that is faster than a horse is too rapid. God hates cars. Man made rapid transportation today kills more people than anything else besides old age. if old age doesn't get you, rapid transportation will.

Man's inventions are actually nothing but death-dealing. They are not only death and dead to begin with, but they are also death-dealing. It is all the devil's system, as his whole idea is destruction. Therefore he has man continually busy building machines, engines, and weapons of destruction, for not only war, but rapid transportation.

When man starts following the devil's way of building buildings, they are going to kill him. Means of rapid transportation are already slaughtering him by the millions. Buildings, that all it will take is a little shake and down they come, are going to kill him by the millions when it happens. I will never forget that vision I had when I saw all those buildings falling. They were just toppling like dominoes, horrible, all the towers falling!

In the Bible, God calls them towers--and all He has to do is shake the earth just a little bit and down they come. It seems to me rather significant, isn't it, that the most destructive disaster that there is is an earthquake. What does it destroy? Why does man consider it the most destructive form of disaster or catastrophe? Because it destroys his buildings, his proud cities. It destroys man's pride, his vain creations.

As Toynbee the historian said, "cities are man's festering sores on the body politic. The curse of civilisation is its cities!" Take New York City for example now: one of these days it's going to be totally abandoned, just a wreck, because the people won't be able to get food, they won't have water, and then the people are going to desert it.

Cities are so vulnerable, so totally dependent on the artificial means of survival, electricity, gas, sewage, piped water and shipped-in food and all that, they are going to be the first to go.

Disaster knows no rich or poor, they're all on the same level when the earthquake comes, all brought down to the same level.

The poor man who's already living in the hills is a lot safer than the people at the top of those skyscrapers.

When it happens, the only safe place to be is in the Lord. All of man's inventions and creations are going to be destroyed. The best place to be will be where God's creations are, the fields and the plants, the trees and the flowers, etc.

The days when the towers will fall, "the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunken man," it says in Isaiah 24:20 . That is when the whole earth is going to shake, the whole earth is going to tremble before the Lord, the days of His judgements.

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions