Psalm 23


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(As of: 7-24-2012)

Dear Reader,


Some people have written me concerning the TIMING of the passing of the coming, predicted, so-called "death star," Planet X, if it really exists and is indeed coming our way in space.  The scientists and astronomers that work for the rich elite have leaked out supposedly "private information" periodically, whether it be propaganda to further confuse and make us all upset when things do not turn out the way they said they would, or whether it be indeed true, concerning the coming of this terrible "star from hell." 


If they are making it all up, they've gone far out of their way with DOZENS of "end of the world movies" of late, and every now and then a scientist, or group of scientists, comes forth with more so-called "private information" on it.  So assuming that it does really exist, and is really coming our way in Dec of 2012, I thought I should write this, as I have been personally quite confused, as have also many of my friends who've written me, as to just WHEN it might make its horrific pass that will supposedly cause so much horrifying destruction; and just how it relates to the time prophecies given in the Bible concerning end time things, and the LAST 7 YEARS in particular. 


This may put things in a much more proper perspective for you, as it has me, concerning this whole "Planet X" thing, and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me, in understanding the timing of all these coming events, and just how it could all fit in with something dramatic happening in Dec of 2012, such as the passing of this long awaited "celestial phenomenon," which could indeed represent, spiritually, the "sign" of the rise of the coming anti-Christ. 


Planet X was given its name by the great scientist and astronomer Percival Lowell, who scanned the skies looking for "X" for a whole decade, from 1905 to 1915 with the best telescopes they had at the time, but could not find it; because it is a "low-light" star collapsing on itself, and gives off very little light or heat signature... and therefore cannot be seen with ordinary telescopes that pick up high light signatures given off by bright stars.  It can only be seen with in-fared telescopes that can pick up very low light and heat signatures.   


These were first used in the early 1980's and launched into space, and almost IMMEDIATELY, they supposedly found the giant Planet X sticking out like a "sore thumb," to quote how some described it at the time. Then they began to track its path and speed and tried to make predictions as to when it might pass by earth and through our solar system.  The initial dates given were 2003, 2012, and 2021 as possibilities.


The rich elite are the ones who have hired the scientists and astronomers to watch for its approach, and are the ones who supposedly believe very strongly that it will make its pass in Dec of 2012, and are making enormous preparations with underground facilities that they hope can sustain them through the tremendous "earth changes" it will cause upon its passing.  ...that is, unless this is just part of some giant propaganda campaign by them to further make Christians look like fools when what we've warned the world of does not happen; kind of like y2k back in the year 2,000. 


But there are so many other confirmations in ancient history, and from ancient prophecies, that come from MANY different civilizations that have predicted this very date for a coming great "earth change" that they seem to be putting all their bets on THIS YEAR for the coming of this amazing event.


You must admit, that if this thing comes sailing by the earth close, in its ugly horror, with fiery solar flares blasting off of it and scaring people literally to death causing actual heart attacks, that it would indeed fulfill Christ's prophecies of "FEARFUL SIGHTS AND SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS CAUSING MEN'S HEARTS TO FAIL THEM FOR FEAR," in the end time.  So here's how I think it may possibly play itself out, from all my study, prayer, and research, of all the theories surrounding it, and the things "leaked out" by people close to the elite, who fear its soon passing so greatly:


My main problem with it all has been this:  It has always puzzled me about the TIMING of the passing of Planet X being in Dec of 2012 and just how that would relate to the LAST 7 YEARS OF BIBLE PROPHECY?  The almost total destruction of planet earth coming at the end of this year just doesn't fit into the 7 year time frame schedule of end time Bible prophecy. 


As I said, if you get into researching it out and really snoop around, you will find out that the ones who really think it's going to make a pass around Dec 21, 2012, and cause horrible damage to the earth, are the RICH ELITE THEMSELVES, who have built and bought up all these underground bunkers and hideaways; some miles underground and practically ceramic reinforced.  So THEY are the ones from whom all this 2012 blather has leaked out concerning "X" coming at that time and causing such mass destruction that it will be the end of the world as we know it. 


But I just don't see how that could be possible, and fit in that time frame, as the things that are supposed to happen when it passes, such as gigantic asteroid and comet impacts, meteorite showers that set the earth ablaze, and resultant earthquake and volcanic activity on a world-wide scale; polar shift, etc...  I just couldn't see that happening in 2012, because those are the things spoken of that happen during the "blowing of the 7 trumpets of tribulation," that, according to the Book of Revelation chapters 8 & 9, will NOT begin until the MIDDLE of the last 7 year period of world history; that is, the LAST 3 1/2 YEARS! 


So even if the anti-Christ arose around 2012 or 13, it would still be a full 3 1/2 years before those events begin to occur, and the GREAT TRIBULATION BEGINS!  THAT is when these giant "earth impacts" are scheduled to begin from the asteroids, comets, and meteorite showers!  So we have a major problem here with timing. 


Also the GIANT POLAR SHIFT, spoken of in Isaiah 24:1, that ENDS ALL THINGS, and causes the final great world-wide earthquake that totally destroys the whole earth, leveling the mountain ranges and all the cities, can't come until THE "LAST VIAL OF WRATH" A FULL 7 YEARS LATER, from the time of the anti-Christ arising, according to the last 7 years of Bible prophecy. 


So I have been scratching my head over all this, ever since I wrote the book EARTHSHAKER, and have not able to figure it all out.  Maybe you've had the same problems pop up in your mind about all this?  Well this morning something new hit me… 


I don't know anything about Astrophysics, so it's hard to understand how the stars and geomagnetic forces work, and their timing, movement, speed, gravitational pull and all; but this thought hit me very strongly this morning:  Perhaps Planet X WILL pass in Dec of 2012 just as they think it will.  They are the ones with the greatest scientific minds in the field of astronomy, who are all watching it from the South Pole Observatory, as well as other observatories! 


What if THIS is how it transpires:  "X" passes, but the "space trash" that is following it is so far behind it that it may take several more revolutions of the earth around the sun, or several more years BEFORE ALL THESE ASTEROIDS, COMETS, AND METEORITES BEGIN TO IMPACT THE EARTH? 


This would all fit with the above scenario, "IF" the anti-Christ arises in 2012.  Could it be possible that it makes it's horrifying pass in 2012 as they predict, right on time, and then 3 1/2 years later the impacts of the asteroids, comets, and meteorite showers that are following it begin to strike the earth, as is spoken of in the blowing of the 7 trumpets, and then this "pommeling" of the earth lasts for 3 1/2 more years, gradually getting worse and worse until finally, after all this intensifying punishment to the earth's crust and tectonic plate system, it all blows and goes completely haywire when the gigantic asteroid of the 5th trumpet hits? 


The impact of this giant asteroid will be so great and powerful that it will cause the earth's crust to crack, sending a gigantic smoke plume into the sky totally darkening it all over the whole world.  It may hit the earth so hard that it literally knocks it totally sideways and possibly upside down; causing the final great "WOBBLING EFFECT" that reaches a crescendo with the final great POLAR SHIFT, spoken of in Isaiah 24:1, that was all set in motion 7 years earlier by the passing of this great "death star," Planet X?  Does this make any sense to you?  This may be how it all goes down.  IT MAY TAKE SOME TIME FOR ALL THIS STUFF TO HAPPEN "AFTER" ITS DRAMATIC PASSING!


This sounds quite credible to me.  Things traveling in space may take longer periods of time than we think.  When "X" passes, there may not be IMMEDIATE DESTRUCTION by all these things, but they could all follow after, taking 7 years, with the worst of them starting at the beginning of the last 3 1/2 years and progressing steadily greater in magnitude until the final BIG ONE, and the pouring out of the 7 vials and final dramatic POLAR SHIFT.  This may even place the location of present day Jerusalem right over the North Pole awaiting the heavenly city to come down on it at the end of the Millennium?  …just a thought 


And there is also another anomaly that I haven't mentioned: It says that during the last 7 vials of the wrath of God, that the sun gets SEVEN TIMES HOTTER, and scorches the earth with GREAT HEAT, ...then immediately afterward GROSS DARKNESS ensues, so bad that people can't even see their hand in front of their face and gnaw their tongues with pain.  DOES THIS NOT SOUND EXACTLY LIKE A "SUPER-NOVA?"  It sounds as if the sun "SUPER-NOVA'S!" 


How the Lord replaces all the hydrogen or whatever they think it's made of that makes it burn so brightly and hot again, and that makes it burn continually through the Millennium I have no idea.  Perhaps a large "gas-tanker" pulls up in the form of a giant space ship and "gasses her up again!?"  Ha!  (I hope you know I'm joking here)  But somehow the Lord will cause the Sun to also be replenished just as He makes the earth back into a "Garden of Eden-like paradise" after the first 7 years of the Millennium or so. 


All this is totally theoretical, from someone who has no degree in anything, (me...) - but who just reads a lot.  But this is the only way I can piece this all together right now, and I think I need to add this to the book "EARTHSHAKER" as an update; because some have written me who are having the same trouble trying to understand all this and the timing of it all.  This is the only way I can think to explain it to the best of my ability. 


It may take 3 1/2 years longer for the trailing "space trash" to finally begin to hit the earth after "X" passes in 2012, and 3 1/2 more years for it to get so great and terrible that it finally causes the horrible things mentioned near the end of the 7 trumpets, and the accompanying 7 Vials of Wrath, and the earth to begin to finally "wobble" so violently to such a degree that it causes the GREAT AND FINAL POLAR SHIFT THAT ENDS IT ALL!  Then the Lord will come and fix it all up again. 


Hope this is helpful to you if you have had trouble like I have trying to figure it all out.  It makes great sense to me, and is the only possible way I can put it all together time frame wise, trying to put modern science and astronomy together, and their calculations on its possible arrival and passing; and make it all go hand in hand with the Scriptures and prophecies that seem to be describing very closely the very same things that would occur should such a thing happen. 


Now 2012 may somehow turn out totally different than I and many others think it will here, and may have nothing to do with the passing of Planet X and the rise of the anti-Christ.  As Christians, we've witnessed in the last several decades, many things that were thought to be "certain" and sure to happen, not come to pass or to have been true at all.  So I don't know for sure at this point exactly what’s going to happen in Dec of 2012. 


But at this point in time, if there is indeed a “Planet X” approaching, and bringing this terrible destruction with it, as is assumed by so many; this is the only way that I can see how all these things could fit within the time frames given by the scientists themselves, and Bible prophecy concerning the last 7 years as is laid out so clearly in the Book of Revelation.


One thing IS for certain!  And that is that at some point in time in the future, there WILL be “great signs and fearful sights in the heavens,” and “asteroid, comet and meteorite showers” that will impact the earth; along with a myriad of other terrible end time events Jesus predicted, such as great earthquakes in many places, famines, pestilences, and disease.  There will be horrific storms and hurricanes, flooding, giant tornadoes, dust storms, and disasters on a global scale. 


What exactly will be the cause is uncertain, but we know its coming because the Bible says so.  But with all the prophecies given by the Mayans, Aztecs, and many other ancient societies, and even Christian prophecies concerning the year 2012, and the “leaking out” of information regarding this large “dark star” or astral body approaching earth, it certainly seems very possible that Planet X does indeed exist and may end up being the cause of many of these woes.  Only time will tell.  It could miss 2012 and still come later in the future. 


But the main thing we should focus on is not the negative and horrible things that are to come, but the RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST TO RESCUE ALL THAT TURN TO HIM FOR SALVATION, AND TO RE-MAKE THE WORLD INTO THE BEAUTIFUL PARADISE THAT IT ONCE WAS SO VERY LONG AGO. This is our glorious future, for all who turn to Him in sincerity.  


                                                     -John Benjamin