Behold, It Is Come

Is It Not Written

Not Be Moved

Gospel Unto Abraham

Staggered Not

Making The Word Of God

Not One Stone Upon Another

Will Not Remember Thy Sins

Mine Eyes Have Seen My Salvation

Inform Thee

Cup Of Trembling

More Precious Than Of Gold

Everything For Its Purpose

Waters Under The Earth

Awake And Sing

Ye Shall Be Free

He Spake

My Way

Let Not Your Spirit Be Troubled

Evil Day

Glorious Appearing

The Sign

Upon The Earth Distress Of Nations

Greater Is He

Like A Flood

For The Time Will (Has) Come

Wine Of Astonishment

I Also Will Hear From Heaven

By Him All Things Consist

Tongue Of The Creation

Invisible Things

Sea And Waves Roaring

I The Lord Thy God

God's Masterpiece

Lord Delivered Israel

Paid In Full

Every Nation, And Kindred, And Tongue, And People

Worthless Penny, Priceless Worship

Will Perform It

Sitteth In The Temple Of God

The Lamb

We Were Reconciled To God By The Death Of His Son

Founded The Earth

Witness With US

Never Die

Light That Is In Thee

Desire Cometh

Voice Of Strangers

Coffee With God

Grace verses Law

I Will Come To You

Faith Is Counted For Righteousness

And The World Was Changed

Provoke To Emulation

Not [The Author] Of Confusion (A)

A Sapphire Stick

Unspotted Mirror Of The Power Of God

Transformation That Endures

I Give Unto You Power

Enter Into That Rest

Proclaims To Men His Christ

Made Of A Woman

Wisdom Of God In A Mystery

Never Be Put To Confusion

Light Of The Gentiles

Between The Seas

Revealing Instruction

Water Of Life

Take No Thought

As It Was

I Will Dwell In Them, And Walk In Them

I Will Be Merciful

Comfort Them

Glory...Revealed In Us

Light Of The Glorious Gospel

Why Compellest Thou The Gentiles

Deceitful Tongue

Upon His Shoulders

I Am Persuaded

May Be Fashioned

None Other

Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Yoke Of Bondage

Cosmic Powers

Any Other Gospel

Keep In Step

Shine Like Light

Great Wrath

All That Is Within Me

Whoever Is Discerning

There Come A Falling Away

Returned Again With Joy

Good Evil

Remember No More

The Lord Gave Her Concerption

In A Dream

After The Inward Man

Comfort All That Morn

Gates Of Righteousness

As He Said

Pillars Of Heaven

Become New

Anxious For Nothing

Christ In You


The Keys 09.25.2008

The Laborer


Better Covenant

Secret Things

Telling Beforehand The Latter Events

Thou Art My Hope

A Future And A Hope

Behold The Lamb Of God

Redemption Of Our Body

Creation Groaneth And Travaileth

Draws Towards Its Place

Abide With Me

Love Takes Action

Seal Of The Living God

Judgments That Are True

So Called

Every One That Is Of The Truth

Our Anchor Holds

Evil Good, And Good Evil

Salvation Of His Right Hand

Fear Not

You Will Find Refuge

Bearing Of Sickness

Dream Dreams

Mercy, And Not Sacrifice


Steps Of A Man

Beginning Of Creation

On Earth As It iIs In Heaven

It Is Come

Ravish The Poor

Judges Who Judged Us

There Glory Has Been Brought Low

The Law Of Christ

Do Nothing

Children Of Disobedience (2)

Graft Them In

Profound Words and Prophecies


Comfort Ye My People

I Have Called You Friends

The Walls Of Her Palaces

Not Seen


Like Manner

Labourers Together

Whosoever Among You

Blood, And Fire, And Vapor Of Smoke

Shaken Together

The Word Of The Lord - Updated and revised

Saved His Christ

More Precious Than Of GoldMore Precious Than Of Gold

They Shall Serve

Children Of Disobedience

Speak The Truth

The Elect's Sake

King Over Them

My Voice

Saying, I Am Christ

Messenger Of Great Counsel


He Hath Said

Bottomless Pit

She Loved Much

There Is A Conspiracy

Precept Upon Precept

He Shall Confirm The Covenant

If In This Life Only

The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

That Hate Me

The Invisible Things

Things Which God Hath Prepared

Make You Free

If You Knew God Stood 
Next To You

Basest Of Men

Being Warned Of God

The Hour Of Temptation

The Safest Place To Be

Shall Sojourn

Private Interpretation

Righteous In All His Ways

A Light

Word Of Truth

The Meek

I Will Answer Thee

Trying To Deceive You

Reap The Whirlwind

God Does Not Exist?

None Shall Want Her Mate

None Effect

Angel Of Light

The Written Law Is Fulfilled

God Is A Spirit


The Resurrection: The Turning Point in History

A Standard

Love Of Money

The Indignation Of The Lord

Finding Serenity

Spiritually Discerned

Violent Man

Joy Unspeakable

Neither Was Guile Found

End Of The Law

End Of The Law 2

More Sure Word Of Prophecy

My Redeemer Liveth

My Hope

The Blood Moon

He Loveth To Opress

Spirits Of Just Men

Valley Of Decision

Bethlehem Ephratah

Thou Shalt Marvel


Lies At One Table

It Will Come

For I Reckon

As He Thinketh

Water As A Flood

Not In Darkness

The Head Of The Corner

Ye Shall Not Add Unto The Word

Mystery Of Inquity


Free Indeed

Magnified Thy Word

Magnified Thy Word pt2

Blessed Hope

Scatter Thou The People

Turn Aside The Needy From Judgment

Make Thee Understand

Daniel 9

Longsuffering To Us-ward

Before You

Not Visited With Evil

Open Thou Mine Eyes


Tradition part2

Faithful Men

Rock Like Our God

THe Name of the Lord

There Is A Remnant

Be Careful For Nothing

When God Is Silent

Every Man

All Shall Know Me

Lamb Of God pt.1

Lamb Of God pt.2

He Who Now Letteth Will Let

Deep Sleep

The Star of Bethlehem

Deep Sleep pt.2

Be Strong And Of A Good Courage

Subject Unto Us

The Coming Temple

If I Forget Thee part1

If I Forget Thee part2

I Am The Resurrection part 2

I Am The Resurrection part 1

Bag With Holes

I Change Not pt.1

I Change Not pt.2

Holy Hill Of Zion

He Causeth All

Change and Decay

Do It


My Ways

The Loss Of All Things

God Meant It Unto Good

The Time Is At Hand

A Lamp

Merry Christmas 2012

Psalm 46

I Will Deliver You

Linking Together

Spirit Of Prophecy

None Other Name

The Rich Ruleth

No Fear

Darkness For Light

A Pleasing Theme

Shall Ye Not Know

Rightly Dividing The Word

This Is The Confidence

Weekly Ed 09.22.12

This Shall Be A Sign Unto You

Be Therewith Content

Prepared Of God

I Will Repay

Teeth Of Lions

I Am What I Am

Shall Reign

I Will Have Mercy

Fear Not Them

I Will Come Again

Saviour Of All Men

They That Be With Us

With The Lowly

Such Is The Kingdom Of God

It Fell Not

Day Star Arise In Your Hearts

Edify One Another

Comfort One Another

They That Understood

Mixture Of Animals

Strong Tower

Morning Stars Sang

Easter 2012

A Wise Man

You Are There

True Light

My Expectation

Leaped For Joy

More Precious Than Gold

Beginning Of Miracles

Abraham's Bosom

Not Eat Of It

Servants Upon Horses

Enlightening The Eyes


Merry Christmas 2011

Be Content

Destroy The Earth

Pure Religion

Righteousness Of The Perfect

Things Which Are Seen

Strength Of My Life

Learn What This Means

Lead Me To The Rock That Is Higher Than I

Take Away Justice

Your Redemption Draws Near

Make Themselves Wings

Sound Mind

Ravening Wolves

Male And Female Created He Them

Already Been

Faith Plus Articles

End Of The Age

Biblical Proofs of Conspiracy (First posted December 12 2008) And Articles

Take Heed

The Heart Of It All

Third Temple

It Is Even A Vapour

Every Knee Should Bow

Castle Of Meditation

I Am For Peace

I Will Not Leave You Comfortless

Seeing Is Believing?

Fair As The Moon

The Serpent Beguiled Me

Root Of All Evil

Easter Story

My Thoughts Are Higher Than Your Thoughts

This Man

Perverting Of Judgment

Book Of The Lord



Rule The Night


Revelation Chapter 13

Straight Gate

No One Of These Shall Fail

A Grain

Glory Of God

Counsel Of The Poor

This Year

The Red Truck

Quantum Faith

The True Meaning Of Christmas

Draweth Nigh

Try the Spirits

Testimony Of Jesus

Holy Hope

How The Ungodly Think

Seventieth Week

Faith Comes By Hearing

Knowledge Shall Be Increased

I Knew You

Twoedged Sword

None Is Like It

Profound Two Thousand Year Old Quotes And Prophecies

The End Of Time

While It Is Day

The Oil Volcano

Traditions of Glastonbury

You Shall Know The Truth

Fearful Sights

A Message

The Room

Be He God Or The Devil

Lift Up Your Heads

Professing Themselves To Be Wise

Multimedia Excerpts

He's Alive

Hear Ye Him

I Will Be Glad

Time Well Wasted

What Shall Be The Sign


Waves Roaring

Day Star

Perilous Times

Who Moved The Cheese

Not Distressed

The Magic River Of Life

Upon The Earth


Happy New Year

Christmas Stories

The Star

My Reward

Don Quixote

The Foolishness of God

Not Confounded

The Wilderness

7 Ways to Find God's Will

Tell Us



His Secret

World Without End

I Am With You

Come Unto Me

The Word Of The Lord

Wonderfully Made

The Mouth Of Lions

My Refuge

Nothing Covered

If God Be For Us

God Deposes

Itching Ears

Unjust Gain

For The Elects Sake

The Greatest Of These

Found Wanting

We Are Getting Closer

What A Wonderful World

Deceiving and Being Deceived

God Is What We Need

It Shall Not Come Near You

Not of this World

Good Hope

I Knew Thee


It Is Foretold

Under the Shadow

Go Not Forth

False Spirits

Falling Away

False Ways

Delighting in War

Miracle on the Hudson

Blessed Are The Merciful

Distress of Nations


Future Hope

Take Action


What You May Not Know

Better than Money in the Bank!

Age of Deception

Look Up

Continued Turbulence

Financial Crisis Continues to Worsen

My God Shall Supply All Your Need

Perfect Economic Storm

Refuge From The Storm!

End Of All Things

When This Comes To Pass