"Ask the keys of cleansing to wash your channel before you begin, and they'll pour down the elixir of Heaven that will wash away your ideas and opinions and give you an open mind and heart to receive My counsel."

The Elixir of Love

First Published January 1976

It's wonderful! So beautiful! So wonderful! Came down from heaven. ... came down like rain.

I caught some in my hands and then they could heal anything, hearts or minds or bodies or anything!

Nothing could resist the Elixir of God! So beautiful! Whatever it touched it changed.

The Elixir can do anything! It's like love--the power of love! Nothing can resist it. It's wonderful! So beautiful, so wonderful! Whatever it touched it changed. It changed everything. Oh, it's so beautiful! Never saw anything like it!

(Maria: And you can give it to whomever you want to?) Whoever wants it. Whoever receives it. But it doesn't do anything for people who don't want it. So beautiful! Never saw anything like it!

All you have to do is catch it and wash your hands in it and it will do anything.

(How can you get it?) Just catch it, receive it.

It's everywhere. All kinds of places--on lots of people's hands that love Jesus.

It heals anything, mends anything, creates anything--it's all-powerful. It even creates life! (How does it do that?) The power of God, of course. The power of God and His love.

(When do you use it?) ... all the time, whenever somebody needs it. Why don't you just look and see? Oh, it's so wonderful! Can't you see it rolling along?

It just rolls over everything like a flood!

It can transport you through time and space. Once you have it, you can go anywhere in the spirit. It's wonderful! you know that? I have it. You have it. (Do you use it a lot?) I use it as much as I can.

Seems like I saw it more like a gentle mist rolling along--like a cloud. It's gentle, but nothing can stop it--just like a mist or cloud does--you can't resist it.

That coming down like rain is like an outpouring of His spirit. That's all the things that His spirit does or can do. The spirit is love! It's God, and God is love! Do you have his elixir of love?! It can do miracles! Would you like some? There is a lot more where this came from!

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions