"The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”
(Daniel 11:32)


Dear Friends,

Greetings! “Every sign that appears, no matter how bad it may look to the world and how horrible it may seem to be, is another blossom! Every sign of the soon-coming of Jesus is another flower! Every bit of news we read in the newspaper to show that the End is near, to us it's good news! No matter how bad it is, it's good news because we know it's got to get very bad first, before it can get good. And the worse it gets, the sooner it's going to get better! So every bit of bad news to us is good news, because we know the worse it gets, the sooner it's going to get better and the sooner He's going to come!

So to us all these signs are flowers and blossoms and beautiful fulfillments of His prophecies and signs of His soon-coming.--The Summer that is near, the beautiful Summer, the Springtime of the coming of Jesus and the Springing up of His flowers from the earth, the dead in Christ that shall rise first!--The Resurrection! What is Spring like? It's like a resurrection! Throughout the horrible Winter it seems like everything is dead, the grass is brown, the trees are leafless and it looks as though the ground is lifeless. But as that great Sun begins to appear and it grows warmer day by day, then things begin to spring from the Earth!

That which seemed to be dead arises and there's a Resurrection of the earth in the Springtime! The flowers seem to just jump out of the soil, the trees begin to blossom and that which seems to be dead comes to life again! Because the Sun is coming, Jesus is coming! Jesus is likened unto the sun, that great ball of fire which God causes to shine upon us and gives us life and health and food and warmth and the Earth's place in space.” David Brandt Berg

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.” (Malachi 4:2)

Our articles begin this week with another article written by Paul McGuire concerning the “Keys of the Kingdom” which we think you will find of interest.

There are also articles that throw light on the Divided States of America. It would seem a line has been crossed in the sand involving the gun issue.

Things are now moving at an incredible pace. Hold on, to Jesus, it is going to be an extremely interesting ride, to say the least.

Have a great week ahead.



By Paul McGuire - January 28, 2013 -

Everything we see in our nation and world is the product of information from an invisible realm or parallel universe. What happens in the invisible realm produces, whether good or bad, the reality we see. Physicists believe that the human race has unlocked four forces: gravity, electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force, and the strong nuclear force. We now live in a world where scientists believe there are eleven dimensions and they are literally trying to develop a "theory of everything." A growing number of scientists believe there is a fifth force which is psychic or paranormal. This might be what Einstein meant by "reading the mind of God."

Today there is a great deal of talk about a secretive elite who have access to occult-based advanced and ancient science. Usually, this secretive elite is composed of a small number of men who control international finance, governments, science and the media. This elite are represented by what could be called the top of the Luciferian pyramid, like the one on the back of the U.S. dollar. However, when you look closely at the top of the Luciferian pyramid you see that it extends way beyond the present dimension in which we live into the invisible realm or parallel universe.

If you don't like what you see in reality, then you must learn how to enter this invisible realm and access what some call the "Keys of the Kingdom." These keys are spiritual mechanisms for changing reality. They are also referred to as spiritual weapons. They are the fastest, most efficient and powerful way to release power into the earth that can change reality!

Think of the keys as a way to release the most powerful force in the universe into our reality. Currently, our world is filled with chaos and upheaval. There appears to be an opposing force at work that is composed of Luciferian energy. Through Bible prophecy we know what the great plan is and what this force intends to do with humanity and the world. (Our emphasis.)

Just as there is the force of Lucifer, the most powerful fallen angel, who is leading a revolution against God with one third of the angels there is also the force of the Personal God who has a completely different plan for Mankind. This Personal God has been attempting to teach man about the enormous cosmic authority that He has placed in Man's hands. When we go back to the Garden of Eden, which was a real place and was located somewhere near the region of Iraq, our ancient ancestors Adam and Eve were given that authority to rule the earth. Adam and Eve, who were made in the image of God and carried in them the DNA code of God, were created to be rulers over planet Earth and have dominion over it. The only condition was that they obey the Word of God. At a certain point Adam and Eve disobeyed the Word of God and listened to the voice of Lucifer, who was residing in the serpent. They put Man's reason and logic above the Word of God. The result was that they were disconnected from the Life Force of God and the Fall of Man occurred. War, chaos, disease, weather changes, and death entered the world. In addition, Lucifer gained the temporary legal right to be the ruler of this world.

As we read history as recorded in the Biblical account we see that over thousands of years when God's people worshipped the true God and obeyed His Word, they were to varying degrees given back dominion. This gave them authority over their environment, enemies, and nations. Yet whenever they rejected Personal Living God and His Word and began to worship false gods they were slaughtered and brought into captivity.

Currently in America, we are in a period when even those who call themselves the true followers of the Personal Living God are not really worshipping God. They are worshipping the idols of power, lust, materialism, and pleasure, and are listening to false prophets. In addition, they have broken and rejected God's Word. The result is the same as it has always been starting in Eden and throughout history. Chaos is ruling and globally people are about to be slaughtered or brought into captivity.

Many people who claim to be Christians are actually fatalists. Fatalism is a false religion. For example the Bible tells us to resist evil, but fatalists pervert that and pretend to surrender to whatever comes to them, claiming it is the will of God. It is true that God is Sovereign and both His prophesied program and His will will prevail. But followers of the Personal God are not mystics or Hindus. In every area of life we are taught to speak and live truth and make the changes necessary to make life worth living. If you are sick you go to a doctor; you don't just passively accept the disease and die. If your little daughter is in a near-fatal automobile accident, you don't lift your hands to the heavens and thank God, letting her die. You get her to emergency room as fast as you can and do everything possible to save her life. I once had a man call my nationally syndicated radio show and tell me that if a serial rapist and killer broke into his house and attempted to rape and kill his wife and daughters, he would do nothing to try to save them. He based this on his "Christian beliefs." That man was insane and wherever he went to church he was gathering together with psychopaths!

So here we are in what is called the last days and our world is hemorrhaging and experiencing the convulsive birth pains that Jesus Christ outlined in the Signs of the Times.

What are we to do? Many people believe it is a sin to do anything and they are like that man who said he would do nothing when the serial killer and rapist entered his home. They have not taken the time actually to study what the Word of God teaches. Jesus Christ clearly taught "Occupy until I come." I suppose this verse has been censored from the modern pulpit because I have had people challenge me, claiming it is not in the Bible and that their preacher never spoke of it. Those words of Jesus Christ are found in Luke 19:13.

How are we to obey these words of Jesus Christ? We adhere to His instructions in His Word, which Adam and Eve did not do. The famous physicist Michio Kaku in an interview with Amara D. Angelica entitled "Parallel Universes, the Matrix, and Super intelligence" which was published in on KurzweilAI.net spoke about other dimensions and about Einstein's theory called "The Mind of God." Einstein believed that the Universe actually had a Composer who existed in another dimension.

Therefore we no longer in some sense have to deal with thousands of subatomic particles produced by our atom smashers; we just have to realize that what makes them, what drives them, is a kind of vibrating string. Now when these strings collide, they form atoms and nuclei, and so in some sense, the melodies that you can write on the string correspond to the laws of chemistry. Physics is then reduced to the laws of harmony that we can write on a string. The Universe is a symphony of strings. And what is the mind of God that Einstein used to write about? According to this picture, the mind of God is music resonating through ten or eleven-dimensional hyperspace, which of course raises the question "If the universe is a symphony, then is there a composer to the symphony?"

Physicists like Kaku are becoming aware that a kind of programming of the reality of this world is coming from a parallel dimension.

Throughout the Bible there are constant references to this other universe or invisible realm. The King of Syria had sent his armies to kill the people of Israel. Elisha the prophet had a servant who was terrified by the armies all around them. Elisha had the supernatural ability to see into the invisible realm and he prayed to God that his servant's eyes would be open. Suddenly his servant saw that the larger armies of the Lord were all around them along with horses and chariots of fire. These were the supernatural armies of the Lord.

It is still possible to have your eyes opened and look into another dimension and see the massive supernatural armies of the Lord. Jesus Christ taught all those who follow His teachings how to use the supernatural keys of the kingdom which can change reality in the physical realm. This is no peripheral issue with Christ...it is central.

He has restored both authority and dominion to those who are synchronized with His Word. The problem in America today is that people are only using resources in the physical dimension to solve problems. Millions of people have been seduced by the lie which denies the existence and reality of the invisible realm and other dimensions.

Mankind throughout history has used science and technology to harness power through fossil fuels, nuclear power, and other sources of energy. Many of the men like Einstein, Tesla and Edison did not come up with inventions and sources of power purely through logic, reason and mathematics. It is true those sources played a significant role. But if you read about their lives you will see that all of these men had to develop methodologies that allowed them to access information supernaturally from another dimension.

It is possible to access on a personal level, a societal level, and a global level the most powerful force in the Universe. It is not until men and women begin to learn how to access and direct that power that there can be change on a national, global and cosmic level. All of this works within the framework of the prophetic plan of God, for that is one of the laws regarding its use.

I would add that this is not a game we are in. We are not living in a Matrix or a simulated reality. This is not a rehearsal. This is it; this is the countdown. Many people have been in a trance or asleep. I pray that a mega-load of adrenaline will hit their central nervous systems and they will wake up and see. The hour is later than you think.




Find out which places have most (and least) respect for Scripture

Published: January 30, 2013


Providence, R.I., which was named for God's divine providence, now ranks as the least Bible-minded city in the U.S.

In times of trouble, many people often wonder, "Oh, God. Where are you when I need you most?"

But with the nation facing drastic financial and social challenges in recent years, a new study ranking American support for the Holy Bible reveals an astounding 91 out of 96 U.S. cities  - a whopping 95 percent  - are not "Bible-minded."

The study by the California-based Barna Group on behalf of the American Bible Society is based on 42,855 nationwide interviews, and defines "Bible-minded" people as individuals who typically read the Bible each week and who strongly assert Scripture is accurate in the principles it teaches.

Authors of the report say the definition captures action and attitude - those who both engage and esteem the Christian Scriptures, reflecting an overall openness or resistance to the Bible in the country's largest markets.

"The overall picture that is painted depends on one's vantage point," said David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group. "The least sanguine way to analyze the results would be to emphasize the lack of Bible-mindedness in America. In 91 out of 96 markets, a majority of the residents are not Bible-minded."

But for those who prefer to look on the bright side, Kinnaman explains, "A more optimistic way to view those markets would be to look at those cities with at least one-fifth Bible-mindedness - meaning those areas where at least one out of five adults are open to engaging and esteeming the Bible."

He continued: "Among some researchers, this proportion - 20 percent - is often thought to be something of a social or technological "tipping point" (for example, once one in five people had mobile phones, the momentum toward more people owning mobile phones began to grow exponentially). In this analysis, 83 out of 96 cities in the U.S. have at least 20 percent of their residents qualifying as Bible-minded. Christian leaders should recognize that most of the major cities in the nation continue to have basis for biblical engagement among a significant share of the population."

The study ranks the top markets for Bible-mindedness, and not surprisingly, the South, known for years as the Bible belt, is at the top of the list.

Knoxville, Tenn., Shreveport, La. and Chattanooga, Tenn., all have 52 percent of their respective populations being Bible-minded.

They're followed by Birmingham, Ala. (50 percent), Jackson, Miss. (50 percent), Springfield, Mo. (49 percent), Charlotte, N.C. (48 percent), Lynchburg, Va. (48 percent), Huntsville-Decatur, Ala. (48 percent) and Charleston, W.V. (47 percent).

The least Bible-oriented markets tend to be from the Northeast, especially the New England area.

The lowest score came from Providence, R.I. at just 9 percent. Ironically, the city's name actually refers to God's divine providence. Albany, N.Y., is next from the bottom at 10 percent.

Putting this in perspective, the most Bible-minded markets are five times more likely to have residents who qualify as Bible-minded than is true in these two Northeastern cities.

Though these two cities are the most extreme, none of the cities in the bottom 10 break 20 percent, where even one in five people could be considered Bible-minded.

The New England area is home to most of the markets in the bottom 10, including Burlington, Vt. (16 percent), Portland, Maine (16 percent), Hartford, Conn. (16 percent), Boston, Mass. (16 percent), Buffalo, N.Y. (18 percent) and New York City (18 percent).

The remaining markets in the bottom 10 are primarily in the West and include San Francisco (16 percent), Phoenix, Ariz., (17 percent), and Las Vegas (18 percent).

The study found some notable patterns.

Among the nation's largest 30 cities, 10 of them are in the top half of the Bible-minded market rankings, while 20 of them are in the bottom half. Generally speaking, the more densely populated areas tend to be less Bible-oriented.

Among the largest markets there are many more relatively Bible-minded cities, including Dallas / Fort Worth (27th), Atlanta (28th), Indianapolis (32nd), Houston (39th), St. Louis (41st), Cleveland (43rd) and Detroit (46th).

Philadelphia (28 percent, rank: 52) is among the most Bible-minded cities along the eastern seaboard, ranking slightly higher than the aforementioned Northeastern cities as well as Washington, D.C. (25 percent, rank: 63) and Baltimore (26 percent, rank: 60).

Chicago is the nation's third largest city, and while it tends to be a bastion of many evangelical organizations, ranks between New York and Los Angeles in terms of Bible-mindedness (23 percent, rank: 76th). Colorado Springs, Colo., which is also home to many Christian organizations, is right in the middle of the pack (29 percent, rank: 51st). By comparison, Denver is ranked lower (71st) with about one in four individual's qualifying as Bible-minded (24 percent).

In the Northwest portion of the country, the cities are all fairly similar, with about a quarter of the population being Bible-minded, including most notably Portland OR (25 percent, rank: 65th and Seattle, WA (24 percent, rank: 69th).

In Florida: Though in the South, most of the major cities on the peninsula rank near the bottom middle of Bible-minded cities, including West Palm Beach (28 percent, ranked 53rd out of 96 markets), Tampa-St. Petersburg (27 percent, rank: 57), Orlando (25 percent, rank: 64), and Miami (24 percent, rank: 70). The exceptions to these patterns are in the northern part of the state, including Pensacola / Mobile (45 percent, rank: 13) and Jacksonville (41 percent, rank: 20). These two cities are more on trend with other Southern states and likely reflect more of a native Floridian or Southern population and fewer transplants than the Southern Florida cities.

In California: In addition to San Francisco being among the lowest rated, most of the major California cities are in the bottom third of the rankings. The Los Angeles media market represents a pretty normal range for California cities with 24 percent of the residents being Bible-minded (ranking 68th out of 96 cities,). San Diego (24 percent, rank: 74), Sacramento (24 percent, rank: 72), and Fresno / Visalia (25 percent, rank: 66) were also bunched in the same range. Bakersfield, CA stood out as being among the most Bible-minded cities in the Pacific states (39 percent, rank: 26).

In Texas: As part of the traditional "Bible belt," Texas stayed fairly true to trend, with most of it's major cities ranking in the top half of Bible-minded cities. Dallas / Fort Worth ranked as the top Bible-minded city in Texas (38 percent Bible-minded, ranking at 27th) over San Antonio (36 percent, rank: 33), Houston (32 percent, rank: 39) and Austin (29 percent, rank: 48). Notable exceptions to the Bible-mindedness of Texas cities were Harlingen / Weslaco / McAllen / Brownsville (28 percent, rank: 56), Waco (27 percent, rank: 59), and most significantly El Paso (23 percent, rank: 80). These exceptions are likely a result of these markets having a higher percentage of Hispanic Catholics, who are less likely to engage the Bible.

The Barna Group study is already getting varied reaction online.

"I think that it is interesting that you used the term 'Bible-minded' as opposed to Christian. I'm assuming that is because you, like me, acknowledge that those are two different things. 'Bible-minded' areas have more assault rifles, more venereal disease, fewer college graduates, more poverty, and if it were not for the Civil War would probably still have slaves, had to have integration forced upon them. In short, some of the most 'Bible-minded' states (like Mississippi) are the least Christian," said Keith Johnston.

But Robert Netterville responded, "Having grown up in the Deep South (Mississippi to be exact), I will simply say that Christianity is a cultural phenomenon. It is one thing to hold a mental high regard for the sacred but another to live it out. As a Baptist pastor in the South, I will acknowledge that many people have a shallow affinity for the Bible but have not had a life-changing experience (born again) with Jesus Christ. The South is going the way of the North as we continue to slip into a godless country. There was a day when the northern brethren of the faith believed the Bible, too. Gone are the days of 'In God We Trust.'"




Shift in power could profoundly affect U.S. Middle East interests


F. Michael Maloof, staff writer for WND and G2Bulletin, is a former senior security policy analyst in the office of the secretary of defense.

WASHINGTON - Bruce Riedel, a former U.S. intelligence official and a current adviser on foreign policy to President Obama, isn't holding out much hope for the future of the Saudi  monarchy, and he believes its downfall could profoundly affect U.S. interests in the Middle East, according to report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

Riedel, who is with the Washington think-tank Brookings Institution, had penned a memorandum to the president that warns the Saudi regime is vulnerable to overthrow. He argues the monarchy maintains "complete authority" and the Saudi royal family "has shown no interest in sharing power or in an elected legislature."

The Saudi regime, says Riedel, has managed to prevent any democratic movements in any of the Arab Gulf states, preserving the monarchies.

However, he warns that all of the monarchies could be in jeopardy if revolution were to come to Saudi Arabia.

"The Sunni minority in Bahrain could not last without Saudi money and tanks," Riedel says. "Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are city-states that would be unable to defend themselves against a Saudi revolutionary regime, despite all their money."

Yet, the U.S. continues to back the Saudi regime, and he urges Obama to do more to strengthen it as well as its neighboring monarchies in an effort to crush the "Arab Awakenings." In effect, Riedel is urging the president to do what is necessary to ensure against democratic revolution in those countries.

"Since American interests are so intimately tied to the House of Saud, the U.S. does not have the choice of distancing the United States from it in an effort to get on the right side of history," Riedel says.

Riedel instead proposes that the Obama administration "encourage" modest reforms while at the same time being prepared to not only prop up the Saudi regime but "be ready to shore up the neighboring kingdoms and sheikhdoms."

Bahrain, for example, has a Sunni monarchy that rules over a Shiite majority population. Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets over the past two years demanding reforms, but their efforts have been forcibly put down.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE even sent troops into Bahrain to shore up the Sunni monarchy, believing that Shiite Iran is behind efforts to extend its influence in the Gulf Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia itself has seen increased Shiite demonstrations in its most eastern province, which has much of its oil production. Saudi authorities have wasted no time in firmly stopping any opposition demonstrators.

While Riedel believes that support for the Saudi regime enhances the U.S. war against al-Qaida, sources say that the Saudis continue to finance foreign, radical Islamist efforts as long as they don't carry out attacks in the kingdom.

Riedel, a strong backer of Israel, has made it clear that Saudi Arabia has been in the forefront of impeding the advancement of its chief nemesis in the region, Iran.

He points out that the Saudi kingdom has backed revolutions in Libya and Syria that were supposed to "undermine longstanding enemies of the kingdom, especially Iran."

Since the 1979 treaty between Egypt and Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan have formed the foundation of the security arrangement in the region. Israel and these countries have regarded Iran as their adversary, but Egyp,t under the Muslim Brotherhood-backed president, Mohamed Morsi, appears to be leaning increasingly toward Iran.

The advent of the "Arab Spring" two years ago has brought the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, which even the Saudis find threatening, since the Brotherhood is against monarchies.

In the mind of presidential adviser Riedel, revolutionary change in the kingdom would be a disaster to U.S. interests. Continued instability in the kingdom also would wreak havoc on global oil markets, setting back economic recovery in the West.

To many observers, however, continued U.S. support for the Saudi monarchy amid movements for democratic change in the Middle East have further called U.S. policy into question.

Associated Press

Hispanics will soon surpass white population in California - -

January 31, 2013

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- State demographers say California's Hispanic population will equal that of whites within six months and exceed it early next year -- a milestone in the country's racial and ethnic shifts.

Population projections released Thursday by the state Department of Finance show that Hispanics will become the dominant ethnic group in California for the first time.

By 2020, demographers say Hispanics will be about 41 percent of California's population, with whites less than 37 percent.

The white population will fall to about 30 percent by 2060 from the current 39 percent, affecting politics and public policy in the nation's most populous state. Whites currently lack a majority in only Hawaii and New Mexico.

The report says California's population will hit 50 million in 2049.

Arutz Sheva

Syria: IAF Struck Military Research Center Near Damascus

Syrian TV says "research base" at Jamraya was hit and damaged. Denies that an arms convoy was stuck.

By Gil Ronen

First Publish: 1/30/2013, 10:48 PM

Israeli F-15

Israel news photo: Flash 90

Syria accused Israel of staging an air raid on a military research center on Wednesday.

The Syrian army accused Israel of launching a dawn strike targeting a military research centre in Jamraya, near Damascus, in a statement carried by state news agency SANA and quoted by AFP.

"Israeli fighter jets violated our airspace at dawn today and carried out a direct strike on a scientific research center in charge of raising our level of resistance and self-defense," the general command said.

The warplanes entered Syria's airspace via Mount Hermon, Jabal el-Sheikh in Arabic, at low altitude and under the radar, the army said, adding that two site workers were killed.

"They... carried out an act of aggression, bombarding the site, causing large-scale material damage and destroying the building," state television quoted the military as saying.

The army denied reports Israeli forces had launched a strike overnight on a weapons convoy from Syria near the border with Lebanon.

The United States declined to comment on the reported strike by Israel, whose military intelligence chief Aviv Kochavi is currently in Washington for talks with top US general Martin Dempsey.

"I'd refer you to the government of Israel for questions about deliberations or actions that they may or may not have taken," White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

Earlier reports said that Israel had struck a convoy carrying Russian-made antiaircraft missiles. It is not clear at this point which report is the more accurate one, and what actually happened last night.


Arutz Sheva

Report: Convoy Israel Struck Carried SA-17 Rockets

Russian-made anti-aircraft rockets were intended for Hizbullah, could "change balance of power."

IAF F-16

IAF Website

The arms convoy that Israel reportedly attacked last night along the Syria-Lebanon border carried SA-17 missiles, among other things, according to foreign sources. The SA-17 is a Russian-made anti-aircraft missile.

The sources said that the shipment was intended for Hizbullah and that, had they made it into the organization's hands, the strategic balance of power in the region would have been altered.

Israel has not responded thus far to reports in the foreign press, according to which the IAF carried out the attack on the convoy.

According to some reports, the weapons convoy was attacked shortly after it crossed the border from Syria into Lebanon. Another source reported that the attack took place when the convoy was still inside Syrian territory.

The Lebanese Army said earlier that Israel fighter jets penetrated the Lebanese airspace Tuesday afternoon and continued to circle in its skies until 2:00 AM.


School of Mines testing biometric payment program

Jan 25, 2013   |  

Written by Associated Press

RAPID CITY -- The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is partnering with a technology firm to offer a pilot biometric program on campus.

Developers hope the pilot program will one day lead to a cashless society. The university says it is the first in the country to use the technology.

The Nexus Smart Pay pilot program is being tested by 50 students and faculty at two locations on campus. The faculty and students pay for goods by scanning their finger. The money is then taken out of an account that students and faculty have deposited money into.

The university's acting president, Duane Hrncir, says the university is proud to be not only the first university but the first organization to pilot the program.

Nexus USA developed the smart pay program.

This article appeared on the Daily Mail website in the UK but has since been deleted.



DNA Gun Tags Criminals for Later Identification

Guns Shots Pellets with DNA Fragments in Them

s.e. Jones, Yahoo! Contributor Network

Jan 31, 2013

A new "gun" developed by the U.K. based company Selectamark fires pellets with small traces of DNA that can be traced at a later time, GizModo says, and it's been unveiled for the first time in Britain. The pellets, GizMag says, are small enough to travel through clothing, but soft enough to stop once they hit the skin where the DNA strands they carry remain embedded for weeks.

Police in Britain have been nearly begging inventors and entrepreneurs, GizModo says, to come up with a way to aid in helping to identifying people who participate in riots or other illegal gatherings. The same technology they say, could help identify suspects that have fled the scene of a crime after being seen by officers, but were not captured. The DNA gun, GizMag says, looks like it could serve both purposes.

DNA, as most are aware, is a unique biomarker. One single strand of it is never identical to any other. That makes it perfect for helping to identify suspects that have left a scene with very few if any identifying features. If a participant in a riot for example, is shot with such a pellet, police who suspect later that they may have been involved, can get a court order to allow police to examine the suspect for evidence of the pellet, which is done using an ultraviolet light. If pellet residue is found, that would provide reasonable grounds for arresting the suspect, who would then undergo a closer inspection of the pellet residue via DNA analysis. If it is found to match the strands used in pellets fired by the gun during a riot, then that person can be positively identified as actively participating and charged appropriately.

Along the same lines, if police happen upon a crime in progress, but are reluctant to shoot the suspect with a lethal lead bullet weapon, they can instead opt to shoot them with a DNA pellet, then drop by their house later on and arrest them.

There's no way for the suspect to remove the pellet residue, save for removing the skin where the pellet struck, representatives told the press at a recent meeting at Scotland Yard. Police there have already expressed their interest in purchasing the guns, which are bright yellow to avoid being confused with real weapons. In addition to the pellets, the guns also sport a laser scope to help with aim, which should help avoid accidentally shooting suspects in sensitive areas, such as the eyes, which could cause blindness.


SD - Bullion


JANUARY 25, 2013


With last week's announcement by the Bundesbank of the repatriation of 674 tons of German gold from Paris and NY over the next 7 years, we predicted that an avalanche of gold repatriation requests would soon be made to the BOE and the NYFed.  - It appears that Switzerland may be next to the game, much to the dismay of the SNB.  The Swiss gold initiative, an initiative to Secure the Swiss National Bank's Gold Reserves, launched in March 2012 by four members of the Swiss parliament, has grown to 90,000 supporters.  - Once 100,000 supporters are achieved, the Swiss Parliament must take up the referendum. 

The initiative asserts that the Swiss people should have a right to vote on 3 things, none of which will please the banking cartel:

  1. To keep Swiss gold physically in Switzerland (ie repatriate Switzerland's gold) -

  2. Preventing/forbidding the SNB from selling any more of its gold reserves -

  3. Requiring the SNB to massively increase their gold holdings to a minimum of 20% of its reserves within 5 years, held within Switzerland.

Not surprisingly, the Swiss National Bank doesn't wish to disclose where it's physical gold is held, but it may soon be forced to once the initiative achieves 100,000 supporters. 

674 tons repatriated here, 1040 tons repatriated there, pretty soon we're talking real money!


RIA Novosti

Russia's Internal Affairs No Concern of US - Putin Spokesman

Opposition rally in Moscow (archive)

© RIA Novosti. Ilya Pitalev


MOSCOW, January 25 (RIA Novosti) - The United States has no place in any dialog between Russia's government and opposition movements opposed to President Vladimir Putin's rule, Putin's spokesman has told a US journal.

"The dialog between the Russian government and the opposition cannot be a subject of the bilateral relationship between Moscow and Washington, and in no way can be an issue of [state-to-state] discussion," Dmitry Peskov told The National Interest, a bi-monthly American foreign policy journal, in an interview published on Thursday.

Putin has frequently accused the United States of being behind the unprecedented protests against his rule that broke out in December 2011, while late last year the alleged torture of opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhayev sparked a diplomatic row between the two former Cold War foes.

The United States also slammed last year a Moscow court's decision to jail members of the anti-Putin punk rock group Pussy Riot over a protest in Russia's main Orthodox cathedral. Washington has also expressed concern over the treatment of protest leaders such as Alexei Navalny and Sergei Udaltsov, both whom are facing long jail terms.

But Peskov told the journal Russia would not take into account US concerns over what The National Interest called "the domestic climate inside Russia."

"Those are our domestic affairs, our domestic politics," Peskov said. "We are a democratic country sharing the same values with the whole world, but we are a country that will solve all the problems, domestic and the like, without any interference from abroad."

Peskov also praised what he called Russia's "growing civil society."


The Telegraph

France 'totally bankrupt', says labour minister Michel Sapin

France's labour minister sent the country into a state of shock on Monday after he described the nation as "totally bankrupt".

The comments came as President Hollande attempts to improve the image of the French economy

Photo: AFP

By Graham Ruddick

28 Jan 2013

Michel Sapin made the gaffe in a radio interview, which left French President Francois Hollande battling to undo the potential reputational damage.

"There is a state but it is a totally bankrupt state," Mr Sapin said. "That is why we had to put a deficit reduction plan in place, and nothing should make us turn away from that objective."

The comments came as President Hollande attempts to improve the image of the French economy after pledging to reduce the country's deficit by cutting spending by €60bn (£51.5bn) over the next five years and increasing taxes by €20bn.

Data from Banque de France showed earlier this month that a flight of capital has already left the country amid concerns that France's Socialist leader intends to soak the rich and businesses. The actor Gérard Depardieu has renounced his French citizenship and decamped to Russia in protest, while David Cameron said Britain will "roll out the red carpet" to attract wealthy individuals.

Pierre Moscovici, the finance minister, said the comments by Mr Sapin were "inappropriate".

He added: "France is a really solvent country. France is a really credible country, France is a country that is starting to recover."


Journal Sentinel

Sheriff's radio ad says 911 not best option, urges residents to take firearms classes

Tom Lynn

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. speaks to the city's public safety committee this month.

By Bruce Vielmetti, Steve Schultze and Don Walker of the Journal Sentinel

Jan. 25, 2013

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. set off alarm bells Friday with a radio spot some view as a call for citizens to arm themselves.

In the radio ad, Clarke tells residents personal safety isn't a spectator sport anymore, and that "I need you in the game."

"With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option," Clarke intones.

"You could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back."

Clarke urges listeners to take a firearm safety course and handle a firearm "so you can defend yourself until we get there."

"You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We're partners now. Can I count on you?"

The spot aired at least once - during the last hour of the Mark Belling show on WISN-AM (1130) on Thursday. Clarke spokeswoman Fran McLaughlin posted it to the department website on Friday. She said she did not know where else or how often the spot would be broadcast, or how much the department spent to air it.

Clarke has served as lightning rod before, most recently when he called for schools to arm teachers after the Newtown, Conn., massacre of 20 children and six adults at an elementary school. News of the sheriff's gun ad quickly generated feedback.

Jodie Tabak, Mayor Tom Barrett's spokeswoman, released this statement:

"Apparently, Sheriff David Clarke is auditioning for the next Dirty Harry movie."

"Dirty Harry" was one in a series of films in the 1970s and '80s starring actor Clint Eastwood as Detective Harry Callahan of the San Francisco Police Department.

The Greenfield Police Department issued advice on its Facebook page, saying none of its officers was laid off or furloughed, that violent crime is down and the department's response time to violent crime is less than two minutes.

"The decision to arm yourself with a firearm is a very personal and private decision that should not be driven by fear that our officers will not respond to your calls for help," the department said.

Jeri Bonavia, executive director of Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, said she hears "over and over" from most law enforcement officials that the community should work to "take more guns off the streets, not add more."

"What (Clarke's) talking about is this amped up version of vigilantism," Bonavia said. "I don't know what his motivations are for doing this. But I do know what he's calling for is dangerous and irresponsible and he should be out there saying this is a mistake."

Asked about Clarke's assessment of 911, James Fendry, director of the Wisconsin Pro Gun Movement, said, "It's never been a great option (calling 911). Unless you can take care of yourself, you're kind of SOL."

Fendry, a former police officer, said that he tells citizens, "You're not armed to be law enforcement. You're armed to protect your own life and the lives of your family until law enforcement arrives. Do not go on search and destroy missions in your home."

County Executive Chris Abele said Clarke is sending the wrong message.

"I think it's irresponsible and it doesn't help public safety to tell the public there's some kind of imminent danger that they need to go buy guns," Abele said. "Essentially, you've got a (public service announcement) that's recommending people need to go buy guns because they can't rely on the response they'll get from 911. I'm here to tell you, we have phenomenal police departments."

Roy Felber, president of the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs' Association, said the ad sounded to him like a call to vigilantism.

"That doesn't sound smart," Felber said. "That's why society has police officers."

Instead of promoting vigilantism, Felber said, money should be found to hire more police officers and deputies.

County Supervisor Mark Borkowski, chairman of the County Board panel on public safety, said Clarke was "preaching to the choir" on gun ownership. Most people who want guns already have them, Borkowski said.

McLaughlin, Clarke's spokeswoman, said the announcement does not encourage gun ownership.

"His message says to consider taking a certified course. His message says to fight back to protect yourself. People need to decide for themselves if they want to own a firearm," she wrote in an email.

She said the Department of Homeland Security advises that in an active shooter environment, victims should run, hide, or, if those options don't exist, they should fight - aggressively.

Clarke did not respond to an interview request.

Asked to comment on Clarke's remarks, a spokeswoman for state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said that Van Hollen "believes strongly in both the 1st and 2nd amendments" to the Constitution on free speech and gun rights.

Mark Johnson of the Journal Sentinel staff contributed to this report.




'Come and Take It' anthem now has message for president, Congress


Steve Vaus

"Come and Take It," the song that has rallied gun owners with its remember-the-Alamo-like message, now has an accompanying music video with a special message for Barack Obama and members of Congress.

As WND reported, Grammy-winning musician Steve Vaus, creator of the Buck Howdy character, recorded the song that defies those advocating gun confiscation with one of the slogans of the Texas Revolution, "Come and take it."

Though the song itself is more vague, the video leaves no doubt who Vaus is talking to in the lyrics.

"Mr. President, members of Congress," Vaus says in the opening to the video, "you've been making a lot of noise about taking our guns away. But you might want to review history.

"1835. Gonzales, Texas Territory," Vaus continues. "The authorities wanted to confiscate the big gun that protected that colony. You know what the people said? 'Come and take it.' Because they were willing to fight for their freedom and their guns. So are we."

The video then launches into the pointed chorus: "Come and take it if you want it. Come and take it if you think you can. Come and take it, but we'll warn you, you'll have to pry it from our cold, dead hands."

The lyrics continue, "We want the freedom that God gave us, so you best not cross that line. If you want this gun you gotta to come through us and take it, one shot at a time."

The slogan, "Come and take it," became the battle cry and banner of the Texas Revolution after the 1835 Battle of Gonzalez, in which Texians defied the Mexican government's demand to return a cannon that had been given them for self-defense. Rather than surrender the cannon to Mexican dragoons, Texians stormed the Mexican camp and drove the soldiers away.

As Vaus' song sings, "You just don't mess with Texas, especially when it comes to guns."

In the video, Vaus concludes, "Just like Gonzales, we're keeping our guns."

The video itself can be seen below:



Wake Up World

Kirlian Photography Demonstrates Organic Uncooked Food Have Stronger Energy Fields

By Ethan A. Huff - naturalnews.com

Food is food, some might claim, and it does not really matter whether or not it is cooked or raw, conventional or organic. The nutritive value remains the same regardless. Or does it? A recent report from Activist Post explains that, based on analysis using a technique known as Kirlian photography, researchers have discovered that the energy fields surrounding raw, organic produce are stronger and more uniform than the energy fields surrounding cooked, conventional produce.

This discovery was made possible by an earlier one stumbled upon by the late Semyon Kirlian, a Russian inventor, back in 1939. Kirlian learned that, when connected to a source of voltage, an object placed in contact with a photovoltaic plate will produce a corresponding image of that object on the plate. And the resulting image will also contain a visual display of the object's electrical "aura," of sorts, that both surrounds and emanating from it.

The theory behind this energy field, of course, is that the stronger and more vibrant it is, the healthier and more "alive" the object. And based on this theory, it has been observed that the energy field of an apple, for instance, is the strongest right after it has first been picked. The longer it remains off the tree and is allowed to ripen, the weaker its energy field becomes.

In the documentaryThe Beautiful Truth, which was released in 2008, a team of scientists used Kirlian photography to analyze various foods. They found that organic foods emitted a clearly more vibrant and harmonious energy field than conventional foods. Raw foods also fared better in the energy department than cooked and pasteurized foods, the latter of which appeared duller and less uniform than their raw counterparts.

If this energy field is truly indicative of a food's "life source," then it appears as though whole, clean foods eaten as close as possible to the way nature intended are more life-giving than over-processed, pesticide-ridden foods. It also means that simply counting calories and looking at ingredient content are not enough to determine the true nutritional capacity of food.



Waking Times

Garlic Proven 100 Times More Effective Than Antibiotics, Working In A Fraction of The Time

January 29, 2013

April McCarthy, Prevent Disease - Waking Times 

A significant finding from Washington State University shows that garlic is 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics at fighting disease causing bacteria commonly responsible for foodborne illness.

Their work was published recently in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy a follow-up to the author's previous research in Applied and Environmental Microbiology which conclusively demonstrated that garlic concentrate was effective in inhibiting the growth of C. jejuni bacteria.

Garlic is probably nature's most potent food. It is one of the reasons people who eat the Mediterranean diet live such long healthy lives. Garlic is also a powerful performer in the research lab.

"This work is very exciting to me because it shows that this compound has the potential to reduce disease-causing bacteria in the environment and in our food supply," said Xiaonan Lu, a postdoctoral researcher and lead author of the paper.

One of the most interesting of the recent findings is that garlic increases the overall antioxidant levels of the body. Scientifically known as Allium sativa, garlic has been famous throughout history for its ability to fight off viruses and bacteria. Louis Pasteur noted in 1858 that bacteria died when they were doused with garlic. From the Middle Ages on, garlic has been used to treat wounds, being ground or sliced and applied directly to wounds to inhibit the spread of infection. The Russians refer to garlic as Russian penicillin.



Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists throw at it.

AUSTRALIAN researchers have been astonished to discover a cure-all right under their noses -- a honey sold in health food shops as a natural medicine.

Far from being an obscure health food with dubious healing qualities, new research has shown the honey kills every type of bacteria scientists have thrown at it, including the antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" plaguing hospitals and killing patients around the world.

Some bacteria have become resistant to every commonly prescribed antibacterial drug. But scientists found that Manuka honey, as it is known in New Zealand, or jelly bush honey, as it is known in Australia, killed every bacteria or pathogen it was tested on.

It is applied externally and acts on skin infections, bites and cuts.

The honey is distinctive in that it comes only from bees feeding off tea trees native to Australia and New Zealand, said Dee Carter, from the University of Sydney's School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences.

The findings are likely to have a major impact on modern medicine and could lead to a range of honey-based products to replace antibiotic and antiseptic creams.

Professor Carter's two sons, Marty, 8 and Nicky, 6, think it's funny the way their mother puts honey on their sores. But she swears by it, telling stories of how quickly it cures any infection.

"Honey sounds very homey and unscientific, which is why we needed the science to validate the claims made for it," she said.

The curative properties of various types of honey have been known to indigenous cultures for thousands of years, and dressing wounds with honey was common before the advent of antibiotics.

"Most bacteria that cause infections in hospitals are resistant to at least one antibiotic, and there is an urgent need for new ways to treat and control surface infections," Professor Carter said.

"New antibiotics tend to have short shelf lives, as the bacteria they attack quickly become resistant. Many large pharmaceutical companies  have abandoned antibiotic production because of the difficulty of recovering costs. Developing effective alternatives could therefore save many lives."

Professor Carter said the fascinating thing was that none of the bacteria researchers used to test the honey, including superbugs such as flesh-eating bacteria, built up any immunity.

She said a compound in the honey called methylglyoxal -- toxic on its own -- combined in unknown ways with other unidentified compounds in the honey to cause "multi-system failure" in the bacteria.

The results of the research project are  published in this month's European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.


Until next week...keep on believing.

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(Job 38:29-30, Psalm 147:16-18)