"The keys of prophecy will enhance your channel and give you faith."


First Published May 1971

When you ask the Lord for an answer, expect an answer and take the first thing that comes. If you really believe and ask the Lord and want to hear or see, you won't be disappointed. That thing you see or hear with the eyes or ears of your spirit, that is the Lord--and it will be such a comfort to you. Expect God to answer. Open up your heart and let the sunshine in.

If you are really desperate and crying with your whole heart and are asking Him, He will answer! A baby is such an illustration of faith. When he's crying for his mother, you wouldn't think of refusing him. Hearing from the Lord is our spiritual nourishment--and you have got to be able to hear from the Lord. That little baby has more faith than you do sometimes, because when the baby cries, he expects someone to hear him. Because he knows--God put it in him to know--that if he calls, you will answer. He expects the answer and he gets it. You must expect that what you get is from the Lord.

Shutting your eyes helps you to see in the spirit and to become unconscious of the things and people around you. Get your mind on the Lord and in a relaxed position where nothing distracts you, and expect then that whatever you hear or see is something from the Lord.

When you cry, you must expect the Lord to answer. The longer you practice receiving nourishment from God, the more you know where to grab it and you just open your eyes and see it and reach for it. When you cry out to God for something, He pushes it in your mouth, but if you don't start sucking, you will never get it. You have to have the faith to begin to pull. You absolutely have to draw God's nourishment. God can show it to you, stick it in your mouth even, but if you don't suck, you won't get anything. The sucking is the action of the faith. You have to put your faith into action.

Faith is a kind of drawing power. It is you drawing power from God. It's kind of like a bank account: the money is there and the Father has put it there in your name--in the bank of heaven, but you will never get it, unless you are willing to go to the bank and sign the check by faith and draw on it. You see, the faith draws it.

What is it that brings that milk out of the breast? The baby deliberately, when he sucks, creates a vacuum inside his mouth which pulls the milk out. You have to create a vacuum inside your heart: "Lord, here is this empty space--you fill it!" You reduce the pressure in a certain area--and in physics they call that a vacuum. Do you know what really fills that vacuum? It's not actually the child--all the child does is create the vacuum, thus reducing the pressure inside his mouth, which then becomes lower than the pressure inside the breast--and so the milk flows out from the mother's breast into the child's mouth.

In prayer, you create a vacuum--there's a space that needs filling--you seek the Lord's help. You create the vacuum and it is the Lord's pressure that fills it. The power really comes from outside, not from inside. All you did was create the vacuum--but that vacuum drew the power. It draws and therefore the pressure from the Lord seeks the place where there is less pressure. There is an old saying, nature abhors a vacuum--but God really likes a vacuum: he likes to fill every place that's made for Him--every place where you open up your heart, your spirit, His spirit will flow in, in all His power!

The Lord wants you to draw on the Word--not only the recorded Word, but the living Word. It is you drawing and you must believe it and start right from there. When you start sucking for dear life and really desire it with all your heart, you will finally get it. You have to believe when you create that vacuum in your heart--you draw on the Lord--that sucking action of your faith--and that the first thing that comes in your mouth is the Lord--the first thing you see, you must believe that that is from the Lord and you must go straight on from there. You must begin to speak those words He puts in your mouth and speak that scripture or phrase he gives you. He gives you a little, but then you have to expect more. Incidentally, the word "believe" in the new testament is that Greek word, "drinking in". "I believe" means "I drink in"--"I swallow." it's the word "pisteuo"--the new testament for "I believe," "I drink in."

That's how you get revelations from the Lord. If it's a message in tongues and prophecy, you drink it into your mouth and then you show your belief by giving it. You only get one mouthful at a time. If you don't give that mouthful, you won't get another. When you ask the Lord for a picture and you get it, start describing it. Describe what you see and then the Lord will keep giving you more and more. What do you do when you see a movie? You go in there and have to keep drinking in scene by scene by scene by scene. You couldn't possibly get it all at once. You have to keep swallowing. You have to exercise your faith. You have to create a vacuum in your spirit and then the Lord will fill it.

The radio is like a vacuum. In the air right now all around us, just like the spirit of the Lord, there are radio waves. Until you turn on this little switch on the radio, and in a sense create a vacuum in this receiver, you're not going to get anything. You have to open a channel, an electric circuit. You have to make contact by making a vacuum.

Faithful people are people full of faith--full of a vacuum--and the Lord's high pressure fills the vacuum. You have to keep swallowing. In this case, the giving out is a swallowing. The Lord is not going to squirt milk out into thin air where it will be lost or into some baby who won't swallow it. He has to swallow it and digest it and assimilate it or he won't get it.

The power is always on, the message is always there. God's spirit is like a broadcasting station broadcasting all the time. All you have to do is throw the switch and tune in. You have to have the vacuum and sincerely open your mouth and He will fill it. That drawing draws the power of God. You have to tell the vision, tell the dream, give the message, interpret the tongues. You have to keep moving. As long as you keep sucking, you will get more.

God has unlimited capacity to give and what you get is only limited by your own capacity to receive. Pretty soon you get so full, you can not stand it. Your vacuum is full, and your spirit is content. the Lord will keep on feeding you until you're satisfied, until your spiritual vacuum is filled. It is a real spiritual effort of faith. Faith is like the hand of the soul.

Faith is the hand of the spirit which reaches out and receives. It is the part that you do--your spiritual effort. That sucking on the part of the baby is his effort and the mother does all the rest. Sometimes the prophets were actually sick afterwards--it was so hard on their flesh. It left them absolutely exhausted. It actually took some physical strength. There is that link between the spiritual and the physical that we don't quite understand.

It is so simple: you just have to have the faith of a little baby. You just have to show him where it is and after you've shown him, he knows where it is. Pretty soon you will recognise it when the Lord begins to speak. Some people get things from the Lord and don't even know it is from the Lord. I did that for years. I have been getting things like this all my life and for a long time I thought it was just me-and all the time the Lord was speaking to me. It just came like it was natural--I didn't realise what a supernatural thing it was--what a miracle. Just like the baby nursing--it seems so natural. yet it's such a miracle. Everything is a miracle! Everything is supernatural because God made it all.

If you have an open channel and tune in, the Lord will fill you--your mind, your heart, your ears, your eyes! What the Lord is trying to show you is that you can get it yourself. The answer is always there if you are willing to receive it, but if you resist the answer He gives, He shuts up because you won't listen. You have to be willing to take what He gives, and give it!

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions


When you claim the power of the keys, My light, love, energy, and force become a part of your very being.