Flying Saucers!--UFOs--Spiritual Vehicles!


Departed spirits are in different classes and categories. They have different privileges and spheres of operation and powers, and certain spirits require certain vehicles or bodies. Other more honorable spirits are given more honorable vehicles or bodies.

Spirits who operate in different realms are confined to different vehicles--humans, animals or even houses! I believe in haunted houses. I have been in them where there were knockings, whisperings and strange goings on, and I believe in ghosts!--I've seen them! Sometimes I am one!

The higher angels can go anywhere under God's orders, through space, the universe, etc. They require no vehicle except the flying saucer. They travel in a circular vehicle of light or energy which the ancients represented as a circle of light around the head, which they called "halos" but which today people call flying saucers!

There are UFOs! They are spirit beings and they do appear and people have seen them. Technicians have scientifically tracked them. They have appeared as "signs in the sky" to unbelieving man. & That's the way certain angels travel. Their speed and maneuverability are so great that only a spirit could survive such courses!

Do you want to know how the Lord travels? I can describe His vehicle for you and even tell you how it sounds! It's already in the Bible, the whole thing! Ezekiel 1. I think that's Jesus, of course. God the Father is everywhere and beyond our comprehension.

But Jesus is God's manifestation, He has a body. He's not like the other spirits in Heaven. Jesus already has His resurrected body. It's like the angels of God, nevertheless it's different in some ways in that it was once human and it has now been resurrected, but we don't understand it all.

Are you weary of life? Do you sometimes wish you could leave it all behind and enter the world of the spirit? You can!--In the spirit! I take lots of trips in the spirit!--Nearly every night!--You can too if you'll believe!

I travel with the speed of thought to worlds unknown!--Would you like to go along? You can!--In the spirit!--You don't have to "end it all"!--It's only the beginning!--Come with me where moonbeams light Eternal skies!--And the sparkling stardust lingers in your eyes!