"The Word is what will keep you in time of trial. Listen to My Word, claim My Word, say My Name, praise Me through your tears, rebuke the Enemy, submit your will to Me, and trust Me. Forget your feelings! Obedience and faith bring victory, as you call on the power of the keys."

God's School of Submission

First published april 1987

You don't learn everything about submitting to the Lord overnight. It takes time, it takes breakings, it takes suffering, it takes lessons and experience--all of which cause you to draw close to Him when you realise that you can't make it in your own strength. Usually, when the Lord is planning on using you, he lets you go through some real tests and trials. Jesus said, "Every branch in Me that beareth fruit, He purges it, that it may bring forth more fruit!" (John15:2)

We often go through such tests and trials to purge us and to make us better vessels, to make us more fit for His service and more humble and more loving. "If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work." (2Timothy 2:21) He puts us through the fire to burn out the dross; and through the storm to blow away the chaff; and through deep waters, so we can learn to swim! (Isaiah 43:2) He also uses it to teach us lessons that we can pass on to others, "...that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble by the same comfort that we ourselves are comforted of God." (2Corinthians 1:4)

The Lord uses such tests to give us great victories, even out of seeming defeats, because the trials cause us to draw closer to God and cry out to him and really seek him with all our hearts. (Jeremiah 29:13) Otherwise we have a tendency to just sort of rock along with business as usual. Such trials cause us to rely more on the Lord. Every time you make it through one, it makes you a little bit stronger to make it through the next one.

The storms and the fires, the trials and the tribulations are all to test your strength and your determination, and to give you a chance to battle the devil and to see if you'll give up and lose faith, or if you will keep on fighting and trusting the Lord. He often allows you to have your faith and your patience tested to see how much you really want to stir yourself up to call upon him for his help and strength. (Isaiah 64:7)

The Bible says even of Jesus, that "...though he were a son, yet learned he obedience through the things which he suffered." (Hebrews 5:8) Severe trials, testings and suffering are hard for any of us to go through, but they teach us priceless lessons of yieldedness, submission and obedience to the Lord. Often, life's darkest hour is just before dawn. Sometimes God's got to get you all the way down before He can get you to look up. You'll find that some of the most precious lessons you'll ever learn from the Lord come out of such deep dark experiences.

Even if you don't always under stand exactly why you're going through such trials, remember, God knows what He is doing. He knows all the purposes and reasons behind each test, trial, affliction etc. Often it might just be to humble us, and if nothing else, to draw us closer to Him.

He promises, "All things work together for good to them that love God." (Romans 8:28) The Lord is not going to let anything happen to you, His child, except what is for your good. You may feel like, "My goodness, a lot of things have happened that don't look very good to me!" Well, I daresay you finally found out sooner or later that somehow or another they were good for you, or you will yet! (Here's a true story that clearly illustrates this wonderful truth:)

Years ago a fishing fleet went out in the early morning from a small harbour on the east coast of Newfoundland. In the afternoon there came up a great storm. When night settled down not a single vessel of all the fleet had found its way back into port. All night long, wives, mothers, children and sweethearts paced up and down the windswept beach, wringing their hands and calling on God to save their loved ones. To add to the horror of the situation, one of their cottages caught fire. Since the men were away, it was impossible to put out the blaze and save the home.

When morning broke, to the joy of all, the entire fleet returned safely to harbour in the bay. But there was one face which was a picture of despair, the wife of the man whose home had been destroyed in the fire. Meeting her husband as he landed, she cried, "Oh, honey, we are ruined! Our home and everything in it was destroyed by fire!" The man exclaimed to her surprise, "Thank God for that fire! It was the light of our burning cottage that safely guided the whole fleet into port!"

No matter what it is that you go through, all things really do work together for good to them that love the Lord! Even though it may not always seem very good to you at the time, remember, God gets some of his greatest victories out of seeming defeats, victories of yieldedness, brokenness, humility and more utter dependence on Him, which you must have if you're ever going to be what God wants you to be!

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Production


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