"Call on the keys of consecration and they will call you out of this world."

Heavenly Homes

First Published October 1974

The accursed world city system, the concentrated commercial whore of Babylonic confusion, millions of people bunched up in big cities living off the poor of the land while producing very little that's truly constructive themselves, is a monstrous example of waste.

Big Babylonic cities, with their enormous confusion of people, are the epitome of inefficiency and wasted manpower. They are impersonal, inhuman machines which are too big and unwieldy for anybody to manage well and personally, or supervise and scrutinise closely, or produce coordinately and effectively. Just like big governments who get so big and powerful that no man can possibly run them properly.

That is why it's going to take the devil in the person of the antichrist, a world superman, to run the world's last super power world dictatorship. Even he is going to fail without the wisdom of God.

Only God Himself in the person of Jesus Christ with his angelic helpers and angelised saints is going to be able to run such a world government fairly and well, with true justice, liberty, peace, plenty and happiness for all.

The Lord showed Avak and me, and perhaps others, that there is only going to be one great city headquarters in that day. It will be run by Jesus himself with the wisdom of God's Holy Spirit, and inhabited only by angelic saints in a perfect atmosphere. It will be a heavenly environment and the most excellent housing the world has ever known.

Even God's government is going to be based on the small village plan, each one circular with radial streets, like the spokes of a wheel centering at the hub of God's local administration. This administration will rule in love over the villagers of this world who will till the surrounding land, grow their own crops, harvest their own food, make what few necessities they need, clothing, housing, implements, tools, etc., right there in their own little villages!

Each village will be virtually completely self contained, self-controlled unto itself, like one big happy family or local tribe. That's just the way God started man out in the beginning, His ideal economy, society and government based on His own created productive land for man's simple necessities.

Even then it will take supernatural administrators to run it. We will be angelic saints with superhuman bodies and miraculous powers to use when necessary to enforce God's will upon any who would dare to defy His wise, loving and caring angelic administration. God is going to show the world again how it used to be run in its earliest days of theocracy under the direct control of God and his holy agents, the prophets.

We are going to go back to those days with only the beautiful creation of God around us and the wonderful creatures of God to help us plow and power and transport what little we have to do to supply our meagre needs, even as the poor of the world still do to this very day in the most remote parts of the earth.

Big cities, big governments and their big military machines to fight big wars with others of the same in their lust for power, wealth and glory are only a burden to the poor. They are a cruel, crushing weight which grinds their faces in the dirt with their loathsome load. Who needs them?--only the selfish rich and powerful who want to be ever-more rich and powerful. They are never satisfied no matter how much they have or how many bodies they grind into the ground as they trample over the poor millions to gain their ungodly goals!

There will be no more of this soon! The coming great atomic war will wipe out most of the rich industrialised nations of the world and only the poor little land workers will be able to survive and try to pick up the pieces.

In Israel alone, where this war will centre according to God's word, it will take them seven months even to bury all the dead where literal rivers of blood will flow from the slaughterhouse carnage wreaked by man upon man! It will take them seven years to pick up all the pieces of wrecked and ruined armaments and destroy them as Israel becomes the great gigantic junk pile of the world's armaments and graveyard of its armies!

Even the ensuing antichrist world dictatorship will at first be better than the mess we are in today and the even worse mess we will be in soon! Even the devil-possessed antichrist will be smart enough and diabolically clever enough to bring some better order out of this chaos.

Even the devil will try not to make such a mess out of this world as idiotic stupid disobedient man has made. After all, he wants it for his kingdom and to steal it from God along with man's worship.

But it's going to blow up in his face and in the faces of his worshippers because they are going to try to push out and put down the true prince of peace, Jesus Christ, and He cannot be put out of His own creation!

This will bring on the world's greatest trials and tribulation it has ever known as they try to wipe out the prophets of God and His children with only partial success until the Lord himself returns and wipes out the followers of this fiendish beast instead!

Then the Lord Himself will set up the last and most lasting and only perfect government the world has ever known over those who remain, who manage to survive the horrible holocaust and destruction that He himself will bring upon the forces of the antichrist as He rescues his own children from their cruel clutches by the supernatural miracle of the rapture and resurrection!

Then the meek, the poor, the persecuted, and downtrodden shall inherit the earth, and God's righteousness and peace and plenty shall cover the earth. No man will need say to his neighbour, "know the Lord!" for all shall know Him and His mighty power, goodness and love!

He will then show the world how it should have been run and how they should have run it but couldn't without Him and His love because of their disobedience to his unselfish and only law of love.

But though mercy be shown to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness!" The first two most perfect people in the world in the most perfect environment the world has ever known were made dissatisfied by the devil and deceived to rebel against God, Adam and Eve in Eden's garden. The unwilling world refuses to be happy under God's own government, because they are the same ones who refused him before.

They will again be misled by Satan to rebel against the Lord and the Godly government of His supernatural saints in the world's last great war, in which even the entire surface of the earth itself will be destroyed by the fire of God. It will be purged and purified at last from all the wickedness, fifth and accursed pollution and rebellion of the wicked, as well as the wicked themselves, whose spirits will then be raised from the dead to be judged by God and each punished according to his own wicked works in the great final judgement of God!

God will then renew the face of the earth with a new earth and a new atmospheric heavens. His own Heavenly City will descend from above, inhabited by his own saved children to rule a New Earth, with new nations and kings who shall truly have learned the righteousness, goodness and love of God, even though they be outside the Golden City and its jewelled walls.

It will be a better world then with better people who have learned their lessons of the law of the love of God. They will be happier than ever before because at last they will be purged and purified of their sins of rebellion against Him, and healed by the leaves of the trees of life which we shall minister to them from where they grow by the river of life within the city.

Only the most wicked of all, Satan, the antichrist, his false prophet and his most ardent followers who received the mark of the beast and worshipped him and his image will remain in the Lake of Fire to be punished and purged of their diabolical rebelliousness as long as God sees fit, even until such time as they too, may have learned their lesson sufficiently for God to forgive them and restore his entire creation to its original perfection where all is well.

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions