Hit the Devil head-on in a direct-attack approach by calling on the power of the keys to weaken his hold on people, and victory is guaranteed.”

Hell … who goes there?

What happens to souls that are sent to Hell?

The whole purpose of the correctional institutions in the spiritual realm is to help everyone repent and come to the knowledge of the King. The purpose of every level of hell is to help people see the errors of their ways and try to correct them gently and lovingly. But when they refuse all gentleness, then they must be subjected to more severe means of punishment. That is how it works with the prisons of the spirit world-Hell.

There are many parts of Hell, and thus in the overall, you could say that there are a great deal of people who go to Hell, sad to say. All who do not hear about and know Jesus in the first life go to waiting places-whether it be for a minute, or for an hour, or for many years, by earthly standards. These are not all part of Hell, but most of them are. God is a merciful Judge and He knows exactly what sins deserve what punishment.

There are three different words [in the original scripture] translated as "hell". … There is "Gehenna," "Sheol" and "Hades". "Gehenna" is the "Lake of Fire", "Sheol" is the grave or death which obviously means some type of punishment or life hereafter, which is obviously not as bad as the Lake of Fire! And there is "Hades" which actually means the "spirit state" or the "spirit world," and which is sometimes even translated as Paradise. Hades was some form of Paradise inside the world in the underworld-at least during Old Testament times before the resurrection of the Old Testament saints.

If it was eternal punishment there would not be any point to it. What do the worldly penal systems consider the purpose of punishment? They call them correctional institutions, penal institutions, meaning they are doing penance they are serving for their sins. This definitely implies an end to such punishment, according to how much they need.

Within what you generally term Hell there are many parts, but these can be broadly categorized into three levels of confinement. The first is a limbo state. The people who go here are the unsaved who have generally lived a pretty good life, and did their best to help others and give the little love they had to others. Their spirits are bound to this certain sphere and they can not leave, but they are not really being punished either. There is no fire and brimstone here. This is a place where those who had never had a chance to hear about God are given some basic instruction and knowledge and truths of the spirit world and the love of our King. They are "witnessed to" so to speak. They are then given a choice of whether or not to believe and accept Him. If they do not, then they move on to the second level, where they will be given a sterner re-education and training, or in some cases, made to atone for their sins toward others. If they do choose to accept Jesus, they are met with God's forgiveness, and are brought to Heaven, where they continue the growing process. Yet they are restricted to training areas and must go through some programs of rehabilitation to prepare them for full integration and to help them understand the things they did that were wrong and that they needed to repent of.

The second level is a prison. This is the place that has become known as Purgatory. There, people must live their time in penance for the mistakes they had made while on Earth. They relive the times they went wrong. They see the far-reaching effects of each and every wrong move they made and the effects it had on others. They must watch as their loved ones, family or children continue down the road they had set them on. This is part of their punishment. They must watch the damage their actions brought forth, and they are sentenced to remain till they repent and ask God's forgiveness.

Haunted houses are an extension of this prison- though not all haunted houses. Some are a part of the first Hell where the spirits still have unfinished business to tend to before they leave Earth.

The third Hell is the Lake of Fire, reserved only for the very worst of sinners. They lived like demons on Earth and they continue to defy His great plan; thus they are cast into the Lake of Fire to burn with perpetual torment, till they too repent. This is where the Antichrist and the False Prophet will one day end up. They will burn in this lake and will also see the effects of their actions ever before their eyes.

This is the place for the very worst and most vile spirits. This too is where the spirits of evil-demons, imps and pests-will also be bound, for they knew the truth but they loved it not and they turned against the very One Who created them. They live in constant rebellion and they coerce others to follow in their steps. These will burn with torment until they also repent.

The difference between the second and third Hell is that the second Hell is for those who have not chosen to accept My Spirit, but who were not wicked, evil, reprobates either. Reprobates are those for whom the Lake of Fire is reserved. It is up to Jesus and His ultimate judgment as to who goes where, and the judgment of the keeper of Hell, whom Jesus has entrusted with the souls of those who are sent to Hell.

Satan will be bound in a special prison-the bottomless pit! This is reserved especially for him. There is no beginning and there is no end to this jail. He will fall aimlessly for a thousand years. This is part of his punishment, and he too will see the results of his actions. Then after the "little season" he shall be tossed into the Lake of Fire. The fire will burn him and he shall be tormented for all the souls he has tormented. He shall be punished for many an age.

Question: Can "everyone" repent? Isn't it an unpardonable sin to blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

Those who have not received Jesus shall have to suffer for their own sins. For some this will not mean much suffering because their sins have not been so great. For others this will mean very great and long-term punishment and suffering for their deliberate wickedness.

Those that reject Jesus, that know of Jesus and understand who He is and that still blaspheme and reject His name and His Spirit, these shall suffer great punishment. But when it says "eternal" or "everlasting" you must remember that this is translated from the original Greek. It means for a very long time, for an age or even many ages, but not necessarily "forever" or "without end."

There is hope for anyone if they choose to repent and come to Jesus. A person who is accountable is damned if he rejects Jesus, and he is doomed to suffer the punishments of Hell-and it will be the third Hell. But it need not be forever, for truly, Jesus’ plan and purpose is for all to repent and be rehabilitated.

Quotes from David Berg to go along with the article on Hell

[The Antichrist and the False Prophet] get cast into the Lake of Fire, it says, forever and ever, but that literally means for "an age of ages" (Rev.20:10). When it says "aeon", it actually means "for an age", not in our sense of the word "forever". Even to be in prison like the Devil is going to be for a thousand years may feel like and seem like forever.

Some are so evil that their judgment has been settled ahead of time, and the minute they die, they go to Hell! With others, perhaps God puts them on probation to see what they will do in the afterlife, if they are going to repent when they see that there is such a life, as obviously some of the spirits in prison must have done after Jesus went down and preached to them in Hell. (Mt.12:40, For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. 1Pe.3:19,4:6, By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit. Eph.4:9 (Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth?)