Allow My thoughts to dominate you and rule in you through the power of the keys.”


First published April 1973

Where would we be without holes? Holes are almost an endless subject because there are so many of them. It seems like everything is composed of holes.

So don't feel too bad if you feel like nothing, because nothing is almost everything, and there wouldn't be anything without nothing. God says He even hung the World on nothing! In fact, He says He made it out of nothing and He calls things that are not as though they were! "Are not" means nothing. So God makes the nothings somethings out of nothing so they can be anything if they just have God to make them something!

In fact, with God nothing is impossible. If you can believe in God, everything is possible, because He makes everything out of nothing,even you and me! We are nothing and we are impossible except for God, and He takes our nothing, and makes it something, so it can be anything with God! Because nothings aren't anything without God, because He is like the circle around the nothing that makes it something. With God all around you, even your nothing can be something.- In fact, you can be almost anything, because God makes everything out of nothing,nothing surrounded by Him!

The next time you see a hole, remember it wouldn't even be a hole if there wasn't something around it. It would just be nothing. And remember that you are just like that hole. If you don't have God around you, you are not going to be anything! You're just going to be absolutely nothing, not even a hole. Because even a hole can't be anything at all; it can't even be a hole without something around it that makes it a hole. But if nothing has something around it, it can at least be a hole! And as you can see, holes are very important and useful.

So if you're nothing, just surround yourself with God's something, and you can become a very useful and important little hole; nothing surrounded by God, out of which He made everything. So you could even be anything if you're a good hole,a nothing that's got God around it, because God makes something out of nothing so it can be anything. Because He made everything out of nothing, just like you and me!

There's no end to nothing! There's always an end to something, but there's never an end to nothing. So if you will just be nothing, you can even be bigger than something. And the more nothing something is, the more full of holes it is, so the more holy it is.

All the big somebodies wouldn't be anybody if it weren't for us nobodies. All the people that think they are something wouldn't be anything if it weren't for us nothings!

You know what love is? It's a hole that needs to be filled, plus something to fill it with, like you and me and Jesus. There are square holes, and round holes, and all kinds of holes, and it takes all kinds of pegs to fill them. So whatever kind of peg you are, there is a hole somewhere where you will fit. No matter what kind of hole you are, God's got you pegged! All holes are nothing made for something. So if you're a hole and you feel like nothing, there's something for you somewhere.

Are you a hole? Then God has something for you. Folks that aren't holes can't have anything, because they already think they are something when they are really nothing. It says: "He has satisfied the hungry heart, but the rich he has sent empty away!" So be glad you can have God's something. It's true, you can be anything if you're a hole! But if you think you are something, you can't be nothing, because God can't give you anything. So thank God you're a hole because God can make something out of nothing so it can be anything! He can't make nothing out of something, because He likes to make something out of nothing. Because if something is anything, it can't be nothing and He can't fill it with everything because it thinks it is already something. So be glad you're a hole, so God can make something out of nothing and fill you up and make you anything. God can fill your nothing with something so you can do anything, because you're a hole! God must like holes, He made so many of them, and He likes to fill them all!

God loves holes and he made lots of holes so he could fill them up. So if you're a hole, God can fill you up, because if you're nothing, you can be full of something, Because if you were something you couldn't be full of nothing. So be glad you're a hole. You see, if a hole is so full already, God can't shove anything into it because it is already so full of something that it can't hold anything any more! You have be a hole to hold something, because only holes can hold. If you're not a hole, you can't hold or behold or have the Holy Spirit, and you missed the whole thing. You have be a hole to be anything, because you can't be something without nothing. You have to be a hole to be filled. Who ever heard of trying to fill anything up but a hole? You can't fill a thing that's already full of something. You have be full of nothing in order to be filled with anything.

First you have to make a hole before you can fill it up, just like God! He has to make you a hole before he can fill you up. He has to make you a nothing so he can fill you up with something. So if you try your best to be nothing, you're bound to be filled with something, and God can fill you with anything if you're a hole!

If you're a hole, at least you're something that can be full of anything, because you're nothing but a hole. God wants to fill you up with something, or else you won't be anything, and you won't be nothing if you think you're something, because you can't be a hole if you're anything. You have to be nothing to be a hole. If you're a hole, you can be the "hole" thing, God's thing! If you are a good hole full of nothing, then God can fill you with something and make you a very happy hole full of anything God wants to fill you with.

You have to be nothing to be something! So please be one of God's little holes, will you, so He can fill you with something. So let's all be holes, and holy, and then we'll all be holy holes!

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions