"W" in Christmas

A Surfing Story for the New Year

A Touch Of The Masters Hand

Angels from the Realms of Glory

As It Will Be

Astronomical Fakery!


Attack Your Fears


Be Faithful Until Death

Be So Happy

Beauty for Ashes

Bigger Jobs

Black Stars

Carry Me

Change of Government?

Change the World


Christmas Gifts For You!

Christmas Love

Close Encounter!

Coming Heavenly Life of Love

Computer Chip Dream

Count Your Blessings

Dare to Be Different

Death to the Cities

Desperate Prayer

Determined Salmon

Did God Make a Mistake

Doubts, And How To Handle Them

Dragons, Fairies, and Mythology

Dream Queen


Easter Story, The

Elixir of Love, The



Falling Upward



Flesh or Spirit

Flying Saucers!--UFOs--Spiritual Vehicles!

For God's Sake, Follow God

Fourth Leaf, The

Freedom from Fear

Give a Rose

God Leads a Pretty Sheltered Life

God's Chesspiece

God's Only Law Is Love

God's School of Submission

Good Word for Santa

Grace vs. Law

Greater Victories

Green Door

Gwen's Canyon

Healing In His Wings

Heaven on Earth

Heavenly Homes


Here and Now for There and Then

Hold On

Holy Ghosts

Holy Holes

Home, Sweet Home


In Search of the Fifth Dimension


Inflation or Deflation

Inside the Heavenly City

Is Love Against the Law?


Judgment In A Cornfield

Keep on Believing

Letting Go and Letting God

Life After Death

Little People

Look of Love

Love Never Fails

Love vs. Law


Makings Through Breakings

Men Are Computers, Women Are Cell Phones

Miracle of Creation The

Mountain Men

Musical Key

News with Heaven's Views Help in a Downward Financial Spiral

Parable of the Magic Eyes

Pearly Gates of Heaven,The

Power of Encouragement, The



Refuge From the Storm

Relief for the Third World

Rich Man, Poor Man

Roll Ye Away The Stone

Run the Race

Salvation in the Spirit World

Satan in Hell

Satan's Saints

Satan-King of Empires Part l

Satan-King of Empires Part ll


Seven Ways to Find God's Will

Sexual Honesty


Sinless Sex

Something for Nothing

St. Valentine

Star in the Window

Story of Tommy

Stuff Heaven Is Made Of,The

Stunted Growth

Talismans and Animism

Temple Prophecy, The

The Blowing Wind

The Cracked Pot

The Crystal Pyramid!

The Operator

The School

The Secret of Spiritual Strength

The Three Trees

The Unguarded Moment

The Vessel

There Are Absolutes

They Behold His Face


Turn Him On


War of the Worlds

War-Boom-Bust Economy

We Shall Be Changed

What Heaven Is Like

What Is Greatness

When Christmas is Over

When Morning Dawns

Who Deserves the Credit?

Whose Fool Are You

Whose Slave Are You

Why Disasters

Why Do We Dream?

Why Doesn't God Stop Evil Men

Why Good and Evil?

Why Wars

You Are Unique

Your Best Protection