"With My love and the power of the keys of affection, you can reach out to anyone and love them with My love and help them to feel appreciated, wanted, and needed."

Little People!

First Published September 1980

When the day of rewards comes around, the great Judgement Seat of Christ in Heaven, and we get our crowns and our stars, we're going to see some of the littlest people come up that we never even realised existed, to get some of the greatest crowns, because they were little folks who were behind the scenes, almost unseen and unknown, who did the humblest jobs, the humblest administrations, to make the ministry of the others possible.

Don't forget that, without those little nobodies, you'd be nobody, absolutely nobody, because you cannot carry on without them. It's the little people who keep the kingdom going.

Don't minimise or belittle or neglect the credit that they deserve for making your highly exalted visible ministry possible, because they're going to get just as much credit as you, and maybe even more.

A lot of those nobodies who are slaving away behind the scenes, scrubbing floors and doing dishes and cooking and having babies and teaching the children and helping financially, and all the rest, a lot of them are not getting much reward now, and sometimes they don't even get much thanks.

But God knows, God sees, and "Thy father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly"! (Matthew 6:4,18) One of these days the whole world and all heaven and all earth and all hell are going to know who the little people are and what you did and how much you sacrificed and how hard you worked and how little thanks and appreciation you got!

If they don't receive some reward here and now, God is going to give it to them then and there.

So don't forget it! Love them and be good to them and give them credit where credit is due and help them and show them appreciation, gratitude and thanks. Thank them for every little thing they do. Encourage them and help them and strengthen them and nourish them and feed them and make their job as easy as you can.

Do you make it easy for them to be good? Remember that little story I told you about the sweet little Christian girl? She was such a blessing to the neighbourhood children, always doing good things for them and the people around, and then, for some reason, the Lord took her away, she died. So they came to her parents with a little scribble, written on a piece of paper and asked if this could be put on her tombstone. Guess what it was? "She made it easy for us to be good!"

Do you make it easy for others to be good? Do you try to show your thanks many times over, day after day? You can never say "I love you" too often. Be good to them and love them and thank them and kiss them and tell them you love'm a hundred times a day and try to make it easy for them to be good.

You can't ever outgive God, and one of the ways of giving to God is being good to His little ones, the little people, the nobodies, the ones who minister to you. Don't forget that, without the nobodies, you'd be nobody!

God help us to be good to the little people, the little folks. Don't neglect them, don't forget them, don't forget to praise them, thank them, love them and take good care of them.

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions