"When you're united in My love, with My music, in an atmosphere of unity, acceptance, respect, appreciation and relaxation, calling on the keys of the Kingdom will make it even better."

Sexual Honesty

First Published April 1978

You have to forget any kind of pride and just be natural and do what you feel like doing, what comes naturally. The devil himself, though they give him so much credit for sex, has literally made people ashamed of it, made them be secretive about it, ashamed of it, like it's something bad. Adam and Eve weren't ashamed until after they got on the devil's side and fell.

The devil has got the world brainwashed to the point that what the world thinks is righteousness is just the opposite of God's idea of righteousness. Honesty really is righteousness, to be honest and to do what you feel like doing--of course as long as it's right. I'm not talking about perverted people who want to do wrong.

It was the tree of knowledge, intellectuality, that started all the trouble. Now the whole doctrine of the devil is that sex is the lowest thing and you should try everything else first before you finally yield to those "baser instincts", as they call them, and that intellectuality is the greatest thing, mind-over-matter, and you should be able to control yourself.

God made that sexual urge almost uncontrollable. Otherwise, if people could control it, most people are so selfish that they would never have children. In following those so-called "baser instincts" which He gave you, you are literally, simply, obeying his laws of nature.

When you begin to take God into account on everything, when you think of everything in relation to the Lord, then you get the answers, the wisdom that is from above. "But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.(James 3:17) If you think of all these things in relation to the Lord and why He made them this way, then you realise that it all has a purpose and God did it for a reason.

If your mental attitude is right and your righteousness is the righteousness of God and you're looking on it with the right attitude, knowing that sex is God-created, you can enjoy it without compunction. He expects you to enjoy it without being conscience-stricken or self-condemned or anything else. That's why He says that "blessed is the man who condemneth not himself in the thing which he alloweth". (Romans 14:22) Blessed is the man!

People who are ruled by their intellect are inclined and tempted to be the victims of the greatest sin of all, pride and self-righteousness, they're mentalists, and they pride themselves that they don't yield to their baser instincts and they don't have to have sex. Whereas the one who is confessing his need and asking for it and getting it, is more normal, natural and more righteous than the one who's pretending he doesn't need it and looks down on the others who do.

How much trouble we'd save ourselves if we'd just be honest with each other!

True, the Lord makes a difference between the carnal and the spiritual, but He's not making it in the sense that everything that's carnal and everything that's fleshly is evil. He's just trying to point out that you must differentiate between the two and that there's a time to be spiritual and there's a time to be carnal. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

So why don't we just be open and honest with each other, humbly admit our needs and not be ashamed to confess them and just be natural and normal and happy the way God made us.