A Star in the Window

Back during World War II, a little boy and his daddy were driving home on Christmas Eve. They drove past rows of houses with Christmas trees and decorations in the windows. In many of the windows the little boy noticed a star. He asked his father, "Daddy, why do some of the people have a star in the window?" His daddy said that the star meant that the family has a son in the war. As they passed the last house, suddenly the little boy caught sight of the evening star in the sky. "Look, Daddy!--God must have a son in the war, too! He's got a star in His window!"--James Hewett

(Maria Fontaine) That's right! God has a Son, Jesus, Who went to war when He came to Earth to fight for the souls of men, to show us His Father's love, and to save us. And He continues to aid us as we fight the spiritual warfare here on Earth, and as we fulfill our commission to gather as many as possible into Heaven to live with Him forever.