"Call on the keys, and the spiritual helpers needed to defeat the Enemy's power and principalities will destroy the works of darkness."

Talismans and Animism

First Published January 1979

There is more to talismans than superstition. That is why the Lord didn't like gods and goddesses in graven images, because the evil spirit frequently accompanied the graven image. A talisman is an idol, it's a picture, a token of something.

Animism is probably the world's most widespread religion. Any religion in which they worship inanimate objects, such as trees, stones, images, and the spirits that are supposed to inhabit these objects, is generally known as animism. It is one of the things which God attacked almost the most, the thing he hated the most outside of hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

The world itself worships mostly the things that can be seen, although there are wicked spirits behind these things. ( Eph.6:12 ) Materialism is really the major religion of the world, and animism is just a form of materialism, the worship of things. They worship the creation, things, instead of the spirit. "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creation more than the Creator." ( Ro.1:25 .)

One of God's greatest interests is to get you to believe in the unseeable, the unseen. "For the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are unseen are eternal." ( 2Co.4:18 ) One of the devil's main lines of business is to keep you from worshipping and believing in the unseen God, the spiritual God, and to get you to worship the things that you can see, the creation, the material universe, rather than the unseen.

Some people are really impressed by psychokinesis, bending spoons without touching them, the power of the mind, mind-over-matter. If you concentrate strongly enough you can shatter a window, stop the hands on a clock, move objects across a table, etc. How does that connect with animism? Well, the creation of God that man worships the most, is actually man, himself.

This was the devil's first attack in the garden: to get Adam and Eve to worship themselves. What did he tempt them with? Ye shall be as Gods!" (Gen.3:5 ) You will be such a God you can even worship yourself, you will be so powerful and so smart. That is exactly where man is today: man worships himself most of all!

All this yoga, transcendental meditation, whatever you want to call it, is a very clever counterfeit. it's a subterfuge, a phony false front. They start you off thinking that you're worshipping yourself and your own mind, the "real you." Yoga, for example, starts off in the physical, with positions and exercises that are good for your body, but you wind up inviting demonic powers to enter in and take over.

Many people who have gotten into the spiritual through the oriental religions still think they're worshipping their own spirit or their own mental power through meditation, yoga, etc. They eventually discover that they get into another spirit, the world of demon power. Of course, the devil doesn't always expose himself right away. Some of his manifestations will be marvelous and create wonder. But what good does it do? It's just for show, the devil showing off what he can do, supernatural things, miracles, bend spoons, stop clocks, etc.

Images that cry and pictures that bleed. Does it really inspire the worship of Christ and of God, or just of that particular image, that idol or that picture? To me it is a deception and a form of animism and graven images, a form of idolatry.

I am convinced that God hated idolatry and idols not only because of the demon spirit or evil god, pagan or heathen god which those idols pictured or represented, but which some of them possessed. If you don't recognise the enemy's work, how are you going to get the victory over it? Unless God reveals what's wrong, how are you going to recognise who is behind it and what it is.

There are two ways of getting rid of an evil spirit: you either exorcise the spirit in the name of Jesus Christ and get rid of it permanently, or you get rid of the talisman or picture or whatever it may be.

Most people don't know spirits have to have vehicles, they think they can just fly through the air! Well look at what happened when Jesus cast a legion of demons out of a man. They asked the Lord to cast them into the herd of swine. They have to have vehicles, they are like hitchhikers. They are associated with things or people or animals or objects or even places. (Mark 5:2-13)

Don't let it alarm you, you have power over them. One way to get rid of an evil spirit if you can't cast it out of a thing is to get rid of that thing! You must command the demon to leave the house and the premises and never come back.

It will pay for you to stay strong in the Lord and the Word and in prayer and the spirit, and don't let the enemy have any opportunities to annoy you or cause mischief.

These little imps keep trying to show you that they have power. They want to take some glory away from the Lord, and sometimes it gets your mind off the Lord. So stay in prayer and in the spirit and in the word and keep your mind on the Lord. "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee." (Isa.26:3) Don't be at all fearful.

I don't like to talk about the devil very much. I don't like to give him that much credit or glory, but we need to recognise the fact that we are not just dealing with natural, normal things. We are dealing with things of the spirit! We have greater power and we have the protection of the Lord, so we don't have to worry. Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." (1Jn.4:4)

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions