Excerpted the "The End Of Time" by John Benjamin


Some have broached the idea of the Antichrist being presented to the world by a supposedly benign "alien" lifeforce, that will suddenly appear on the scene to present him as the "savior" of mankind. They will say that they have actually been here for millinea, watching and observing us; and that now; as we have been unable to solve our own problems and come to terms of PEACE with each other as nations and peoples; they are going to have to step in to prevent us from destroying ourselves in a hellish nuclear war, and teach us how to get along together and progress into the next step of our "evolutionary development" as interplanetary beings.

They will then place or install this superhuman man as our leader to "help" us learn to get along and to take us to this "next level." He will supposedly be "part human" and "part alien", so as to have their superhuman intelligence and powers that will help him govern the world properly. He will supposedly have been produced by one of the many reported abductions in which a woman was taken aboard an alien craft and impregnated; and then returned for by them to give birth to this being; which is then taken by them to be raised and trained.

Many are the reports of such abductions; some sounding very credible by these poor women who are terribly shaken by the experience, and yet even "miss" the baby and want to see it again. Many have been put under deep hypnosis to see if they are telling the truth; and it often only served to provide even MORE information on the abduction, in vivid detail; much to the chagrin of the doctors and scientists overseeing the investigation. To the average person and even most intellectuals, these stories sound absolutely ridiculous and fictitious; so much so, that most refuse to even give them passing thought.

But with the recent admission by Dr. Steven Hawking; the "Einstein" of our time, stating publicly that he believes that the existence of an "extraterrestrial presence", is entirely feasible; dozens of other scientists have now stepped forward, falling all over themselves to agree with him, and get on board with this concept; which has here-to-fore been considered a "taboo" to admit in the scientific community. As we look into history, many great men and "great minds" down through time have believed in them.

Even though many "kooks" with incredible stories of alien abductions have come forward and been debunked; there is also hard evidence by very credible people, from positions of great authority; such as law enforcement and military high ups, as well as scientists, historians and other civilians that are highly respected; of many unexplainable sightings and phenomenon. Enough to be certainly considered as credible information that we should all take note of.

Many of us have seen on television the videos of phenomenon such as "the Phoenix lights" and "Project Bluebook", as well as a HOST of other documentary and news shows, where there is actual footage of UFO's. So there is enough information available now on this subject to make it into something that that we should all take into consideration that may play a major role in the future of planet earth, and this "end time" scenario:


Why yes it does! In Daniel chapter 7 there are some very interesting Scriptural passages that speak of God coming to earth in "fiery wheels from the sky": (circular objects?)

Daniel 7:9,10

"I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the "ANCIENT OF DAYS" (GOD) did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of His head like the pure wool: His throne was like the "fiery flame", AND HIS "WHEELS" AS BURNING FIRE." "A FIERY STREAM ISSUED AND CAME FORTH FROM BEFORE HIM ..."

Now in the old days they didn't know of the term "flying saucers" or "UFO'S" like we use today to describe these FLYING CRAFT. According to this, God comes down to earth in what appear to be "FIERY WHEELS" or "ROUND THINGS" in the sky! Perhaps in King James day in England of old, or even before; people who read what the prophets tried to describe, assumed that these "wheels" were like the wheels on a wagon, or like we have nowadays on a modern automobile; that sit up straight and ROLL as they go forward.

But there are other verses in the BOOK OF EZEKIEL that make it very plain that this is NOT the case. They describe these same "wheels" in much greater detail. Ezekiel was allowed a CLOSE UP LOOK AT THEM, and according to what he describes, these "wheels" or "circular objects" in the sky LAY DOWN FLAT LIKE A DINNER PLATE ON A TABLE AND GO STRAIGHT FORWARD WITHOUT TURNING! THAT MORE ACCURATELY DESCRIBES WHAT WE WOULD CALL A "FLYING SAUCER"! And, like a flying saucer, they don't turn or spin when they move.

If you watch a UFO move in any of the various video footage available; they seem to travel just like Ezekiel says these "WHEELS" do here, and NOT like some of the artists of the past have portrayed Ezekiel's vision; like OX cart wheels bouncing along on the ground. In fact, if you read Ezekiel's vision in Chapters 1 and 10 of that Book; these wheels, or "saucers" not only LAY FLAT as they travel, BUT ALSO HAVE THE ABILITY TO GO STRAIGHT UP INTO THE AIR FROM OFF THE GROUND, AND TO HOVER!

Ezekiel 1:16-18

"The appearance of the "WHEELS" and their work was like unto the color of a beryl: (emerald or aqua-marine colored) ...and they FOUR (there are four of them - possibly four saucers in a FLEET) ...they FOUR had one likeness: (they all looked alike) ... their appearance and their work was as it were a "WHEEL IN THE MIDDLE OF A WHEEL."

Inside of each "wheel" or saucer was what appeared to be another wheel; probably seen from underneath, as part of the construction of each of the ships ...like a concentric circle that made up the "inner circle" of each ship; possibly with a "spoked" appearance, or some sort of radius rods going out from the center of the ship to the inner hull.



LIKE FOUR FLYING SAUCERS IN A FLEET! ...FOUR CIRCULAR OBJECTS LAYING DOWN FLAT ON THEIR SIDES and traveling forward or upwards, and not turning or spinning as they move. That right there shows that they are not wheels like the wheels on a car, or they would "turn" or "spin" when they move.

This is often what happens when translating things out of an ancient language...Some things, if translated literally from an old language come out sounding very different than what we would say if we were describing the same thing today with new words in English.

A modern example of this can be found in the difference between Spanish and English. In English the adjectives are pronounced FIRST, before the noun they are describing; like, "it's a beautiful day", whereas in Spanish, the noun comes first followed by the adjective; which if translated literally into English would read, "it's a day beautiful".

If this event were to be seen in today's modern world by a modern Prophet of God, He would probably describe it by saying something closer to this... "When they travelled, ALL FOUR OF THESE "CIRCULAR OBJECTS" MOVED ALONG LAYING DOWN FLAT ON THEIR SIDES..."

The way this is translated, has made it sound to many writers and scribes, down through time, like these "wheels" have FOUR SIDES. That would make them "SQUARES", and not "WHEELS" or circular objects. The ancients knew long before this was written, the difference between a square and a wheel. Geometry had already passed that point.

One poor artist even rendered them as four SQUARES flopping along where wheels would normally be located on a car, on a big square shaped box that God was riding in !? "PRETTY BUMPY RIDE for the King of the Universe..." One would think that God; who designed the whole universe, would be able to figure out how to make a round wheel for a better ride!? HA! But that is NOT what this is describing at all...


Apparently Ezekiel stood near enough to one to see just how HUGE it was. I am reminded of the gigantic saucer whose shadow covered WHOLE CITIES in the movie "Independence Day." These things are BIG! And the "concentric circles" or "RINGS" seen in the construction of the ship's hull go high into the air and apparently have "PORTHOLES" or what would appear to Ezekiel as "eyes" ...probably for people to look out of.

William Schnoebelen, a preacher from Isaquah, Washington; once saw a UFO and it had these same "eyes" or "portholes" with people looking out of them and waving at him. He has written many books on his life's experiences. You can find him and his works by googling him on line.

Also, in comparing what Ezekiel saw in his experience, to today's modern films such as "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", a fire appears in a cloud "infolding itself", or "sucking back into itself. Ezekiel saw this very thing occur just prior to the saucers and Angels that accompanied them. They came out of this "cloud of fire infolding itself".

Ezekiel 1:4

"And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, A GREAT CLOUD, AND A "FIRE INFOLDING ITSELF", and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire."

He then goes on to explain that four circular objects, or what we would call "saucers", come out of the midst of this fire along with four giant winged Angels; like possibly enormous "GUARD ANGELS", that stand guard over each ship when they land or are close to the ground...kind of like how the President of the United States has a team of Marines standing guard at the bottom of Air Force One, or his helicopter to see him off the steps safely as he lands. That's a pretty poor comparison, but may perhaps BE what these giant Angels are there for ...a security force. They probably come out of the ship while it's still in the cloud that hides it from view, to be there as protection when it lands.

Apparently God often uses "clouds" to hide these celestial flying craft from human view. When Jesus Christ ascended to heaven in front of his disciples in the Book of Acts, (Acts 1:9) it says that a "cloud" received Him out of their sight. Who knows what was IN that cloud? A ship like this one? Also, over and over in the Bible, it says that when Jesus returns, that He will "COME IN THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN". Will these clouds be like the ones in Ezekiel? ...Like a "fire" infolding itself? ...possibly with some sort of "CELESTIAL SHIP" inside? Guess we'll find out soon...

But anyway, this is a much more accurate description of these "fiery wheels in the sky" that God comes to earth in at the very end; to straighten things out on this planet; and to put Jesus Christ in charge of the world for all eternity; world without end. Daniel 7:13,14 immediately follows the "Ancient of Days" coming to earth here in these "fiery wheels", and is also one of these very same verses that has Jesus Christ returning in these "CLOUDS" at this same time and being brought before God to receive this "KINGSHIP" as supreme ruler of the world:

Daniel 7:13,14

"I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the "Son of Man" (a title Jesus referred to Himself as, over and over in the New Testament) came with the "CLOUDS OF HEAVEN", ...AND CAME TO THE ANCIENT OF DAYS, AND THEY BROUGHT HIM NEAR BEFORE HIM."

"And there was given Him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve Him: His dominion is an EVERLASTING DOMINION, which shall not pass away, and His Kingdom THAT WHICH SHALL NOT BE DESTROYED!"

So this begs the question: If God has these "space vehicles", does Satan have them too? Will the Antichrist indeed be introduced by a supposed group of "alien beings" that ALSO COME IN THESE SAME TYPE VEHICLES? There are certain verses that do indeed seem to corroborate this notion: Speaking of Satan's "son of perdition", the Antichrist, it says:

2 Thessalonians 2: 8 & 9

"And then shall that Wicked (the Antichrist) be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the Spirit of His Mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming:"


This description of the Antichrist coming with all POWER, and SIGNS, and LYING WONDERS may possibly be describing this very thing. Also Jesus said in Matthew chapter 24 that GREAT DECEPTION would occur in the end time to fool and deceive the people of earth. Also in Luke, as we mentioned, he stated that "GREAT SIGHTS AND FEARFUL SIGNS SHALL BE IN THE HEAVENS." So perhaps these "great sights and fearful signs" will be more than just "fiery comets and asteroids" impacting the earth, but may even include "flying saucers" and supposed "aliens." That would be PRETTY SCARY!

According to the Bible and ancient history, these beings have already visited earth before, and were very involved with the early races of man, actually cohabiting with women and producing "hybrid races." In actuality, they are not "aliens" at all; in the sense that they are some "higher form of evolved life" from another part of the universe that just happened to bump into earth on one of their many travels, and discovered that we have human life here. All that is a false notion put forth by modern scientists and writers, who are famous for "getting it wrong" all the time, and having to later "correct" their thinking, when new information comes to light to the contrary.

People have seen flying saucers from the beginning of time, and recorded them in their paintings and writings. Christopher Columbus saw them as he crossed the ocean in search of the "new land." They were seen above the battlefields of Alexander the Great, as well as above many battlefields down through time. The fighter and bomber pilots in World War ll saw them fly right next to their airplanes, and called them "Fu Fighters". There are paintings of them in the art of ancient India, and the Indian Holy Books. There are paintings of them in early Christian art, as well as many of the civilizations and their various writings and paintings down though time; the Aztecs, the Mayans, etc...

But no information so far has been so shocking as what was put forth by Dr. Zachariah Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken, who wrote Chariots of the Gods. Both of these great researchers believe in God. In their studies of ancient civilizations they came upon vast amounts of information that show that the early races of man were directly involved with these so-called "alien" entities. Dr. Zachariah Sitchin is from Hebrew University; one of the most respected institutions in the world. He was able to crack the code of the most ancient language of the most ancient recorded civilization on earth; THE SUMERIANS!

They are known to be the oldest culture of mankind to date. Remarkably, they were not the dull-witted "knuckle-draggers" of evolutionary theory; but a very highly advanced culture with its own form of writing and communication; and an adept knowledge of the stars and planets of our solar system. They are not the only ones. The ancient Aztecs and Mayans were also. They knew the earth was ROUND, not flat; and part of a SOLAR SYSTEM with other planets that orbited the sun.

The Sumerians were the first to record the passing of the great "death star" Nibiru, or "the planet of crossing", which, as explained before, is called that because it orbits in an elongated oval that is 90 degrees perpendicular to the plane of our solar system; whose planets are all in a "flat plane" like a dinner plate. So when it comes up into that "flat plane", running directly into it from below; it's path "CROSSES" the paths of our planets at a 90 degree angle; kind of like a GIANT FIST slugging our solar system "in the belly" from below, or from the South. It comes every 3600 years, passing by and causing great destruction.

Well these early Sumerians also have, in their historical writings, some VERY INCREDIBLE INFORMATION on what our modern culture would call "Aliens", as having regularly visited them; interacting with their culture; and actually mating with some of their women; producing "hybrid", super-human beings that were larger than regular men and that had greater intelligence, and actual spiritual powers that made them capable of feats that are impossible to normal men.

This explains the amazing feats of the construction of such great edifices as the GREAT PYRAMID, as well as other large structures that are impossible for modern man to build; even with our latest and best technologies. This is all recorded in many different books and writings down through time; for the serious seeker.

The Bible speaks in Genesis chapter 6; of the GIANTS that were produced in the early days; when the "angels", or "sons of God" came down to earth and chose the most beautiful among earth's women to be their wives. The children born to them became GIGANTIC compared to normal men.

In the first three chapters of the work of the great Jewish Historian, Flavius Josephus, known as "The Antiquities of the Jews", (which you can find at any major library, or google on the internet to read) it speaks in very vivid detail of this "mating" of the "sons of God" or "fallen angels" with the daughters of men; and the resultant producing of GIANTS.

Josephus even takes it a step further by saying that he believes that they became known as the Greek gods such as Hercules, as well as others that are written about in Grecian history. And although many accounts of their deeds became greatly embellished over time from story telling, and stretching things way out of proportion; he believes that these "legends" of the Greeks may indeed have their basis in supernatural acts that were originally performed by these ancient "god-men", or GIANTS.

But the decoding of the Sumerian scrolls, by Dr. Zachariah Sitchin, provide the most comprehensive and interesting analysis of these "fallen angels", with incredible accounts from written historical text, decoded from their history; and how these "god-men" came to earth in "flying craft"; mated with human women producing giants; and what they said, taught, and did in their exploits among men.

There IS one other book, however, that is so descriptive of these "fallen angels" that it even NAMES THE NAMES of the first several hundred of them that originally came to earth: THE BOOK OF ENOCH! Enoch lived before the flood of Noah, and was "the 7th from Adam" the Bible says. He spoke of all this in great detail, in what is probably the oldest book known to man, brought over by Noah on the Ark from before the days of the great flood. You can google "The Book of Enoch" on the internet and bring up copies of it that have been translated into various languages to read for free, or to buy if you are interested.

It is incredible to read the words of a man from so long ago; and to hear him speak of these very same things the Sumerians did, and Josephus, and the Bible. The Book of Enoch is the "smoking gun" that PROVES that these early celestial visitors ARE NOT ALIENS AT ALL in the sense that we think of them today; but rather THE FALLEN ANGELS, super-human in strength, mind and body to normal men; who followed Satan in his original rebellion against God; and therefore may be responsible for helping to bring forth "Satan's man", the Antichrist, to rule the world in the very end of this age.

Speaking of the GIANTS that were born from their mating with human women; there have been many archaeological digs by road builders, as well as the the Army Corps of Engineers, and others ...that have unearthed the remains of these giants; but when presented to the Universities that believe in evolution; they are confiscated and "swept under the rug"; destroyed, and gotten rid of.

It never goes to press. WHY? Because it would PROVE that the Bible is true, and the ancient writings are true, and that the theory of evolution is wrong... the idea that man "evolved" over great periods of time into what we are today, from the same evolutionary "branch", or "off-shoot" that produced MONKEYS!?

These digs are DIRECT PROOF that the Bible, and the various ancient writings that spoke of GIANTS EXISTING in the old days, ARE TRUE; as well as HOW they were produced...not by evolution over millions of years, but by fallen angels, or so-called "aliens" intermingling with humans! Therefore most evolutionists HAVE TO BE AGAINST IT, because it proves them WRONG and the BIBLE RIGHT!

Now, after all this new hard evidence, contrary to their teachings, has come out; they are trying to "sneak in a new teaching" that men still came from monkeys; and dropped out of the trees a few thousand years before these "alien beings" came to earth; and THEN they mated with them producing these "GIANTS". Odd? That research wasn't around or talked about when these men first began their study into the history of these peoples!?

I think they see the handwriting on the wall; and not being afraid to "stretch the truth" when needed, to prop up their "purely fictional ideas", which is obvious to anyone who has ever studied evolutionary theory with an "open mind"; it's apparent that they are conveniently making it all up as they go along.

So they are now seeing that they are going to HAVE to deal with this NEW RESEARCH, which is based on ACTUAL FACTS FROM WRITTEN, RECORDED HISTORY; and not PURELY CONJECTURE on the part of some bearded professor with a Sherlock Holmes pipe hanging from his mouth; or some "expert" who found a "pigs tooth" in the ground, and built a whole "new species" of ancient man around it; and they are hastily coming up with a "new history" of what REALLY HAPPENED according to them!

One of the main purposes for the theory of evolution; that it has now "debauched" itself into; is NOT to really get to the bottom of things, and actually find out what the real truth is about history; but to COVER UP ANY EVIDENCE OF ANYTHING THAT IS FOUND THAT DISAGREES WITH THE MODERN "STATUS QUO" OF EVOLUTION, AND MAINLY ....TO DISCREDIT THE BIBLE! As I said, they are making it all up as they go along; making HUGE ASSUMPTIONS of things that supposedly happened millions of years ago, that they have NO WAY of actually proving; and daring to call it "SCIENCE"!?

Science USED to be a field that prided itself on basing each new discovery or idea on things that were PROVEN TO BE "FACT" BEYOND DOUBT! Evolution is based almost entirely on MERE ASSUMPTION; with no direct proof to back up the majority of it's claims whatsoever!

If you would like to see actual pictures of some of these Giant skeletons, you can simply bring up You Tube, and type in the search box, "bones of the giants" and it will bring up MANY of these digs. Some will argue that they are just faked photos; and some may be!? But some are quite possibly real; and the fake ones put out there so no one will believe in the real ones when they see them. These people are so DESPERATE to protect their "sacred cow" of evolution, that they will go to any lengths and pay any price to keep the world in the dark and make themselves look good.

I know of one man personally who is a trusted and truthful Christian Archeologist named Dr. John Morris; who uncovered the footprints of giant men and women at a dig site in Glen Rose, Texas. They were inter-mixed and crossed over with those of dinosaurs; showing that they both lived together at the same time, like the Bible says.

The Bible speaks of two great dinosaurs in Job chapters 40 and 41. Look them up and read the descriptions of these enormous gigantic animals that had scales like reptiles, and were so big they were almost beyond description. The Bible says that they were created WITH MEN in the beginning.

Some modernist Bible translators; trying to please the evolutionists, and so called modern "science", say that these chapters are describing an alligator and a hippopotamus. But if you read the descriptions of them, they are speaking of animals so huge and with such incredible characteristics, that they are obviously dinosaurs. One is so huge and mean that it says it can hardly be killed by any method. Even a jaguar can kill an alligator. Men with spears can kill a hippo! The descriptions of them given there are clearly those of dinosaurs to any rational thinking mind. Look these chapters up and read them yourself and see!

When Dr. Morris called people from a famous University of Archeology to come and view what he had dug up; they came with backhoes and covered up his dig and put out a press release saying that he was not to be trusted, and that what he was saying was not true. But so many have been found now, it will be hard to keep a lid on it much longer for these modern "barbers" who don't really care about what the real truth is; but just protecting their own reputations and standing by an old worn out theory that is being proven wrong daily now with modern research coming out, and put to shame in the eyes of the world ...evolution.

The Apostle Paul spoke in the Bible of our modern "science" of today, that dares to present assumptions and far out "fables" as TRUTH, without any actual factual evidence to really back it up; when he called it "science, falsely so-called..." (Ist Timothy 6:20)

The "barbers" were the Doctors of the middle ages, who thought that most all illnesses could be cured by "bleeding" the sick person and removing quantities of blood from their bodies. Apparently someone had once been cured by this method, so it became the basis for so-called medicine of the 16th and 17th centuries. George Washington DIED after being "bled" a second time for pneumonia.

Now days they are looked back on by modern medicine as total "ninnies" for believing such a thing. So also will those who have fought so long and hard to put forth the bogus "theory of evolution" shortly, when more comes to light in the modern scientific community that they are NOT able to hide.

There is a book you can order that is chocked full of documented reports by road builders and the Army Corp of Engineers that has story after story of the digs of these giants. You can order it from David J. Smith by going on line to www.newswatchmagazine.org and looking it up. It is simply called "GIANTS".

You can probably even view parts of the book on line, or other research like it. Total PROOF that giants really once existed. Some are said to have been 14 feet tall, and the early ones even taller; with elongated heads and two rows of teeth; along with 6 fingers and toes. You can view these elongated skeleton heads on line in some of the You Tube clips on "bones of the giants". Goliath, the giant in the Bible, had 6 fingers and toes. (Just a co-incidence I suppose!?)

The early Sumerians called these "star men" "the Annunaki." This means, "those who from heaven to earth came." The Annunaki taught them all about the stars and made maps of the world. THERE IS ANOTHER PROOF IN ITSELF! THE ANCIENT MAPS THEY'VE DISCOVERED!

They recently even found a map in ANCIENT EGYPT showing the lay out of the earth's continents, complete with longitude and latitude lines. Google "Ancient World Maps" and do a study on it. There have been MANY that have been dug up or found that are so ancient, that it has created a great dilemma to modern scientists and evolutionists to try to explain it. Supposedly we didn't have this knowledge until the great "map makers" of the 1500's and 1600's such as Captain Cook!?

This has recently been on The History Channel. It showed a half a dozen of these ancient maps, recently dug up, that had all the coastlines of the various countries perfectly intact, with longitude and latitude lines. How did ancient man get this information, that was only more recently performed during explorations in the 1600's by sea-voyagers like Captain Cook? Their only explanation for this was that these maps came from the Annunaki or others like them that came to earth long ago, and may still even secretly live here; traveling back and forth to other planets periodically.

So there is plenty of evidence and clear proof that these beings once inhabited earth, mixing with the civilizations of men. The Bible called these giants, "the children of Anak" (Annunaki) and speaks of the different races of the Giants that were their offspring, and tells how the famous Goliath, who fought King David and was defeated by him, was the "LAST OF THE GIANTS." The children of Israel had to run the Giants out of the land God originally gave them; a land flowing with milk and honey, as well as giant fruits and vegetables. The Lord used GIANT HORNETS to literally chase the giants out of their land and keep them out.

There is so much in history that is FACT and not FABLE, as has been taught by those who wish not for humankind to really become "enlightened", BUT TO KEEP US IN DARKNESS, because these things fly in the face of men who have put their whole lives and reputations into building what is now being proven to be a LIE concerning the "history of mankind."

Argue with the FACT of these MAPS that have been brought forward!? ... some dating back to Alexander's time and even much earlier...the days of Egypt. They won't be able to keep the digs of the bones of these giants a secret much longer either. Argue with what is written as factual history of the Sumerians, the ancient Peruvians, and others. Everyday new things are coming to light.

But the main idea here is this. These first "star men" were fallen angels who took sides with Satan in his rebellion against God, and came to earth and cross-bred with women; which God commanded them not to do. It speaks of the in the Bible in the Book of Jude, and says in verse 6, "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day."

So the point is: They were not supposed to do this, and mess with the genetics of human-kind. They also lied to the men of earth, as you can see in the writings of the Sumerians; that they were Gods themselves; and with their superhuman powers compared to men, this was probably easy to believe. But God says in Isaiah 43:10,11, "Before Me there was NO GOD FORMED, neither shall there be after Me. I, even I, am the Lord; and beside Me THERE IS NO SAVIOR!"

He is called, "The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end! He is God alone, and there IS no other. These other "pretenders" were only the fallen angels...NOT GODS. The Bible says in Genesis 6 that they became "men of great renown." Great fame...from the tremendous deeds they were able to perform; much of which looked like "MAGIC" to men and women.

They had great supernatural powers; and they became known as "sorcerers" or "wizards", and their wives became known as "witches". So thus began the great religion of Wicca, or "witchcraft". They fooled the world into thinking that they were Gods, and that is where the worship of "many gods" came about like in the modern Hindu religion today.

According to the Book of Enoch, they even got into scientific things like "gene-splicing" and created creatures that were here-to-fore thought to only be "mythological". Like the bull-god; part man and part bull. These guys just had something for having HORNS! Guess it made them look more scary. Kind of like Vikings! Quite a fashion statement! They supposedly created the Satyr; part man and part deer, symbolized by Pan; as well as the creature that was part man and part horse.

But the bull god was probably the most prominent god that was worshipped; such as in Egypt, after which the Children of Israel fashioned the "golden calf" in the wilderness. Perhaps the modern Hindu worship of the cow, stems from this very same ancient worship.

The god Molech was symbolized by a bull; that people were required to offer their first born to in human sacrifice, to be burnt up.

What a terrible and hellish thing for people to have to do, to please these satanic creatures! To place their precious little babies on the altar of FIRE as a sacrifice! HOW WICKED! According to certain ancient research, they also were responsible for altering certain plants to make various kinds of euphoric DRUGS which altered people's minds, and made them easier to control.

They basically made "slaves" of mankind for their own selfish purposes. Is this not the same thing that the big bankers, and businessmen; the modern "movers and shakers" of our world; the RICH ELITE are trying to do today? Those who are possibly trying to actually help bring forth this very ANTICHRIST for their own purposes, and to push the world into ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?

I wonder if some of these men are actually "possessed" by these hideous demons and creatures? Look at the modern "human sacrifice" of our sons and daughters on the modern battlefields; as they vie with other nations who have similar designs for control of the world, and it's wealth, and vast resources.

But God destroyed the ancient world because of this, in the great flood of Noah, which is recorded in some fashion in the history of every major civilization on earth. That is another awesome proof that the Bible is true. Every single culture has a mention of the great flood of Noah in their history. Some accounts vary, as should only be expected, by the gradual changing of a story over time. But how could whole cultures, thousands of miles away from each other, having no contact with each other just mysteriously come up with the same story of a GREAT FLOOD upon the earth?

God also established a 7 day week. This has remained steadfast in every single culture down through time, ALSO proving the Bible is true. Why hasn't anybody made a 4 day week or a 12 day week or something? There is so much around us that proves the Bible is true if you are really looking and really seeking.

But once again these "fallen ones" are right now coming to earth, or perhaps never left earth; and are showing themselves every now and then; enough to keep people's interest, but not to get the major media and governments to actually admit their existence. They still have the same plan they had in the beginning: To take the world for Satan! And to gain control over those who are in positions of power on earth.

Have they indeed taken a woman from among men as they did in the days of old; and brought forth from her a new "SAVIOR FOR THE WORLD"? Will they soon appear to announce their "great one" that Christians will recognize as the Antichrist? I believe that we shall soon see; because of the recent admission by Dr. Steven Hawking. It's like he's been given the "go-ahead." ...to announce it all to the world.

They may continue to remain behind the scenes as invisible demons; merely controlling certain people from the spirit world through their thoughts, as they have for the most part up till now. But should they choose to make themselves public; It will, as the Bible said, be the most powerful deception ever yet foisted upon mankind!

Who will be able to argue with them and their "magic". Jesus Himself said in Matthew 24, that "many false prophets would arise near the end of the world, showing GREAT SIGNS AND WONDERS (magic) ...to DECEIVE if possible; even the Elect of God; or his closest and most chosen. But that they would not be allowed to overstep that bound. God will hang tight on to all who turn to Him. During this horrendous time is says that, "whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord SHALL BE SAVED!"

The Bible says that this time period will be the worst in the history of the world up to that time, or ever shall be again! It is during this terrible time that most all of these events mentioned occur. They are part of this GREAT TRIBULATION, as the Bible calls it, that this MAN OF EVIL will bring upon the earth.

But God will miraculously protect and provide for all who turn to Him during this time, and even though many will actually die as martyrs for the Lord; they will be given GREAT GRACE to do so; just as the martyrs of old. But according to Revelation chapter 12, these will only be a remnant or minority.

The vast majority of God's people will be fed, kept, and protected by the Lord in the wilderness for this last 3 1/2 years; until Jesus returns to take us with Him to safety in the rapture; while he DESTROYS this mad man and his followers in the infamous BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON!

***It is at this time that he takes us to safety; grants us our new spiritual bodies like His, that are impervious to pain, sickness, or death; and burns off and purges the surface of the earth and renews it back to it's original beauty; and then brings us back to actually help many of us rule and reign with Him in GREAT LOVE over the survivors of these horrors who live on into the Millennium. Many of us will rule and reign with Christ.

So this is the beautiful end, or rather "beginning" of what presently appears to many as a very tragic story of the end of our present earth; which; without the knowledge of God's greater plan here, of RESTORING the earth, and saving as many people as will turn to Him; certainly looks very ominous, dark, and hopeless.

They feel that the earth could be destroyed at any time, by any of a number of disasters, and that mankind will cease to exist forever. This is the hopeless feeling that many are left with after viewing most of these "end of the world" movies, and after watching the nightly news; which seems to corroborate the possibility of many of these things occurring shortly.

People are left with a feeling of utter hopelessness and despair. But it doesn't have to turn out that way. Get the bigger picture! There is a God. He loves you, and has made a way for you to escape this terrible sad ending, and to go on with Him into the next life and the next world of sheer joy and happiness ...world without end. Receive Jesus Christ today and guarantee yourself a place in that heavenly world that is to come.