The Keys

"And I will give you the Keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." MAT.16:19

As the Lord's elite Endtime army facing the final showdown and greatest battle between Heaven and Hell of all history, He's telling you that without availing yourselves of the fullest and greatest manifestations of His power that He's making available to you, you're not going to make it. From that perspective, is it any wonder that He has increased and augmented the original power of Heaven that was available? That's what all this "calling on the Keys" is about.

(Jesus:) There are many barriers between Heaven and Earth, between the realm of the spirit and the realm of the flesh, but the Keys, which are a spiritual power, immediately part the veil and provide access to the full power of Heaven.

The spiritual world is vast, and I have allowed the Enemy control of certain sectors of it for now. The Keys were created to part the veil‚ to give you instant access to My power. The Enemy seeks to stop you from gaining access, and his efforts to block or hinder you will increase even more as you draw closer to the End. That is why you need the power of the Keys to access My full power immediately, instantly, in the blink of an eye. The Keys give you direct access to the power source of Heaven, the awesome and mighty power that could, if it were My will, destroy every last demon of Hell, including the Devil himself, in an instant.

The power of the Keys--and the other weapons of the spirit--empowers your prayers more than ever before. When you call on the power of the Keys in prayer, you heighten and increase your prayer power. The Keys create a slit or an opening in the veil between your world and Mine, and in an instant, in a split second, you can access full, tremendous power from Heaven. This is what you will need in the days to come when My power and the Keys' manifestations will be clearly known and seen.

The Keys will bring on-the-spot power‚ direct answers, and are created specifically for times when tremendous surges of heavenly intervention are needed in an instant, according to My will.

There will be times in the future when there will be such a deep understanding between Me and My brides that they will be able to utter (either with their mouth or in their thoughts) a single word, an access code for a new weapon, and they will know that I will answer them.

In the time it would take to say, "I call on the Keys," you would be: 1) Using the weapon of prayer, because you would be communicating with Me. 2) You would also be using the power of the Keys. 3) You would be using the weapon of praise, because in your heart and spirit you'd be calling, proclaiming My greatness. 4) You'd be loving Me intimately, because you'd be linked to My Spirit intimately. 5) You'd be using heavenly thought power, because that would be the glue linking everything together.

The Keys are activated by faith, and without full faith, you won't be able to access their full power.

Prayer--your avenue of communication with Me--is the basic ingredient that must be present, and then all of the other new weapons enhance it. Praise enhances the power of prayer. The Keys enhance the power of prayer. Loving Me intimately enhances the power of prayer. Prophecy enhances the power of prayer‚ because you can receive direction on how to pray on the spot, as I speak to your heart and show you how to pray most effectively.

Here is how the Lord describes this magnificent gift:

a. Complete access to all of Heaven's power, and dominion over death and Hell.

b. The means to get the job done.

c. Full access to every power source of Heaven.

d. The code to unlock every solution.

e. The means to bypass all impossibilities.

f. All the Keys to Heavenly resources.

g. In your Keys, you have liberty and freedom.

h. The power to release those in bond­age.

i. The power to overcome all evil.

If these different spiritual weapons didn't enhance prayer and work greater change in the spirit world--through defeating the Enemy, speeding answers on their way, and much more--then what would be their purpose?

The Keys do hold power, and they are vital for My warriors of today, because they do enhance prayer and make it many, many times more effective.

With "The Keys," you'll be able to access the greatest power of Heaven available to you. It will be many spiritual weapons interlinked and in play at the same time, but the Keys will be the ones that will pierce the veil for the miracle to come through.

The Keys are a very real entity--a part of the fusion of My power, which is the power that can cripple and defuse the Enemy's power most effectively.

Only recently, as we have entered the Last Days, did I find it necessary to reveal to you the full power of the Keys of the Kingdom, this additional portion of My power and your anointing for these Last Days. You must have all three parts, My loves--Me, My Word, and the Keys--for we are one.

You must let Me‚ My Word, and the Keys become one with you, for unless all three are an integral part of your life, I will only be able to use you to a certain degree, but never fully.

There are chemical compounds on Earth, such as water, which is made up of the elements hydrogen and oxygen. Well, in the spirit it's like that too. I‚ plus My Word, plus the Keys, combine to make the fuel, power, spiritual stamina, authority, and everything you will need in the days to come--and today, now, is when you must prepare. It's an Endtime phenomenon, a spiritual fact!

You will never find a key promise that is contrary to the Bible, any more than you would find My Word of true prophecy contradicting the Bible. They are one.

Each of My children has the power to connect to this Key that unlocks the treasures of Heaven, the jewels from Beyond, My Words and the wonderful mysteries of the Spirit. All they have to do is ask.

The Keys are Me! The Keys are My power. The Keys are My Word. The Keys are My love. The Keys represent all that is available to you in the form of spiritual power released for this day and age.

Every time you use the Keys, your faith grows and you learn a little bit more about them.

The power of the Keys has always been available, but it was hidden behind a veil, a veil of understanding, that I have torn down only now in these Last Days, so that you might have the spiritual weapon you need to see you through the dark days ahead--the darkest days ever known to man, for which you will need the brightest and most pure and powerful light of Heaven--the light of the Keys, to illuminate your path!

The Bible is a guidebook, it is your foundation; it contains all the principles upon which all your doctrines must be based. And yet there are many things that are mentioned only briefly, or sometimes cryptically--but they are there just the same.

Ultimately it is a matter of faith whether someone decides to believe or not, just as it is when someone decides to receive Me. In the end, My sheep will hear My voice and will follow Me.

I have not replaced the promises I've given in the Bible; I've enhanced them with the promise of the Keys.

The Bible is the foundation of the Keys.

The Keys are activated and enhanced by many different factors, including your faith, which comes from your personal connection with Me and the Word, your yieldedness, your determination to persevere in prayer, and your skill at wielding specific Keys for specific situations.

The Keys won't use their power to give you something just because you ask for it‚ unless it's in accordance with the Lord's will at the time. Remember that essential phrase, "In conjunction with My will."

The Keys have power, but only to do what's best for you and the Lord's overall plan.

The Lord hasn't put a lot of conditions on the Keys. He's basically given them to you with very few limits or boundaries. At the same time, the spiritual principles that apply to answered prayer and His Word also apply to the Keys. He assumes you understand that when the promise says‚ "Call on the Keys and I will supply all your needs," that this means within His will and what He knows is best for you and others and His work.

If you're generally meeting the spiritual standard of His Word and living the life of a disciple, then you can use the Keys and expect miracles--in accordance with His will.

The ultimate purpose of the Keys is to win souls, to reap the final harvest.

You must remember, My loves, the aim, the purpose, the goal, the final end result of why I put such power in your hands--which is to win souls to My Kingdom! This is the reason for it all. This is the reason for such great possession of My Spirit within you. This is the reason I give you full access to all of Heaven's power.

The outpouring, the power, these blessings I give you, My loves, are all to this end--that you might reap the harvest that awaits you. This is where your eyes must always be focused. This is the goal. This is your purpose. This is the reason for it all, the purpose behind everything you do‚ the reason I place these Keys in your hands, the reason I come to you now, to possess you in such a great way. The reason for it all is to win souls, to reap the final harvest in the end of days. Time is short, dear loves‚ so very short, and the night is fast falling--this is why I pour out My Spirit as never before.

The main battle will be for the souls of those who are in the middle, those who have not yet decided, those who are lost and trapped in the bondage of the System.

Without the quality of a deep love for Me, dedication, and yieldedness to Me, the Keys give no power. … The gift of the Keys is only for those who go further, who love Me, who live for Me, and who give their lives for Me. The gift of the Keys is for My Endtime disciples.

This is one of the most priceless gifts ever given to man. Aside from the gift of salvation, when Jesus came to Earth to give His life for your sins, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, which God bestowed upon you when Jesus departed, the gift of the Keys grants you an unparalleled wonder.

When you call on the Keys, remember that you are calling on a living, moving, powerful, spiritual phenomenon.

You must call specifically on the power of the Keys, or the power of the Keys of the Kingdom. The more specific you are, the better. The Keys are activated in part by faith, and the more faith you demonstrate in calling on the Keys by name, showing that you believe they are real and exist, the more responsive power you will receive.

* ”I call on the power of the Keys.”

* ”We claim the power of the Keys of the Kingdom.”

* ”I take hold of the power of the Keys.”

* ”Release the power of the Keys into our hands.”

* ”Deliver the power of the Keys unto us, for Your glory.”

* ”We harness the power of the Keys of the Kingdom.”

* ”We reach out to the power of the Keys.”

When you begin to pray, you must specify that you are calling on the power of the Keys. Say those words in your first or second sentence. The power does not come on until you call for it. Avail yourself of the power of the Keys from the moment you begin interceding. That is the first step. That opens the door for miracles. So call! Call on the power of the Keys. Say the words. You cannot harness the power of the Keys if you do not call on them by name. They beg to be used, but they must be called upon by name.

Using the Keys in your prayers is really simple. It doesn't require eloquence or a lot of deep understanding of all the intricacies of the Keys, it just requires saying the words. The power of the Keys is not activated until you say the words, until you actually verbally call on the power of the Keys.

Even if you just say that over and over, “I call on the power of the Keys,” that would do the trick. That would immediately put at your disposal all the awesome power of the universe.

So your Keys of the Kingdom prayers can be very much like what you pray now, just with this addition, this recognition and direct clear reference to the Keys, an obvious acknowledgment that you want to avail yourself of this power.

In the years to come, the world is going to go through thousands of upheavals and rumblings in economies, in governments, in people's lives and hearts. They're going to go insane with worry, for the world will be in such chaos that there will be none to turn to except Me. Their hearts will be torn and brutally suppressed by the powers that will rise in an attempt to salvage this world. But I tell you now, as sure as My promises will not fail, this world is coming to an end.

They have invoked the last protocol before the rise of the Antichrist, and it's only a matter of time before his rise and revelation. He has taken his throne, and even now has been crowned as the king of this world. The leaders and the rulers of this world have bowed at his feet.

You will see his armies go forth to crush those who are his enemies--those whom the world regards as evil or oppressors. He does this to attain a false air of righteousness, but he will bring peace to this world--seeking to upstage My Own peace. Though fake, it will bring a measure of stability to the world--but not until this world has trembled under his hand, and not until many things are broken down before his face.

Faith will be the key to all these miracles I have spoken of--faith to believe that, "Yes, I can through Christ," "Yes, there are no limits to Him," "Yes, there is no mountain that cannot be moved through a-grain-of-mustard-seed faith."

My Father told Me what I needed to do was focus more on the power of the Keys than on the obstacles I faced. He said I needed to forget about looking at the obstacles and set My ­focus only on the power I had access to. I had to acknowledge that the obstacles were there; I had to acknowledge there was a problem; but when I was faced with an obstacle, I was to instantly focus on the power, focus on the Keys, focus on My Father, on His Word, and on what I knew to be true.

I had to focus on His Word, on the power of the Keys, not on the circumstances that sur­rounded Me. He told Me clearly that what I had to do was to ignore all other possibilities of sol­utions to any given problem or obstacle I faced. I had to ignore all other voices crying out to Me and only focus on the Keys.

How was I to do this? I was in the flesh as you are, surrounded by the things of the Earth. I was not exempt from carnal thinking. My Father said it was simple, really--a simple matter of faith alone. I had to focus on His power rather than carnal thinking, and the way to do this was to exercise My faith in His Word, in His promises to Me, and most importantly, I had to not only claim His promise, but I had to act on the Word I was given.

I was to look fully to My Father by putting the instruction He gave Me into action; this was focusing on the power. I would shoot up prayers and hear from My Father on the spot, but the key to focusing on the power was to take immediate action and do what He told Me to do, and do it right then if He was so leading.

The key was not only in calling on the Keys, but in following through. By taking action, by being a doer of the Word that I was given, there was no room to even contemplate other possibilities, which would block the power of the Keys I had available to Me. Being a doer of the Word, obedient only to the will of My Father, was My declaration of faith. Obeying and acting on the Word--the power of the Word--opened the floodgates for the power of the Keys to flow through Me.

Focusing on the power is ignoring all possibilities other than what the Keys and My Word can do for you. Focusing on the power is refusing any alternatives other than using the Keys and standing on My Word.

If you will allow Me full possession and will put on My mind, our minds will meld. And as you take on the totality of the mind of God, your thought power will be increased; your mental and spiritual power will be greatly enhanced.

We need the Keys in order to fulfill our destiny.

In the darkness you will need to be masters of the Keys.

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