"Supporting someone with prayer and the power of the keys is the greatest act of love and sacrifice, and will deliver to them miracles that will lighten their load and give them the strength to fight on."

The Operator

First Published May 1978

Prayers just flow out of your mouth and they go out and find anybody that you want to pray for, wherever they are.

It's the power of the Spirit of God, and nothing can limit the power of the spirit of God. It's the Elixir of Heaven. It doesn't matter what you pray for, it just is absolutely marvelous! Every one of you has power!

When you even think about them, that thought that you think about them, that you love them and you're sorry for them, God by His Holy Spirit puts the thought in your mind.

It's just like a telephone call. You are almost like the exchange, and God sends the main call from His Spirit to your mind. Then you have to make the connection to send it on to the party that needs to receive it. But if you just think about them and you just cut it off, it's just like you're turning the phone off on God!

It's like when He's trying to make a phone call and He gives you the number and you put it through. He tells the operator--you're the operator. God is the one that's calling, and He tries to put it through you because he wants to show you what love really is.

Love is making a connection like that, from God, to somebody who needs your love. You are the connection between God and that person, in love.

Did you know where prayers come from? They're from the Spirit of God. They come from God. They go out to all the people, but He wants you to understand His love. That's what prayer is like. The prayer really comes from God.

When God makes the call and He plugs it into your mind, then you think about that person. But then you have to plug it in and send it on its way to that person. Of course, also, on the other end of the line, when the phone rings, they have to pick it up and they have to listen and receive the call.

You can't make them receive it, you can't make them pick up the phone, you can't do it. They have to pick up the phone. But if you fail, as the operator, you fail to flick the switch or plug in the phone call to them, then they'll never have a chance to get the call.

When you pray for them and you call them and try to send them the message, it's on it's way. If you have done your part and you as an operator have made the connection and you have plugged it in to their line, then it's right there.

If they want to receive it, they can receive it. When you pray for them, you have sent the message on to them and you're ringing their bell.

The most important thing about the whole process (weeps) as far as we're concerned, is that we are the operators, we are the link between God and them, and if we fail to pass the call on, if we fail to plug it in or we don't flip the switch, they will never get the message.

There is so much dependent on us, so much dependent on your prayers, because although God can do anything, He has committed Himself just to work through you. Your prayers can do mighty things and change the course of history!

So please pray! You are the operator. It is your responsibility to pass on the message. Please don't fail, or someone will miss God's important call. Be a faithful operator--pray!

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions