"When you call on the keys of protection, they will be turned into fiery swords to guard your channel so that no evil can hinder, distract, or affect you."


First Published November 1979

Jesus said, "Without Me ye can do nothing", nothing good! (John.15:5) Well, we can paraphrase it and say, "Without Him you can do anything evil!" So don't get too stuck on yourself and thinking you are so good, and that you would never do anything bad.

There was a story about a woman in my mothers church: She was quite musical and talented, but her husband was an absolute demon. He beat her up before she came to church nearly every Sunday morning, and would do everything he could to keep the kids from going with her. He was just a devil.

This particular Sunday morning he came in while she was slicing the bread, and all of a sudden he came at her! He was going to hit her! And involuntarily--just like you automatically lift your hand to protect yourself--she raised the knife and plunged it right into his throat! He ran out and died in the arms of a neighbour.

Well the court exonerated her and let her off, but this is what she told my mother: "We know the Lord forgives and it was an accident, yet if I had really been as close to the Lord as I should have been, and in prayer like I should have been that morning, I don't think the Lord would have let it happen."

She said, "I want you to warn the people everywhere of what happened to me. I want you to tell them that it happened in an unguarded moment. Just a sudden split-second involuntary movement, just a sudden quick thoughtless act, an unguarded moment! Tell the people to look out for unguarded moments!"

Peter said, "Let all men deny Thee, but I will never deny Thee!" Then he turned right around and denied Him three times. The secret of Peter's denial is where it says when Jesus was arrested that he "....followed Him afar off." (Matthew 26:58)

How can you prevent an unguarded moment? You can't guard yourself from everything, but you can just stay so close to the Lord--awake or asleep, conscious or unconscious--that the Lord will see to it that there's not a moment that's unguarded!

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions