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Why Do We Dream?

First published August 1984

I was wondering why I have so many of these odd dreams that I can only vaguely remember. They seem to be virtually meaningless and are definitely not message dreams. They are not revelations or anything, but they are sort of like story dreams, they just go on and on and keep my mind busy. They say you can dream nearly all night while you are sleeping. Well this thought came to me.

Your immortal spirit does not need sleep. While the physical body has to sleep or rest, your spirit needs to keep busy doing something, so the Lord lets it travel and have all kinds of experiences and do all kinds of things. Your spirit is learning even in your sleep, travelling and experiencing, so that while your body sleeps, your eternal spirit is very busy, doing things and learning things, even making decisions and choices.

Though the dreams may not always seem to have any relation to your physical life or your physical experiences, they are definitely spirit trips, lots of times back into your history, your early life. You are sort of scouting around exploring the past and sometimes the future. But you are busy actually learning and travelling and exploring and having experiences that are edifying your spirit while your body is asleep which is amazing.

After all, your spirit is already immortal and already like you are going to be in the next life, where you do not need sleep. Not even your body in the next life will need sleep. Just like your spirit, your new immortal resurrected body will not need sleep or food or rest or any of these things. It is amazing, you can enjoy physical things in the next life, but you do not have to have these physical necessities such as food and sleep. You can keep going twenty four hours a day in your immortal body, because your immortal body will be like your spirit, only it will have substance.

Your spirit is already living in that world. Your spirit is already really a part of that world, it is spirit and it is spiritual. So your spirit is already really living in the spirit world and you are more conscious of that world in your sleep. When your body is asleep, your spirit is free to learn and wander about and explore, see and decide and have all kinds of amazing experiences.

Although your physical conscious mind may not grasp the meaning of all those experiences, your spirit is learning, so that it is not without meaning. Those spiritual experiences and dream trips in your sleep are actually edifying your spirit.

Sometimes you wonder about these funny dreams you have, that do not seem to have any meaning, or you cannot figure out how they relate to this life. Well, they may have no relationship to your physical life, although sometimes they do. You often are actually just making decisions, which are a part of the learning process, learning how to make decisions. The Lord is testing you in your sleep. He is putting your spirit through experiences and lessons and learning. He is testing and trying you, and giving you examinations and tests just like school. He is keeping your spirit very busy and it is getting an education while your body is sleeping.

I think that is why you have nightmares; your spirit is actually battling spiritual forces. While your body is asleep the Lord allows the nightmares to see what you will do, or how strong you are, and what effect it will have on you, and whether you will make the right decision or not, if you will really call on Him for help, even when your spirit is attacked by evil spirits in your sleep. So it is all a part of your spiritual experience and your spiritual life which continues in your sleep.

While your physical body is sleeping, your spirit never sleeps. It is constantly busy all the time because it does not need sleep. This is the same as it will be in the next life, in the spirit world, after the resurrection. It will have a body then with actual substance, but it will be a supernatural, miraculous, powerful body that is going to be like your spirit, that never needs sleep or food or sex or any of these physical necessities, although it will have sufficient substance to actually enjoy them if you want to, just like Jesus ate and drank with the disciples after he was resurrected. He did not really need to; he just did it for fellowship. He even cooked for them.

The reason some people almost never remember dreams and never have nightmares is because it would probably wear them out and probably wear out their conscious or physical mind. Your physical mind is a part of your physical body. In a sense it is sort of a part of that union of your body and spirit. You would become weary and faint in your mind if you remembered them all. (Heb.12:3) It is sort of like He blocks out babies' memories of their pre-existence in heaven so that they do not have to worry about it. It won't make them feel so bad about being in this world if they do not remember how wonderful it was in heaven.

With some people, they are just more spiritual. They live more in the spirit and dwell in the spirit. They have, in a sense, stronger spirits so they have more spiritual experiences and more dreams and they live a great deal in the other world. Therefore they have more dreams and they remember them more and they are very busy in the spirit world when their body is asleep.

We may not realize what significance or meaning our dreams have, but they are edifying our spirit even though we do not grasp it with our conscious mind. Like Paul said about praying in the spirit and in tongues, your spirit is edified. (1Cor.14:4) Your spirit is literally being educated and inspired. Your spirit is being lifted up, edified, and educated.

Your conscious mind, your physical brain is not always entirely aware of it, but sometimes you catch fleeting glimpses of those spiritual experiences with your carnal mind, as the scripture calls it, your physical mind, and you remember them. They are retained in your memory cells just long enough that when you wake up you still remember scenes and fleeting glimpses of what your spirit was experiencing. It is almost like seeing a ghost; it just appears and then suddenly vanishes, like faint memories of the past that you recall to mind, like a dream.

Think about the past right now, it seems like a dream, doesn’t it? It is vague, hazy, and indistinct. You remember things from the past that made a real strong impression on you and yet you do not remember everything. It would probably drive you out of your mind if you could remember every little thing that ever happened in the past. Your conscious, physical carnal mind just couldn't take it if you were constantly besieged by all those memories. If they were so strong you would really relive them and you probably would not be able to take it.

The Lord is being merciful to us in that we are mostly just conscious of the present. We have enough problems today to take care of without vividly reliving experiences of the past or even trips into the future. So the Lord is good to us by helping us forget the past and not to know too much about the future, except for certain people who need to know to tell others.

To have dreams and visions and spiritual experiences, clairvoyance, ESP, etc. you have to sort of be half-and-half, partly here and partly there. If you were not partly here, you would not remember being there. And of course if you were not there, you would not remember being there. So you have to be with sort of one foot in heaven or one foot in the spirit world to have those experiences, and yet you have to have one foot in this world in order to translate them or transfer them to a remembered experience in your carnal memory in order to remember it when you are conscious or awaken.

Some people just have a stronger spiritual consciousness, and in a sense, a stronger spiritual memory to translate them from the spirit to the physical, from the spiritual mind to the physical mind so that they can remember them. Maybe it is a gift, a God-given gift.

They say that actually nothing is ever lost by your ‘subconscious mind’. This is the technical name psychologists call ‘your spirit’, their technical name for what I am convinced is your spirit. They are always talking about your "subconscious mind" and that is where you have your dreams and all that sort of thing. The Bible simply calls it "in the spirit", the psychologists call it "in the subconscious". In other words, underneath the conscious mind is the subconscious mind, which is always thinking and dreaming and where everything is registered permanently. They say that in your subconscious mind you will never actually forget anything unless it is somehow wiped out by some traumatic experience or something. Your subconscious mind, in other words your spirit, remembers everything. It is all registered right there.

Like when you meet the angel of light after death and sometimes he has you review your entire life vividly and rapidly, that ‘life-review’ experience. How does it happen? You remember things you did not even remember before, that you had forgotten. The Lord shows it to you and He just unreels, unravels your subconscious memories of past experiences like a tape recorder, only in very high-speed video! It is all still there, He just has to open your mind or turn on your key and let it run and you will see the whole works from childhood to the present. This has been the experience of countless numbers of people in their after-death experiences, so that in a sense we are judged by our own spirits and our own spiritual experiences. In those after-death, life-review experiences the people themselves, in a sense, are judging their own actions and motives throughout their past life. They see their own wrongs, and their own evils and their own mistakes, and they themselves are judging themselves. The Bible has several scriptures about that.

Rom.2:15-16; “Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another; In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.”

Jn.8:9; And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

1Cor.11:31 For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.

Your spirit in a sense becomes your own judge, and you know, therefore, that the judgment is fair and just and honest and you are convinced that it is right. The Lord uses your own memory to either convict you or exonerate you, just like in your dreams. He tests you to see what you are going to do in certain situations and even temptations, where you have to make decisions to see if subconsciously, you might say in your right mind, you will make the right choices. Therefore your spirit or your spiritual mind is constantly busy and thinking and dreaming and having spirit trips all the time in your sleep, because it does not need rest, it does not have to sleep. It is immortal, eternal, spiritual. "The things that are seen are temporal, the things that are not seen are eternal!" (2cor.4:18) The physical dies away but the spiritual is forever, and it is forever even in your sleep, busy all the time, having experiences, learning lessons, making decisions, exploring.

Science says everybody does it, but not too many people remember it. It must be a gift to have your carnal mind opened up to remember those things, to view them. Sometimes you probably have dreams that you are supposed to remember, of course, that are lessons or they are messages and have meaning or significance. A lot of times you may have fleeting glances into that world or you may have fleeting memories of those dreams or experiences without getting the whole story, just having seen part of the movie or only remembering part of it.

It is a gift, in a sense, to remember those spiritual experiences and dreams, but it is undoubtedly a blessing that you do not remember everything that happens in your sleep, and your spirit experiences that you are not supposed to remember. It would be too much of a burden for your carnal mind to be burdened with all that all the time, and have to remember it when you have the present to worry about today. You've got enough to think about today. The Lord himself said, "Fret not thyself for tomorrow, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." (Mat.6:34) You have enough to worry about today without worrying about tomorrow, much less the past which you can not even change. The only thing you can get out of the past is to remember lessons, to learn and not repeat former mistakes. It is an amazing world, the world of the spirit, and its interaction with the world of the flesh.

In a sense your spirit does not really need your body, but your body needs your spirit, so the Lord lets them stay together in order to have this physical life experience in which to learn lots of lessons and make lots of decisions to prepare you for the spiritual life. Your spirit is absorbing all these at the same time, but it will carry on and live on and retain them after the body is gone.

So you are getting a dual education right now, both in the body and in the spirit. Your carnal mind is learning during your waking hours, and your spiritual mind or your spirit is learning while your body is asleep, taking trips and having revelations and even receiving messages that you are supposed to remember and bring back with you.

Maybe some of the conscious decisions you make in everyday life are the results of those dreams. Even though you do not realize that you remember it, all of a sudden it comes to you what you should do. When you come to having to make that decision when you are awake, you automatically make the right decision because you learned the lesson while you were sleeping. So when you are awake and the test comes, you give the right answer. Even though you do not consciously remember the dream, you still get something out of it.

Even though we may not understand the whole dream and what it was about, you know it was there and you had it, unless the Lord wants to really reveal something to you and he helps you remember the whole thing, which I think is a gift of revelation.

Thank God for dreams. They are part of our education, our spiritual education as well as a revelation if the Lord decides that we need to remember it.

(Dreams are especially important in light of the times we are now living. Act.2:17And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.)

David Brandt Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions


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