"When you call on the power of the keys, you are an unbeatable force! Just as light dispels darkness, so the keys dispel evil."

Why Good and Evil?

How else would you know the difference?

First Published September 1980

In every story there's good and bad. There has to be something bad or there wouldn't be any point to the story. There's a hero, the good guy, and there's the villain, the bad guy, and every story has to have good and evil in it, even the Bible! The entire idea of all creation is the struggle between good and evil and to show the difference. If there was no evil, you wouldn't even know what good was, and if there was no darkness, you wouldn't appreciate the light.

What makes you appreciate being well is when you're sick. You can only appreciate the good things by comparison with the bad things, by the difference between good and bad. If there was no bad, you wouldn't know what was good, because everything would be good. You wouldn't even know it was good because you didn't know anything about any bad.

The Lord allowed Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil so they'd know the difference. He let them do it. He knew they would do it and they weren't supposed to, but he let them. He had to let them taste and see what evil was like, and then they would appreciate the good.

If it weren't for bad people, you wouldn't appreciate all the good people. When you see how bad the world is, how wicked they are and how awful they are, then you realise how good the good people are. There always has to be a little bit of evil to make you appreciate the good.

If you didn't have a few troubles, you wouldn't thank the Lord for all the good things. If you didn't have a few little problems, you wouldn't appreciate the solutions. If we didn't have the devil, we wouldn't appreciate God and Jesus. There has to be evil in order to understand good and know the difference.

Until the Lord created this great illustration or experiment on earth to show the whole universe and all the angels and everyone the difference between good and evil, they didn't know the difference. Nothing was evil. There wasn't anything bad. Everything was very good--good creation, good sun, moon, stars, planets, good world--everything was wonderful! "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." (Genesis 1:31)

A few little bad things have to happen so you're thankful that they don't happen all the time. You don't always get your way and get to do everything you want to do and have everything you want to have, because if you did, you wouldn't even appreciate it.

We have a tough fight sometimes fighting the devil, but we win. Good always wins, because good is of God and God can't lose. He always wins because He's the biggest and He's the toughest and He can out-fight the devil every time, no matter what the devil does.

If you didn't have the fight, you wouldn't appreciate the victory. If you didn't have a battle, you wouldn't appreciate the winning. Without the trial there's no triumph, without a battle there's no victory.

Otherwise we might just get lazy physically and spiritually. If we never had any work to do, never had any struggles in the spirit with the enemy, we would get very lazy and very flabby physically and spiritually, and we would be in bad shape. We lhave ots of battles so we can win, and lots of struggles so we can have victories, and lots of hard work so we can be thankful that we've accomplished our tasks.

David Berg

Edited by Almondtree Productions